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  1. Would the roundabout be shaped like the three legs of man emblem?
  2. Blue skies thinking? Not when you are talking from your tunnel.
  3. That's too much horsing around.
  4. Don't forget The Hawaiian Bar.
  5. A legal team who knows they are not going to get paid.
  6. Well their healthcare was never free!
  7. Nothing wrong with it. Electoral fraud is fine when it is the Republicans doing it.
  8. The Manx should be grateful that they are Covid free or at least have had a low number of cases.
  9. Last time I went there I got slung out. I tried to buy my TV licence!
  10. Walking from Ramsey to Douglas in December though is a bit of a stretch!
  11. They will never own it. It will be always someone else's fault.
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