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  1. Unfortunately, my Tynwald colleague Stu Peters is correct when he says the matter is still sub judice, and it is likely to be for several more weeks. That said, I think the Manx public have a right to know the full and final cost for these proceedings.
  2. Yes, all Tynwald Members have a government iPad or a Microsoft Surface Pro for remote working and to help access papers, emails and other apps etc….
  3. Unfortunately, more false information from the Bandit….. I have never take my personal phone or iPad into either chamber during a sitting,……. I only use my government iPad in the chamber, which has a keyboard for sending emails and to access papers and messages etc
  4. No, I am still on the Isle of Man Manx Utilities have issued a formal statement last week - but further details will be published in the fullness of time Enjoy the Easter Break
  5. “I thought the agreement they had with the MUA was for execution only deals to be placed on an instruction basis“ - that is correct….…. However, I won’t comment further until Manx Utilities have published a statement.
  6. No, that isn't correct - even with applying a 30% increase the MUA will have absorb some significant costs to shield customers in 2022/23, but the final figure will be based on natural gas market rate over the next 12 months….
  7. Thank you for all the comments this morning.... Happy to confirm that both 15% increases will be based on the current tariffs, and not from the April tariff increase.
  8. no, there is actually two documents filed, and if you want the full titles 1) Memorandum and Articles of Association 2) Articles of Association
  9. I was simply saying is that the M & A’s and the Articles of a Company can be amended…. and some of the clauses within those documents already filed at the registry will be amended (subject to members approval) once I’ve had an opportunity to speak to the directors of IOMTTMA and the relevant documents have been drafted for consideration….
  10. As I mentioned on social media the other day the new M & A’s and Articles filed the Isle of Man companies registry in respect of the new structure will now be amended…… and will not be the documents going before the members for consideration at the next EGM…..
  11. I’m simply giving you the facts as I know them, and as I mentioned previously I will be working closely with the Isle of Man TT marshals association over the next couple of weeks, in order to fully understand what they’re trying to achieve….
  12. “It would be fair to say that those at the meeting would be in favour of retaining/modifying the existing TTMA 's M&A, allowing all marshals to be members and have voting rights rather than a promised 2 meetings a year to offer observations to the new ' management” yes, and that was is the same conclusion I came to last weekend after reading all the documents, but I need to sit down with the directors of the IOMTTMA first. I didn’t attend the meeting last night because I wasn’t invited or asked….
  13. Just for clarity, I was only made aware of the new IOMTTMA structure, along with the new M&A’s and Articles last Saturday morning. The structure did have a proposal for two initial members, and I can’t remember publicly denying that anywhere, especially when I only discovered that information myself last weekend. However, once I noticed this proposal I did raise my concerns with the DfE Minister and the Department. I then spent a considerable amount of time over the weekend trying to fully understand what other documents were being presented to the IOMTTMA members at the meeting which I believe was held last night. Now that the meeting has been adjourned I will be scheduling a meeting with the IOMTTMA, in order to fully understand what the club is trying to achieve. Thereafter I will help the directors and the association in order to ensure that the next EGM is called correctly and all members have access to all the relevant paperwork in advance of that meeting.
  14. The public consultation around the TT scoreboard was fine and we have definitely listened to all the views submitted…. The main issue at the moment is trying to get treasury to support our funding application, which has been very difficult.
  15. According to the data, the islands tourism sector is extremely busy in June, July & August….. our focus is around starting the season earlier and extended it beyond September
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