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  1. The French? I know they are cheese eating surrender monkeys but have some compassion! no way,they are vichy collaberators through and through,they could'nt fight their way out of a paper bag. I haven't posted for a long time - but this shit sickened me. France has been prepared to defy the extremists; to make laws that the cowards in Westminster would not dare to consider. They have paid a price for allowing a freedom of speech that no one in the UK has the guts to use. As for calling them the names you two have - it is easy when you are able to stand aside and watch - or even easi
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMwwRNZyBQE#t=45
  3. I'm disappointed that you got into a religious argument rather than turning it back onto the important matter - the disgusting way that many men still think about and treat women. Skype 4445453122268 and regards from PC in east
  4. You just don’t understand what I was saying, do you, Mr Jefferson? Either that or you’re deliberately trying to derail it because you’d rather find a way to condemn people of a different religion to you than actually address the problem of women being raped, abused and murdered by men of EVERY - FUCKING - STUPID - RELIGION! You narrowed the focus onto one of the examples I gave simply because it involved Muslims. Are you trying to tell me the Hindus who raped and hanged girls, or the Russian Orthodox politician who told his aides to ‘brutally rape’ someone, did so because Muhammad married a 9
  5. Oh dear – poor Woolley; afraid of being thought homophobic, and afraid of being thought homosexual! (Sorry, I should not make fun of you) LDV is right, of course. Marriage is becoming less and less important to the point where it is little more than a word – another way of saying ‘civil partnership.’ It is no more than a diversion for those who want to see real progress towards equality. ‘Newsnight’ also makes some excellent points; if we can overcome prejudice and have genuine equality it will be an enormous step forward for the fragile thing we call civilisation. I do not understand
  6. It is disappointing to see so many people – envious, perhaps? – being upset by this. The people who attend are just the same kind of mixture you find anywhere – except that they are richer and have some political power. There are clever people, and surprisingly naïve ones; some who are fun and some dull, some who are caring, some arrogant. They are people who are going to influence what will be happening in many parts of our world and I would rather they agreed on trying to find a common purpose than arguing. I will not deny that much of what they discuss is to promote their own business or t
  7. I don't get a chance to enjoy the entertainment on here very often, but I had to respond to this one. I do not claim to be the shrill voice of the western metropolitan feminists. I do not think my voice is shrill and I do not think I am metropolitan. I am a feminist – but if I wanted to condemn every example of women being mistreated, abused, beaten, raped and murdered, I would not have time for much else. I would talk about the 5-year old girl raped and murdered in Ahmedabad last week. Or I would write about the two teenage girls raped and hung from a mango tree in Uttar Pradesh a fo
  8. Ouch! Notice to self: When in you’re in the most boring f***ing place you’ve ever seen (i.e. Murmansk); where the only ‘tourist attraction’ is an enormous concrete statue and where the nightlife is... well... ‘different,’ it is not advisable to go for a night out with a group of ‘new friends’ to a party in a big garage on the outskirts of the city. It is even more definitely not a good idea to forego the branded vodka in favour of some kind of fruit-flavoured, homemade brandy! It is definitely not advisable to get into an argument about gay rights with an off-duty policeman, nor is it a goo
  9. Yeh yeh – all the big, hard men who think they’d be Swarzenneger or willis if only they had a gun! What a load of utter bollox! The countries where people are able to get guns are thet ones where no one seems to know how to use them! America? Full of shitheads who think a guns the answer to every problem. Trouble is, once they press the trigger they cant take it off again until the mags empty. And god help ANYONE whos standing nearby! My work is high risk. Fair enough – no complaints. I’ve got 4 marks casused by bullets (exaggeration – 1 is barely a nick but it left a scar) 3 from the USA 1
  10. The rock 'n' roll bar in Moscow. Special offer on cocktails from Sunday to Thursday - 20 for about 25 euros. Yeah - definitely hungover! Great bar but don't arrive sober: the music, lot's of real rock like Led Zep, is played at full volume all night.
  11. Finally found an excuse to be here - but the zipwire was only in place until September. The party doesn't look too inviting at the moment - so I'm bailing out pdq.
  12. I think you should be referred to a psychiatrist - you appear to be a stalker.
  13. Ah... I see! The 'innocent look' actually belongs to French movie actress named Anna Karina. I've been told I look a lot like her - but probably without the 'innocence'!
  14. If that isn't true - and I strongly suspect it isn't - I sincerely hope he sues the ass off you. Mind you, if everyone did that whenever you made a declaration without any evidence to support it, you'd never get out of the courtroom.
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