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  1. Hi, I'm pretty sure the average is around £70 per door.
  2. My partner and I went to the Majestic a few nights ago. The food was nice but very small portions ans expensive. However the staff were lovely and very helpful. They also do an 'early bird menu' from 5-7pm, 3 corses for about £12 pp which is very reasonable.
  3. If you use or know anyone who uses Fabecbook, it might be a good idea to post it there. Lots of things have been returned due to asking there. Hope you find it. x.
  4. Hi, I desperately need help. I have one question that can be answerd with a simple yes or no. I have tried to contact lawyers but Sunday is not the best day. I will happily pay, I just really need an answer. Thank you x
  5. I have heard that the food is wonderful but the takeaway portions are pityful. Can anyone verify this before I try it?
  6. Squelch : While this offer was created to encourage friends and family to visit the Island, the codes have been left open to work both ways. Therefore, this offer can be booked by Visitors and Residents for travel to or from the Isle of Man. The 5 day retuen code only took £100 off not 50%???
  7. Boohoo


    Does anyone know where and when?
  8. Skig, you are incorrect. Ashley Avneue runs between Birch Hill Crescent and Maple Avenue, just before the turn to Poplar Close. Right next to the shop and play area.
  9. We had an X3 and the running costs and parts were extortioate, an X5 would cost a lot more. Nice cars though!
  10. Thank you! How can anyone afford to live on £5000 a year though. Crackers.
  11. Hi, does anyone know much about nurse training on the island? Course entry requirements, salary, how long the course is etc? Any information would be greatly apprecitaed.
  12. They are unlocked as they are from the manufacturer. Mine is contract. You can always give their helpdesk a ring on 247247.
  13. They are unlocked as they are from the manufacturer. You can alwats give their helpdesk a ring on 247247.
  14. Stuart Hamer, Galaxy fireworks.
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