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  1. A young Donald Trump and convicted sex offender, alleged paedo and city financier Jeffrey Epstein. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/12/alex-acosta-resigns-trump-jeffrey-epstein-plea-deal-latest-news
  2. Honestly. I thought he was the manager of The Beatles!
  3. It would had been a different matter if the same lady protester barged in at an official Chinese state dinner in Hong Kong!
  4. prism10

    Car Leasing

    My take on car leasing. It can be a good way to drive a £45k car for £15k over three years. If you are self employed or in a partnership. You could claim back 50% of that as a tax deduction. If you are VAT registered then 50% of that as well.
  5. Well the driver will have the benefit of a dead or severely injured cyclist. I have seen this argument made about pedestrians. I usually reply that a human being always comes off worse when they hit a 2 tonne vehicle. Given governments want to encourage a healthy lifestyle, they are not going to introduce insurance for cyclists.
  6. Do you even need to ask? You see that standard of Manx politicians is not as bad as feared!
  7. Did he call out an SOS?
  8. Curtis would never had paid such a fine. He would have left them all hanging
  9. He did his national service so he could shag the underage Priscilla!
  10. To link into another long running thread here. It looks like any condition of a trade deal with the USA. The UK has to end gun controls so the US can sell more guns and bullets to us. Oh the freedom from EU tyranny!
  11. I wonder if the security certificate was bought on ebay
  12. Thoughts and prayers offered. No gun control though.
  13. Find out who the underwriter is for Penguin. However that is a better deal.
  14. The funny thing is. Boris is a Turk. His great grandfather was Turkish minister before the nationalists took over. One can only imagine what sort of person stoops so low! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Kemal
  15. There was the bit about the whole of Turkey would turn up to the UK when they were admitted to the EU which would be any day now. The strong implication that we can control our borders if we leave.
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