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  1. I'm not one to get into arguments, but you have spoken like a true teacher. Of course they are there to learn, not just educational but life skills, like I said we all have to work together for the sake of our children and future generations. You prove my point about finger pointing, in the same way that you put about children who want to learn, same goes with parents, who you refer quite disgustingly to Wayne and waynetta slob!! Are all parents like this? Maybe people you know? I can guarantee that many a teacher will agree that our children are being failed, my dealings with a great many o
  2. You seem to have completely missed a very important point. Schools are there to TEACH the children in their school. They are not there to DISCIPLINE the children in their school. That is ENTIRELY down to the parents. As it can only take place at home with the parents then the child should not be at school disrupting those well-disciplined kids who want to learn. It really is that simple. It's not that SIMPLE, discipline IS an issue, and the schools need to master the art of discipline!! Ok I'm not talking bring back the draconian times of being beaten with a bamboo cane, although did me
  3. It's a pretty vicious circle what's happening with the young today, and at present there is no short term solution. There are lots of areas to be blamed, we can all shout about 'government cuts' but it does have an effect. I, as a parent, am to blame, lazy parenting. The schools also have a lot to answer for, they take no responsibility for kids, when a child misbehaves they send them home. When you question the schools as to why that's wrong due to the fact that, for one, most parents are at work, they then say they don't have the facilities to keep an unruly child, due to 'cost' and th
  4. I found an old thread about recommended kennels, just wondering if there are any recent recommendations? And any ideas on costs etc...
  5. Let me get this, the owner is trying to promote pole dancing as not seedy yet her daughter is an 'amateur glamour model' ???
  6. I've heard it all now, to ‘challenge the negative stereotypes that surround this beautiful dance genre’. And our next guest is bendy kate😄😄😄 Sticky vicky will be next straight from benidorm!!
  7. It's a really nice place. The location is perfect, close really close to lime street station and 5-10 min walk to town. The facilities are really good for the price, it's got a nice feel about the place quite relaxed. The nautical theme is quirky, so overall very good value, especially compared to other similar priced hotels in the area.
  8. They don't deserve the money, like all government departments if we draw comparisons with the private sector they are grossly overpaid, that is a fact. On a side issue, whatever happened about the bus that hit the iom bank on athol st?? Very strange accident, driver error or mechanical failure?
  9. Cash machines outside main entrance
  10. Just privatise all DOI work, we will be saving millions rather than spending millions!!! Prospect hill and nelson street are prime examples of drawn out shite work by the DOI, and best of all, RIGHT UNDER THE NOSES OF TYNWALD!!!!!
  11. 'leader' was taken from a previous post by another user, also she does appear to be the face of the campaign. If you follow her FB, on a side not what is her drive behind this, does she have a pre school age child? Or is it just a case of fighting for others, maybe friends/family etc..?
  12. Hats off to the protesters, standing for what they believe, but 'the well stacked leader' seems to have an enormous amount of time on her hands. Judging by the amount of evidence she stacked for the campaign, you do wonder how she managed to juggle being a working mum and launching this campaign. With only the brief help of a human rights trainee lawyer.. I'm a working parent, and rarely find 5 mins for myself at the best of times, so you can't help but take a cynical view!! But credit given if I'm wrong and this young lady has literally given it all, then I say good on her...
  13. How did we ever cope before pre-school, oh yeah play school.. Come on people, it's been said before, but I'd rather have more doctors and nurses than my little ones going to a state funded play group!!!
  14. A couple of silly girls, add a bit of Facebook, an MHK, and you get all this shite!!! For what??? A few hours babysitting.... Only in the isle of man!!!
  15. Wether autism is classed as a disability or not, at the core of this whole debate is sadly money. Disability living allowance, and if you're realistic would £40 or so per week make much of a difference? I agree with an earlier post, any money spent should be on education for autistic children.
  16. It's that "oh you had a drink, your guilty" nonsense that really riles me. These establishments rely on people 'having a drink'. if it wasn't TT week you would of gone in no problem at all, as they would be desperate for punters. The management in a lot of these places need to get a grip with the way they run security, as I would imagine them losing business due to a jumped up bouncer who just happened to not like your face!!
  17. One of the most endearing local characters I've ever met has to be Christine the lady on the till in appetites. She really brightens my day, with her wonderful wisdoms, and weather forecasts 😄 love to know of other locals who bring similar joys
  18. Statement from the fair says a young man was relieved of his duties Wednesday night🆔
  19. It's nothing more than a complete mish mash of paving, nice in parts shite in others!! Simple solution, give them kind of contracts to REAL ground workers, half the time, half the price!
  20. Glenn and the lads at Marbree are very good
  21. Hasn't it had a recent refurb? Let's hope the rumours about the Sefton 'doing a castle mona' are not true!!!
  22. One of eight, so yeah quite close with the assumption!! Your very defensive about the subject, employee? Pompous no, opinionated yes!
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