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  1. You really do have a personal axe to grind.... I didn’t make any personal observation in respect of the questions raised by Chris Thomas, MHK this month or last month. I simply made an observation that some of the questions being raised at the moment could have been answered via a simple email to the department in question.
  2. Yes, I will be holding my Constituency Surgery tomorrow morning - properly the last one for a few months. It isn’t a large gathering normally and I feel it is important that I make myself available to answer any questions or concerns from Constituents
  3. I will read the full minutes tomorrow before speaking to the DOI....
  4. Not 100% sure but I think Neil Down might have sent me a list of questions regarding the promenade, which I forwarded onto Nick Black at DOI The team at DOI then responded to each point raised. This was via e-mail and not by letter, so apologies for any confusion.
  5. To answer the second part of your question.... Personally, in December 2016 I voted for a single track along the promenade, which was defeated. In January 2017, the only option left on the table was a dual track and then for a single track down to the Sea Terminal. The alternative was to vote down the entire scheme, which I was never going tosupport...
  6. No, I am not aware of any letter? My comments were made during the Tynwald Members briefing back in October
  7. After seriously questioning the revised work schedule for the promenade back in October, I was invited onto the Douglas Promenade Political Oversight Board, which I was happy to accept. The next meeting is Monday afternoon, so feel free to send me any information - my email is rob.callister@gov.im If I can’t attend that meeting on Monday I will certainly get DOI to respond to questions etc...
  8. You can follow the results and the live score here: https://cuescore.com/ipapool you can also watch it live via the BBC Sports website or alternatively come down to the Palace Hotel, it is free to watch.
  9. Some excellent point 2112, especially with regards to the Villa Marina Arcade. DfE hasn’t spent any money on memorabilia - the decision to replace the folk galley with a TT exhibition was made by Manx National Heritage.
  10. No, I didn't add my professional fees onto my personal tax return. As for the IPA trip, the funds came out of my personal bank account..... the alternative option was to ask DfE to cover the cost of the trip, but I didn't feel comfortable with that idea especially when I am given "expenses" each month.... I have always offered to finance any trips wherever possible, both on the Parliament and the Department level. People might not agree with the items that I have listed, but I remain the only Tynwald Member to try to explain how these funds have been spent each year. An
  11. Again more incorrect statements...... I set the AD to finish after 3 days I didn’t respond to the FB message because it from a fake account....
  12. Yes, I accept that.... thank you Mr Helmut Fromage However, my holiday photos are only available on own my personal Facebook page, and they are certainly not available on my MHK page....
  13. Reading some of the comments that have been posted over the last 72 hours, I cannot believe that I am seriously being criticised for over engaging with the people that elected me to the House of Keys three years ago today..... That has to be a first for the Isle of Man because most MHKs are usually criticised for a clear lack of engagement once they are elected to public office. I don’t think the wider public in Onchan or across the island care what a couple “trolls” on here actually think, but you do seriously have to question their motives - is it political or personal?
  14. More nonsense from MrPB I was fighting for better Soical Housing Policies well before my colleague was elected and given responsibility of Local Authority Housing. I guess I will still be fighting for “fairer rent system” when Ms Edge has moved onto to new responsibilities. A quick google search will show that since 2012. I am targeting the policy and not the individual, maybe you should do the same..... As an Onchan MHK I make myself available to all Onchan ratepayers.
  15. Declan In the FULL interview on Manx Radio I actually said most Onchan ratepayers want to vote for an Onchan MHK in a HOKs General Election and NOT for a Garff MHK. I also said, I would prefer Onchan to have its boundary reinstated for 2021, and if we can’t increase the number of seats then simply keep the status quo by electing 2 MHKs in Onchan..... ideally I would prefer 3 seats, but that certainly wouldn’t get Tynwald approval. Thereafter reinstating Garff’s boundary to just include Lonan, Laxey and Maughold, which would be a reduced area but still keeping the 2 MHKs.
  16. The IPA event isn’t a team tournament unfortunately These are individual tournaments, a professional event and an open event which local players can enter, subject to an entry fee. So the numbers are not massive (150 to 200 visitors) - that is why it can be held in a hotel
  17. Hi WTF The event held in the Villa back in 1995 or 1997 was the European Team Championships, which might return in 2021/22. The IPA events are individual Competitions, which are normally held in a hotel
  18. Morning 2112 Happy to confirm that I travelled to the IPA World Champions in February (at my own expense), along with scheduling various meetings between the IPA and local hotels, travel agents and the tourism team in April. As political member I normally review and sign off funding requests relating to tourism events, but once the IPA submitted their application to the tourism team for funding, which is based on number of visitors and bed nights etc I stepped back and took no part in that process because of a perceived conflict. The Visit Agency is looking to extend the island
  19. I guess we Manx don't like change...... We are paying more than we have paid previously for the service, but as a Manx Radio member of staff pointed out the other day, they are delivering the service that DfE Motorsport has requested, which is a valid point. Radio TT is still on air from 9.30am each day, and yes we have lost the morning show, but this has been replaced with a couple of afternoon slots ahead of practice/ racing sessions.... In respect of the racing commentary, there are less adverts and music, but more focus on the actual events around the course. This is
  20. If you are remotely interested in the truth, then I would recommend that you spend 10 minutes reading the evidence I gave to the Public Accounts Committee on 30th October 2017, because it is 100% factual and an accurate timeline of the events under the previous Minister and CEO... http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/pachsc171023-30.pdf
  21. I made no promise - more lies unfortunately My 2016 Manifesto states; "If elected I will continue to represent the tenants' best interests, and with a strong voice in order to ensure that future rents levels are set fairly, justified and with a full understanding of the tenants ability to pay" This is a promise that I have kept.....
  22. Just to be 100% clear if my wife has accompanied me on ANY Parliamentary or Department trips then we have fully funded the airfares and any additional expenses involved. As for painting my property, I am entitled to have a few hours off, just like anyone else. Unfortunately, I dont work 9am to 5pm, I am paid to fullfill a role and my hours of work are clearly documented and outlined in my weekly Blog, which includes any work undertaken at weekends.
  23. But you still read it every week..... thank you I actually live in Onchan, I pay my rates to Onchan District Commissioners, I served as an Onchan Commissioner.... I cast my vote for Onchan District Commissioners, the only thing that has changed is Onchan's House of Keys Boundaries, which I don't agree with. Onchan is the only Constituency that was split into three
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