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  1. Munich It is heaving in October because of the beerfest.
  2. On the other hand we get to sell them out stuff like British cars made by ehm ehm........
  3. The UK is in take pants down and bend over mode as far as the USA is concerned. They are desperate for a post Brexit trade deal.
  4. This thread has gone Ginger Nuts!
  5. I think you might be wrong there. After the first Iraq war when the Kurds got their enclaves. The Kurds divided into various political factions with plenty of infighting. They were not fighting with custard pies neither.
  6. LED is the way to go. It saves money in the long run. I wonder if people complained when gas lighting got replaced by electric lighting?
  7. He was certainly irascible. I heard some of his former band members tried to kill him on more than one occasion. On the other hand when he did his drum solos. The rest of the band would nip out for a full three course meal. When they returned he still had not finished.
  8. It is not that Holocaust Deniers repeat an assertion on the face of authenticated and comparatively recent historical facts. They count on repeating their assertions through the years as the past goes further back into history. Once the people who lived through the 1940s die off. Holocaust deniers are free to twist facts even more. They also leap into the next atrocity and deny it ever happened such as the genocide of muslims in the former Yugoslavia. I have even seen arguments that no black slaves were forced to stay with their white masters in America during the civil war era. They were free to leave whenever they wanted. An argument that is gaining ground with the alt right.
  9. On the other hand. Some religions could be wrong labelled. Hence the protection.
  10. Children of politicians tend to have a head start. They go out campaigning at a young age, meet political advisers and other politicians. So are rather unfazed about the whole thing.
  11. I got into an online argument with someone recently over Telly Savalas. They insisted he was not bald and regularly shaved his head by choice.
  12. So in the event of a meteor strike. The plan is that we have to watch Armageddon?
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