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  1. I see they're balancing the medics with the bishop this Sunday. FFS this takes the biscuit now.
  2. Does anyone think that closing the cemeteries for easter is a step too far? There is an awful lot of space for safe distancing etc and a visit to loved ones graves could be included in the daily exercise as well as beneficial to "mental wellbeing"
  3. How are these people still employed, when they cannot deliver what they are paid to do. Sorry, I forgot, this is the Isle of Man where, as far as government is concerned, doing what you are paid to do is just an option rather than a contractual obligation.
  4. The reason for the redundancies is a loss of £7 miilion of orders per annum to Rolls Royce for The trent engine range as the contract hasn't been renewed after RAC put prices up to Rolls about two and half years ago. Rolls responded with only a 2 year contract which has now expired. The loss of this contract hasn't been replaced by orders from other customers.
  5. It's taken this woman nearly 2 years to say something and this is what comes out. My constituency mhk as well. I despair, I really really do.
  6. On a side issue, the price to park has just gone up by 25% for Saturday parking. Nice to see another tax increase reflecting inflation figures.
  7. I get the feeling from the lack of action to resolve this issue that AR is hoping that if we ignore the problem for long enough then it will eventually resolve itself. Until each department's revenue raising capacity is ring fenced then we will never see value for money for the taxes paid individually,whether its passenger duty, road tax or any other. As long as it goes into a central pot and re-distributed then more will be diverted elsewhere.
  8. As a grown up with both feet on the the ground literally a well as eyes and ears, I feel I'm better qualified to judge whether it's safe to cross the road or not rather than these bozos in DOI who I wouldn't trust to tie their own shoe laces. BTW jay walking is something created by americans for americans and american traffic. Somewhat different to Westmoreland road on a Friday afternoon I think.
  9. I was walking down Westmoreland road road towards Circular and crossed Hillside Avenue at its junction where the raised hump is. It's the only crossing point at the junction. To walk further down reduces visibility of all traffic approaching from all directions.
  10. I walked over this "improvement" last week and my first thought is what a dogs dinner they've made where the tarmac meets the pavement. It's uneven with trip hazards and depressions that could cause problems for people with poor mobility. Once again DOI have created a problem where there wasn't one and the workmanship is laughable.
  11. The clue to this is in the title, "Bushy's beer tent", not Okells or Hooded ram and any visitor you speak to refers to the Bushys version. Is this some DED backhand way of getting their own back over the use of the TT letters as referred to in another thread?
  12. Howard asks us to reflect on what we've got which is fair enough but he should realise that we would have quite a lot more if him and his predecessors hadn't decided to help themselves to it.
  13. He'll probably come back as a consultant and charge twice as much as whatever we were paying.
  14. Why not go to the fairy bridge and pin it to the tree for the other imaginary people, so much like the one they worship!!!
  15. I thought that when the utilities were combined the "MEA" debt was not going to saddled on the water/sewage side of the business.Cannon is saying this hike is to service the Manx Utilities debt which currently stands at around £250 million. MHK speaks with forked tongue so no surprise there then.
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