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  1. u see because im not manx and need a permit people dont want to give you a permit for the likes of bar work etc because they think ull stay a few months then leave its not worth their while employing me even though id deffentlly stay but then again to need a better reason to employ me compared to another ? i donno ...and i have applyed for everything i think i could get
  2. that would be fine but i dont have 3,000 pound or what ever price it is for that kinda course to splash out at collage since im not manx i dont get it for free and i dont get any help ether... edit i just read your post thats fine dont worry about it
  3. ok i should add my computer has no microsoft word and i have dyslixia... and i donno why people get so anoyed about some spelling errors?! if they dont have anything nice to write then dont post on the topic what so ever >
  4. i wrote on here before about finding a job. i still havnt been able to find one i have even looked about going to the collage and maybe getting another quallification to add to my cv and hopefully find a job but i am wondering if i would be able to get any benifits? me and my partner rent a house and right now hes the only one working and suporting us the whole time with abit of savings i kept from my old job. but if anyone could help me with what benifits i would be able to have and if anyone knows of any free courses or anything that could be helpful please let me know. thanks!!
  5. oh really! we have poundland in n.ireland and i think its great and it is litterally everything a pound or so many things for a pound and make-up body stuff like shaving foam shower gel and the food is all well known brands i have to admit i do love poundland myself glad too hear it should be coming to the island!!
  6. well i guess this person opened the item and has used it since he has had it two weeks so i assume that bringing it back for a refund wouldnt happen maybe they might get some money back but more than likely not most of it so i guess its easyer just to sell
  7. No offence intended to the original poster, but I have to say there's a lot of people who when challenged on how poor their spelling and grammar is claim they're dyslexic - I do wonder how many of them can actually produce the paperwork to prove they are? I guess if you actually are this could be covered in the "Any Disabilities or special needs you have?" section of your application? I guess none of us are perfect when it comes to Spelling and grammar, but at least admitting that it is down to being lazy or splapdash is better than trotting out an excuse about being dyslexic. As for s
  8. im 19 and domino what are you saying
  9. i do understand what you mean i am ok with moving to the island for my boyfirend because i can deal with it but i know he would never wanna leave the island to live somewere else and he is alot closer to his family than i am too like i have a huge family and his is quite small so there all very close and i think he would be home sick if i was to take him away. so for the relashionship im moving from my home to there and there have been alot of problems about us wanting to move in together and mostly about money cause im too proud of a person to wanna take money from someone else so itll be ha
  10. i dont think so i think u need a whole diffrent permit and there is ALOT of paper work to do what ive been told i know someone that tryed to set up a bussness they then desided not too cause it was too much work behind it. but i guess atlest that way i dont need to worry about me gettin a licence lol but even for what id like to do i would need a job first even to keep me afloat for a while
  11. oh ha ha well i am only 19 i donno how people would take me gettin married ive been with him 4 years now and hope maybe some day we might
  12. yes but as from what ive been told dyslixia is a learning difficulity and jobs that just dont even take it into consideration it is aparintly discrimination ?
  13. aww i know my grammer and spelling is rubish i am dyslexic after all and i know i should be using spell check but microsoft word dosnt work on my computer some reason.
  14. yes La_Dolce_vita i have been told that before but i thought an employer wouldnt want to employ you even more if you keep anoying them with phone calls and emails? silent bob i guess i am a domestic i have been a cleaner for the last 4 years and no other job experience other than this but i dont know what kind of jobs i am even able to do i did think of just going to the collage and doing something but when i asked about it i needed to pay about 3,000 pound out of my own money to pay for the course witch i didnt think was very fair .
  15. yea most deffently will be ive been applying too everything i think i can apply for some replys were quite funny clares accsories emailed me back saying i wasnt quallifyed enough to work for them?? and then i got an email a few weeks later just saying sorry its because you need a permit? but do admit its very hard but i donno if i will be able to be on the dole depending on what my boyfrend makes so ill not find out till i get the forms done that isnt helpful because i know i need to get some sort of income coming in because i know itll be hell if were struggling with money the whole time
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