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  1. A good payday for the lowest bidding contractor.
  2. They do elect their community representatives. Councillors, mayors, MPs just like a lot of other folks. As for Quilliam Foundation. Co founder Maajid Nawaz seems to have gone over to conspiracy theories about the Covid lockdown and voter fraud in the US election. I guess that lost him government funding.
  3. China seems pretty good with viruses!
  4. Running time 2 minutes. The opening and closing credits!
  5. At my age. Twice a year is an achievement!
  6. She wants sex at least once a day. I'm out!
  7. I once read in the mid 1980s. Apparently one of the biggest landowners in Manhattan is the Queen. Not sure how true this all is.
  8. The short answer is yes. https://www.gov.im/about-the-government/data-protection-gdpr-on-the-isle-of-man/#:~:text=The Isle of Man has,laws relating to data protection.
  9. Sharing her queendom. I think Wayne Rooney has beaten you to it!
  10. This is so tragic and disturbing. I am only going to post the link to the article. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/10/baby-dies-in-tragic-shooting-by-three-year-old-brother-houston-police-say
  11. Being bad at spelling has never been an issue with The Guardian.
  12. Own up. Who has had their palms greased by their Russian paymasters?
  13. This is the first I have heard this about Gerrard. If he had this attitude I doubt he would get far in Glasgow!
  14. Pietro Mennea the Italian sprinter held the world 200m record for 17 years. That was in modern times.
  15. That is very much a generalisation. Linford Christie always said that the last British man to beat him in a 100M race was a white guy. He describes that as a poke in the eye for people making racial genetic arguments. As for Asians having a higher IQ. What asians? People from northern India/Pakistan. They are originally Europeans who migrated many thousands of years ago.
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