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  1. It will be a kind of war that gets abandoned as everyone is off sick.
  2. You have to hand it to Trump. He said he would make America Number 1!
  3. They will make more money by fining you when you go out shopping.
  4. Can these Europeans even leave their countries?
  5. Pep, how many wins do Liverpool need to win the title?
  6. It all depends on the terms and conditions of the insurance. As always, some insurers are better than others. This one it seems is trying to wiggle out from paying the full whack.
  7. He can be a watchman in prison!
  8. British citizens who return to the UK after an extended stay abroad lose their rights to immediate access to welfare benefits and the NHS. It has been like this for some years. Also if anyone wants to go to a EU country that is very generous with social security benefits. It is not the UK, it is Germany. I was always dismayed that our social security scroungers could not get off their backsides and move to Germany. Lazy sods they were letting money go through their fingers!
  9. The story goes. Richard Branson's Virgin companies tried to pay their staff and nothing would go out from his bank. Branson rang Gordon Brown who investigated and to his horror discovered that the Halifax bank literally had no money. So Darling had to get one of the other banks to quickly merge with them. The suckers were Lloyds/TSB who themselves were in trouble. Once the contagion started, RBS were in the firing line among other banks.
  10. They are not being punished for breaching FFP rules. They were punished for that some years ago. This is for misleading UEFA and they take that seriously.
  11. Careful. You'll get a virus!
  12. Well Trump has launched a Middle East peace plan today. Trump has promised $50 billion to the Palestinians conditional on them digging dirt on Biden
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