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  1. Oie vie! Ta mee cummal ayns Australia as studeryn Gaelg. By vie lhiam loayr Gaelg agh ta mee beggan toiggal. By vie lhiam loayr Gaelg trooid Skype ny manxforums.com
  2. judgefloyd

    Viz Top Tips

    thanks for that. I used to love the top tips. I also remember: - foil burglars by smashing everything of value in your house before going on holiday - save wear and tear on your house by living in a tent in the garden and from the letters, something like: My husband says he wants to live every day as though it's his last. Consequently, he has spent the last 20 years in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on and a tube up his arse and words to the effect of "John Lennon said 'Whatever gets you through the night/is alright" but I bet he wouldn't have been so calm if he'd woken up to fi
  3. misplaced apostrophe's annoy me even though I have far more important problem's to worry about. I bow to Monkey Boy's wisdom on this topic. Are they much misused on Man?
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