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  1. Are you sure he has died? I'm sceptical. 😉
  2. It seems to have mutated several times already. From what I have heard, it mutated when it reached Italy and then did the same again when it got to the USA. When that mutation got back to China, it started to reinfect them again.
  3. That is the thing about viruses. Its own survival instincts means it has to mutate before it kills all the hosts.
  4. Sounds like my school dentist. Did he have a boxing glove as an alternative to using gas?
  5. The virus is mutating and there is always the risk that it can continue to cause long term damage to people who get the virus and survive. So the long term goal is regular testing for everyone. If you have the virus you self isolate. At the start the risk was that the virus could run rampant if unchecked.
  6. Caesar saw Monas everywhere. All he ever heard was: What have the Romans ever done for us?
  7. Yet people are queuing up around the block!
  8. With bouncers like that. The place should be renamed 1986.
  9. Covid 19 might be a good topical name!
  10. The Blair and Brown government were at least wary of Putin and his nationalist attitudes.
  11. She will fall of a boat just like her dad.
  12. The Lincoln Project. They are actually a bunch of dissatisfied Republicans who really hate Trump.
  13. Liquid Paper in old money.
  14. You have no filter
  15. If Icke was black. He would had been slung into jail years ago!
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