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  1. I made no promise - more lies unfortunately My 2016 Manifesto states; "If elected I will continue to represent the tenants' best interests, and with a strong voice in order to ensure that future rents levels are set fairly, justified and with a full understanding of the tenants ability to pay" This is a promise that I have kept.....
  2. Just to be 100% clear if my wife has accompanied me on ANY Parliamentary or Department trips then we have fully funded the airfares and any additional expenses involved. As for painting my property, I am entitled to have a few hours off, just like anyone else. Unfortunately, I dont work 9am to 5pm, I am paid to fullfill a role and my hours of work are clearly documented and outlined in my weekly Blog, which includes any work undertaken at weekends.
  3. But you still read it every week..... thank you I actually live in Onchan, I pay my rates to Onchan District Commissioners, I served as an Onchan Commissioner.... I cast my vote for Onchan District Commissioners, the only thing that has changed is Onchan's House of Keys Boundaries, which I don't agree with. Onchan is the only Constituency that was split into three
  4. Hi 2112 Unfortunately, Isle of Man Newspapers put the wrong date in the Manx Independent on Thursday. The Drop In session with Chris Thomas, MHK re. The Rates Consultation is next Saturday (10am to 12 noon) at the Onchan Community Centre. The meeting was organised by me and I invited Chris to come along and to answer any questions raised by Constituents, which I am extremely grateful for... My monthly Political Surgery is normally the third Saturday each month (10am to 11.30am) Many thanks
  5. It wasn’t a gaffe - I was given the information at a previous meeting so I used it. Someone at Manx Radio listened to the interview and felt it wasn’t correct, so they gave me an opportunity to correct it. I will be checking how Manx Radio actually funded the TT and FOM commentary since 1964 next week.
  6. I made a genuine mistake and I am grateful that Manx Radio gave me an opportunity to correct my error.... I was led to believe that the costs relating to the TT & FOM commentary formed part of the Governments subvention before Radio TT was set up several years ago, but no one at Manx Radio or in DfE can confirm this, so I corrected my statement.
  7. It isn’t my statement but the formal statement issued by the DOI this afternoon.....
  8. More lies.......... I haven't blocked anyone this afternoon
  9. Yes, I tabled the question the other day
  10. 2112 A question is being tabled to the DEFA Minister in the House of Keys on Tuesday 26th February. I certainly agree that the cost will push many people away from appealing against planning decisions
  11. I have actually tried to upload the video several times on Facebook since the beginning of January. I did have a few issues loading the video directly onto Facebook because of the song, which is now accepted under the “fair use” rules and by acknowledging the artist. Unfortunately, a few of the slides are blurred when uploaded from iPad to YouTube..... and it was even worse loading directly onto Facebook. And it does take 40 or 50 minutes to upload, so I will try again in the morning before giving up on the idea....
  12. The only individual making embarrassing statements is you “thesultanofsheight” and your multiple accounts on here..... Feel free to come from behind the keyboard - anytime.....
  13. Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year
  14. The TT generates over £39 million of economic value to Isle of Man, so it is very very important to our island....... there will always be risks associated with high speed events, but the Isle of Man continues to improve safety each year through training, medical cover, better protection barriers etc etc - but it will never be ZERO risk. Graih, Housing Matters, Benefits and the Foodbank are now high priorities of this administration... Tynwald set up a Select Committee recently to look at poverty on the Isle of Man, and it has already taken evidence and held a workshop with the third sector.
  15. Try this.... https://iom.icasework.com/servlet/servlets.getImg?ref=55554&bin=Y&auth=0&db=ZVD1ZPdIGvo%3D&access_token=fF2WnVF7qDirtiSDPpJfXJCb-e8Bk7APR_SnVZBqzZM%3D.-jNXTzky9tGKjw5l7uRAcQ%3D%3D
  16. Yes, I enclose a link a freedom of information request made in 2017.... 2018 would be about the same, if not slightly lower
  17. Thanks Declan The original post on IOM ONLINE was incorrect, but has now been corrected. It is worth noting that the £136,832 profit goes straight back into the event - therefore reducing the Manx taxpayers contribution
  18. I am sorry but that isn’t true.... follow the timeline, on each occasion I am defending myself and not attacking even in Tynwald on Tuesday my speech was on the strategy and the decision making process, and not directed at the Chairman http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/AgainFiles/2809a1.mp3 my speech is about 35 minutes into the Tynwald debate
  19. Happy to confirm that I have posted on the same FB pages since 2012....... No one asked you to join them...... Feel free to BLOCK ME
  20. Just from memory.... I am sure Eddie Teare told Tynwald a few years ago that the figure was around £78 per question
  21. Happy to clarify the reason for the question...... The P.O. Chairman made a recent statement in Tynwald stating that the IOM had the cheapest postage in Europe, which was incorrect.... My written question led to the P.O. issuing an apology this month to all Tynwald Members, because IOM does not have the cheapest postage in Europe....
  22. I do question what planet you are on at times.... happy to enclose a link to my MTTV interview
  23. Anyone outside the Coucil of Ministers is a backbencher...... On my part - there is a element of loyalty towards DfE at the moment simply because decisions have already been discussed at length around a boardroom. However, those decisions DO NOT supersede Manifesto promises.
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