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  1. So far we have the possibility of Gypsy, African, Spanish or a POW of unknown ancestry. Based on my Grandmothers first name, I suspected there may be some Greek blood in there.. Hmmm...DNA test..
  2. Thanks for your replies, I appreciate them. :-) I've often wondered if the dark skin came from gypsies. Is the island known for having gypsies visiting/living there way back when...?
  3. I ask this because, my Grandmothers family originally came from there, and that family has dark skin. It's been a mystery, as from what I can tell from the research I've done is that most natives of the island are of Celtic and or Viking descent. I have found one article of how comparisons were made of dark and light skinned island inhabitants faces and skull shape, but nothing was suggested of where the dark blood came from. I've not read anything else other than this one article which suggests there being dark skinned people living there. Thanks.
  4. I think Wales were robbed. Had they made the final, they had a good chance of winning it.
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