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  1. To the manager, well done for finding the time to respond to my comment which obviously got your back up. Just a shame that you never gave me the chance on the night. We did ask, a very polite young man, but you were pre-occupied schmoozing another customer! Therefore, forums such as this are a great way to air opinions not influence others, as is an obvious worry for yourself. If you are as good as you say you are, you will take ALL criticism and work harder to make the bistro a success, and with honesty I hope it works out for the best.
  2. I was told he'd done two?
  3. I'm buying a bicycle, no more car for me...👍
  4. Just noticed it had opened, popped in for a peep. First impressions very good, coffee wasn't bad, good price too, though the sandwiches were quite pricey. Will definitely give it another go..
  5. Went in last week with the missus, food was average but the service was worse. Felt sorry for some staff as the manager was clueless!! One to avoid I'm afraid..
  6. Children of the corn (floater) Two girls and a cup
  7. Yeah I understand the seaweed has been pulled around the shore for years, the point I make is the sand is being raked as if preparing for the Olympic long jump final!!!! Seriously, it looked very tidy, but really what is the point? My theory is the contractor is milking the job🐮
  8. Taxpayers money being washed away, literally!!! That's what this $hi¥ is all about®
  9. I find it very strange that the boat can't sail due to stormy conditions, but some bright spark in the government/town hall have deemed it nescesary to have the beach raked and cleared by a private contractor!!! Ok it needed doing but I think it's the wrong season.... Very much look forward to seeing all that fine work spread onto the walkway in the morning..🌊
  10. I take back my moan about delivery, had one this weekend, very fast delivery, and superb pizza. Keep up the good work guys, My fault for not being patient and letting you get over your early teething problems
  11. Hmmmmm anyone wonder why they reduced the size of the examiner!!!! They've been planning this for a while, then go throw this awards for excellence extravaganza,(another pile of shite) big themselves up in today's examiner then drop this bomb shell, Johnson press puppets...
  12. I knew that was coming. when you have little ones, tucked up in bed, and a nice bottle of wine, a quality pizza (such as pizzaiolo) it just tops the evening off. I'm a huge fan of there pizza, cannot criticise the food, it's just a big let down when delivery is offered but not, excuse the pun, delivered...
  13. Verdict, tried savinos nice pizza speedy delivery, but not as tasty as pizzaiolo. Downside is pizzaiolo delivery is shocking, the drivers are extremely poor at locating addresses, a few friends who were appetito customers backed me up. Unless the delivery isn't sorted soon I'll be giving the guys a wide berth which is a massive shame because they do a quality pizza:(
  14. cheers jabba ill give pizzaola a miss and try savinos
  15. heard all this before, wasn't woolies gonna be top shop? and wasn't sports direct advertising jobs for a local store?
  16. just had 3 from paddys in shoprite, top quality crab cakes. also reasonable 85p each only downside i had to go through shop rite to get em
  17. Its worse since being under new management, whichever butcher supplies your meat needs to be shot, I asked for sirloin and got rump steak, i've never seen such a 'sirloin' steak riddled with fat before, I went back and the same shit happened again. I shan't be going back and under the old management I was a regular without a single complaint over a period of 10 years! thats bad can't tell the difference between sirloin and rump, its a no no from me, cheers nitro
  18. nice, my misses xmas present sorted
  19. the only eatery that will succeed on island is a real family place, nice food warm, and warm hospitality. i went to a planet hollywood recently, great food amazing staff, kids very relaxed equals relaxed mum and dad. I'm not saying a planet hollywood here, but something along them lines.
  20. speaking of bar management, sir normans bar has lost some direction recently. staff look completely lost and in need of direction, headless chickens spring to mind!!!! food is sill ok though
  21. superstore by B&q is whats required, lake road is too small!
  22. yeah must agree the hot shot wasn't "hot", can't beat a bit of fire on a cold night and delivery needs speeding up, drivers very slow compared to last time, but mustn't grumble quality pizza
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