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  1. Glad it proved too much effort to store my things with him now! Silver lining and all....
  2. Just tarmac the entire airfield and let them have at it. Sorted. Would save a fortune in wages on those ATC staff. Now 'Death Air' have fucked off there's less chance of one of them trying to land in the car park too.
  3. Hmm,have you found a suitably pompous dog that you could procure who'd like to be incorporated?
  4. Thanks Tempus, I would probably book a cabin to be honest, however the sea cat one is interesting, wouldn't fancy leaving him / her in the car on their own for their first trip home. As it happens we don't go away too much to the UK, and if we do it's usually planned well in advance. just be aware of the SPCo limitations for carrying dogs. On Manannan they have to stay in the vehicle on the car deck. On Ben my Chree, if they stay in a vehicle they are carried free, if you want to take them 'on deck' there is a charge of £10 but are restricted to either the 'dog area' (maximum now seems to be 6 dogs) or one of only 2 dog cabins (extra) The dog area has recently been refurbished but there is a lot of adverse comment about the tip-up cinema style seating which is uncomfortable to spend 4hrs in. We often find we are limited as to when we can travel due to unavailability of capacity for dogs, not wanting to leave them on the car deck (not knowing whether they will be parked out on the open deck in full sun or rain, or noisy, car alarms going off all the way etc) You might like to have a look at the 'Dogs Welcome (IoM)' f/b group for other comments
  5. I just wish they would DNA test the copious amounts of shit they / their owners leave around the IOM. To go out for a walk to town in castletown at the moment I need to wear wellies. (some of them could very well have been the owners)
  6. Thanks John, Thats ok then, the Microchip rule is consistent with the UK so they will need that anyway. Just want to make sure I don't plan for everything else then turn up at the docks to be turned away.
  7. Afternoon. We are seriously thinking about incorporating a dog into our family, does anyone happen to know what the rules are with bringing a puppy over from the uk? re: vaccinations, microchipped etc? From my research so far it seems all reputable breeders have this all in order as required by the law in the UK. But is there a specific list of requirements to meet before bringing the aforementioned mutt over? Thank you muchly! p.s Just to get it out there, in case anyone is feeling "judgy" :-) I would personally prefer a rescue dog however we have a couple of perfectly valid reasons why we are choosing a puppy.
  8. http://manxads.com/?Title=Nissan-Navara-D40-Long-Way-Down&ListingId=123854
  9. Oh wow this sounds like such a more convenient arrangement, I've often asked my wife if she want's to split up so we can share the kids rather than us both having them all the time....she's not gone for it yet.
  10. 3v0

    IT Support

    Everyone jokes about this but what I've found is despite being such a well known predictable response people are never actually smart enough to try it before calling that £50 per hour IT Support company.
  11. Yes, I think it's bollocks. TJ's statement didn't mention "on average" he said: "I meant a [ordinary] man cannot raise a child to the same standard as a [ordinary] woman. Let's not pollute the statement with unordinary exceptions. Likewise, I'm not saying a man would be a bad single parent. I'm just saying they would be inferior to a woman in this respect." His sweeping generalisation is that males cannot raise a child to the same "standard" as a female. Which is quite honestly bollocks! What even is the "standard" for a child nowadays? Who's responsible for judging them and that standard? Now don't get me wrong, I think that that a man would have different parenting methods to a woman most likely, as I do from my wife, but neither are "better" and neither will produce a "better standard" of child / adult. I think providing a safe, loving, nurturing environment for them to grow up in and how much you support them as they grow is much more important than whether the parent has boobs or not.
  12. I meant a [ordinary] man cannot raise a child to the same standard as a [ordinary] woman. Let's not pollute the statement with unordinary exceptions. Likewise, I'm not saying a man would be a bad single parent. I'm just saying they would be inferior to a woman in this respect. This is such utter bollocks.
  13. Reported for being a cock. Coming from you is an amazing compliment. Thank you sir / madam, you've made my day.
  14. Me neither. Other threads maybe, sometimes, but not on this one. Someone being a bit precious there. Perhaps whoever will enlighten us on what we have missed? I did it. It was me. I wasn't even particularly offended I just dislike his / her online persona and thought it would be a bit of a laugh to hit the report button to see what happened. As it happens it wasn't as fulfilling as I thought it would be so I just sort of carried on with my day. Not a massive fan of bringing up people's sexuality / race / preference of underwear colour in arguments either, it's cheap and it detracts from the point of the discussion. So that's that. It was me. If you have a problem with that then report me mother fuckers!
  15. Attended a party here at the weekend, thought it was a fantastic venue, can't comment on the price as I was only a guest but the buffet was the best I think I've ever been to, simple, tasty, and re-stocked throughout the night, a contrast to some at places like Mount Murray where they take it away after 20 minutes and don't replace finished plates. Bar and waiting on staff were smiley and pleasant (some also quite easy on the eye, this has no bearing on my review....)
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