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  1. Rick from premier is the business, cannot recommend him highly enough
  2. was reading a local uk paper which listed 25 establishments in the area that had got a zero rating. (One of these places was a costa right smack in the middle of the city!) This made me think would it not be a good idea to implement this system here? Not entirely sure how it works, but think it's a great idea
  3. Haha, busted big time, worm out of that one TJ you cock
  4. Been twice now, not overly impressed, was ok. But for me port jack is far better, portion size and price. Heard someone say the folks at fryers used to have peel fisheries,
  5. Tesco pay a better wage than them over priced local sandwich delis that's for sure!! A tesco express in the strand is no different to the co-op up the other end of the street. The consumer will benefit greatly
  6. MF's ever popular lawyer has gone quite😬
  7. sycophant

    Gluten Free

    The Creg ny ba have a lot of gluten free options, very good fish and chips, and the cakes are a winner!
  8. Councillor Joyce had no problem attaching signs for his new venture!
  9. Anybody know what's happened. the sign on the door says closed temporarily due to ill health, but a colleague told me that they are selling all stock tomorrow and closing down permanently due to slow business??
  10. +1 Try his burgers, best I've had in uk !
  11. Then you get some idiots on that ludicrous 'bad service in the iom' Facebook page complaining about the size of a portion of chips cheese and gravy they had bought for their 7 year old!!!!
  12. Javier bardem in 'no country for old men' !! Extremely menacing baddie
  13. I know them both personally and neither of them even have a council house!!! Some people are just disgraceful on this island for making assumptions without knowing any facts. They are both 'pully boys' born and raised in the area, with family still there. Why can't some people just be happy that, 2 hard working young men got lucky and wish them all the best?
  14. They could use the cycle track around the NSC as a cracking go kart track, maybe more for the experienced drivers. Add a few chicanes, hairpins etc... Oh and safety barriers!!
  15. Hboy for me too, bad manners and aggression swing it🙀
  16. Your not only extremely tetchy but very rude to boot. The point to the thread is your car will be impounded if you don't pay the parking fine. My response, about 3 days up the road, was initially a jokey comment as to how far this great island used to go, only a couple of years ago as it happens. Then as per you take it up another level with a bit of abuse, I actually agree to your point that we do get shafted in many ways, parking fines being one of them, along with road tax, petrol costs etc... I then stated that if your fined for whatever reason, not necessarily criminal reasons, dog foulin
  17. Destroying the island?? For paying a fine? Are you actually for real?
  18. A parking fine would not result in a criminal record and destroy lives as you once again dramatise an issue. it is irrelevant of whatever you do to be fined the fact is you don't pay it, then it's prison. If your on a low income you'd be on a bus or walking, because lets be honest it isn't cheap to drive these days. I am a driver, I do get angry if I get a ticket, but with myself. I overstayed, I forgot my disc.... So I then pay the fine. Quite simple really. I can feel your tension from here hboy, you need to slow down a bit, relax a little, maybe a massage off mrs hboy
  19. Grow up hboy, if you can't pay the fine you got to do the time!!
  20. Wow seriously uptight hboy!! Loosen up or you'll end up in the slammer getting bummed by the big boys with that angry response 😲. You do realise that by calling me such names its breaking the law, something to do with foul and abusive language rings a bell, so carry on and them boys will sort you out😄😄😄😄👮
  21. It'd be better going back to when you got a lovely 3 day break in 99 Victoria road for non payment of fines!!
  22. Car park catch phrase, with 'Roy walker' tickled me:)
  23. Car park catch phrase, with 'Roy walker' tickled me:)
  24. but if some fuckwit with a baseball cap on the wrong way around t-bones it with his Corsa with special bolt-on baked bean can exhaust That you generalising again? Dam corsa drivers 😱
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