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  1. prism10

    Keith Flint

    He went just like his hero. ‎Michael Hutchence.
  2. prism10

    I am very perverted, apparently!

    Next time just put some tape on your webcam.
  3. prism10

    Dianne Abbott

    I lent him £5 once. Never saw him again for years.
  4. prism10

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Nowadays Hamilton sings it each night on Broadway. Matinees at the weekend.
  5. prism10

    New trend: the rise of "anti-natalism"

    I doubt he is that old. In that case he would be grateful of young people about who might have to wipe his bottom one day.
  6. prism10

    New trend: the rise of "anti-natalism"

    Something similar happened in feudal Japanese society. It was called the Shogun Approach.
  7. prism10

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Said the man who died in a duel.
  8. prism10

    UK Establishment exposed

    Just because far right groups do business with zionists does not mean they are not anti semitic. They still hate jews. They just have some common aims and the money is always welcome. It is a business transaction. Can you see Robinson eating Kosher meat!
  9. prism10

    UK Establishment exposed

    Well elements of the press did build this monster up. You reap what you sow. Although Robinson is entering the end game.He is going to be sued left, right and centre. He is also racking up criminal charges. It is now a case of exposing his financial backers whoever they are, wherever in the world they are.
  10. prism10

    silent calls?

    It might had been the heavy breather who's just ill!
  11. prism10

    Keith Flint

    That was Raphael Ravenscroft. As Gerry Rafferty said, with a name like that you better be ******* good!
  12. prism10

    Keith Flint

    When composer Ronnie Hazlehurst died. Journalists kept going on about how he co-wrote a S Club 7 song. It was not true and inserted in Wikipedia.
  13. prism10

    Keith Flint

    When it came to buying matches. He was In Like Flint!
  14. prism10

    Flat Earth?

    He has the right idea!