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  1. Please don’t extend my thanks.
  2. Kieran. If you are elected and get to vote for CT and he is eliminated who would you vote for in the next round?
  3. Not my constituency but I was interested to watch the GEF video today as I really want Boot and Harmer out. Kate LB stood out for me, good speaker, measured responses plus her manifesto is the best I have read so far. Boot and Harmer bleated on about their ‘achievements’ over the last term and little else. Leo started off well I thought but then got a bit waffly as the evening went on. Stands a good chance Tim has surely had his day? Nice bloke but ineffective previously. Trevor was boring. When your greatest achievement is the most petitions for redress of grievance we have a problem. Mikey won’t win this time. Keen but lacking in detail. Try again in 5 years. My prediction - Kate and Leo🤞
  4. And without being subsidised by taxpayers, they hold all the cards.
  5. Get a life


    Or maybe the potential lender conducted a Google search......
  6. Martin Aram the person behind this 'scam' put his Lamborghini up in a prize giveaway. when he was asked on LinkedIn who had won the car he responded 'no one met the criteria', despite no terms being included, he then removed the post and all YouTube videos. Their white paper seems to have disappeared as well. Look at the last page of their power point presentation. Even they don't know how it will benefit businesses. https://manncoin.im/pdfs/manncoin-business-brochure.pdf Initial registration on their site could originally be done without any need to provide any proof of ID or residence. How the Government ever gave them a registration under the Designated Business Act I will never know. Avoid.
  7. Just interested. How do you prove source of funds to a lawyer when you buy a house with crypto proceeds? Or, if you need a mortgage the lender is going to ask the same question?
  8. Buildings should be registered if they are architecturally important. Does this apply to the Cost Nook? No. A hideous extension on the front of the building together with modern windows. Add in the damp and the size making it unsuitable as a cafe. Do I like the replacement plans? They could be improved. Take a lesson from The Sound. I am sure when that building was proposed there would have been negative comments, but look how popular it is. The new Cosy Nook could be a fantastic modern facility for the community and visitors.
  9. Not correct. Many parents send their kids to private UK schools. Often cheaper even with boarding, option to do A levels instead of IB and higher standard of education.
  10. They stopped giving homework after week 1 as it was felt the students had spent enough time learning on-line.
  11. Boot is the Environment Minister. It is a pity he doesn't spend his time championing that cause rather than a commercial business decision over which he will have zero influence. Bring on Election 2021 when we can get rid of him for good. Buffoon!
  12. @jaymann Why don’t you get your buddy from Manncoin on to explain why he didn’t pay out on the offer for his Lambo? Why he then removed his YouTube video when called out about this on LinkedIn? Maybe he could even provide some substantial detail on his coin....... My bet is that in the near future this will be creating the wrong headlines for the IoM unless of course people are sensible enough not to ‘invest’.
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