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  1. I like Starling but I use it to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad. Halifax Clarity credit card is good to use abroad.
  2. There is a housing bubble at the moment. So you could do well selling at the top of the market. It is likely to get higher over the next few months. On the other hand rental would mean regular income. The only downside is that you need a good rental agent that rents the place out and not rip you off with fees and constant minor repairs. I would add some rental agencies in England love landlords who live abroad. It means the house to rent is very profitable by cultivating plant life!
  3. Does not work that way. There was an in or out referendum in 1975. Did the anti EEC/EU lot accept the decision? They never stopped moaning. You cannot deny a future generation a chance to reconsider Britain's relationship with the EU. That is just democracy for you. Given the petrol shortages. The road back to the EU might have a fewer less obstacles.
  4. If any candidate falls for that. He deserves to be birched at the ballot box. Also I would demand the names of all the lawyers and the names of the firms they work for.
  5. Liverpool voted 58.2% to stay in the Referendum. The city that has the lowest readership of The Sun newspaper!
  6. The BBC did show the interview in full. It was cut in later news bulletins.
  7. And it seems to me you lived your life Like a candle in the wind. Hope it's windy when he gets the ferry back!
  8. Taking the knee. Is she going to be knighted!
  9. At last reunited with his brother Chris.
  10. "Anyone born in the UK is British" Not true since 1983.
  11. When it blows up a wedding party then you know who was responsible.
  12. They have been doing that in Britain since the Tories came into power in 2010!
  13. If Ujah's failed doping test is confirmed. It would mean the whole relay team will be stripped of their 100M silver medals. I guess the words from the other team members to Ujah would be: That's another fine mess! https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/aug/12/british-olympic-silver-medallist-chijindu-ujah-suspended-for-doping-violation
  14. I clicked on one of the links. I can only say that it's full of lies.
  15. prism10


    I was once chased by the police somewhere near Laxey for speeding. I did tell her after the policewoman gave me a lecture about the perils of speeding on the island's roads. That as she ran after me on foot to flag me down. It sort of indicates that I was probably not going that fast in my car!
  16. I've noticed how covid deniers and climate change deniers tend to be the same people!
  17. Steve Davis, Tiger Woods and Lewis Hamilton. Two of them have something in common 🤔 I would not call Woods manufactured. He was playing as a 3 year old. Did Faldo, Woosnam or Lyle have the flair of Ballesteros? I think very few players did.
  18. The Gibb brothers were always upfront about being born in the Isle of Man. Although they grew up in Manchester and later moved to Australia. It seems their mother just wanted her kids to be born on the island.
  19. Like they were going to be on the next boat out of the island!
  20. What a blast from the past. A necropost! Wasn't Heinz Wolf some kind of Manx chess champion.
  21. I hope he does it two more times before the end of this tour!
  22. Brexiteers should be happy. It is what they voted for.
  23. The Ballakermeen dentist I saw had a boxing glove. He said that was just in case if the gas did not work!
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