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  1. Wolves are a tough team to beat. I can see that they have a good shout for a top 4 spot.
  2. "Snakes on the Isle of Man" If Samuel L Jackson is starring in it, I would watch it in the cinemas.
  3. Others are wondering if they will go the whole season undefeated.
  4. Rumours are circulating that several Liverpool players from the Wolves game have failed a drug test. There was traces of Calpol in the system!
  5. At least you will get fast internet on your mobile phone!
  6. No fee for Alexa. You just connect it to wifi. No fee required for Fire TV, you will have apps such as BBC, ITV. However you need to pay a subscription for Amazon TV unless you pay for Amazon Prime then certain but not all content is included.
  7. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  8. Time for more pictures. John you are correct. Before the Strand redevelopment, I would had gone down Well Road Hill, and taken the steps on the right hand side (on the right to the man on the photo) and get to Strand Street. Now that set of steps would take you to the back entrance of the shopping centre. So Dial a Cab would now be within the Strand Centre. Peacocks is probably thereabouts. As for the history of Chester Street. The answer lies somewhere we have all walked past.
  9. Yes and No. If you look at John Wright's photos. Dial a Cab was just a few steps away from Strand Street and next to to the entrance to Back Strand Street. Look at that triangular patch of land with a well in front of the cab office. That patch existed until the Strand redevelopment. The pharmacy is opposite to the now closed Shoprite. Here is a photo I took a few months ago.
  10. I would say 1978 as well. We had a house in the vicinity and I remember climbing up Well Road Hills to get to Finch Road. The shops were only open on the right hand side. The other side was boarded up for construction work. Sometime in 1978, Liptons and the car park was open. Probably in the latter part of the year. Markwell House was opened in 1986. Dial a Cab and the surrounding buildings made way for the Strand Shopping Centre. BTW thanks for the photos.
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