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  1. Perhaps the Bishop should remember the words of his boss: "Suffer the little children to come unto me." To think that this man still has a vote in Tynwald in this day and age is unbelievable.
  2. It is the principle that matters to the electorate of any political view or income standard etc. The private sector has a market dictated wage freeze and folk are struggling. Tynwald members say we are all in this recession together yet propose a pay increase to themselves and their civil servants. This is in the shadow of agreeing a pension scheme for themselves which is voluntary and does not apply either to the civil servants let alone those employed in the private sector. 1% or £1 it is the principle that matters and this announcement today sends a message to the people that can only p
  3. Do we have a trades description act here. If the ad is in a "Manx" paper (apart from the UK nationals distributed here) is not the advertiser and the printer of the paper obliged to ensure offer of the services provided as printed under a trade description law? But moreso when will this Manx Government smash the various monopolies and give the people freedom of choice at fair prices? Probably a stupid question...flame by all means.
  4. I watched Mark Cavendish being interviewed by a reporter on the BBC after his Team GB lost the cycling race. Cavendish insulted the reporter and walked off at which point the BBC cut the interview off. While the Chief Minister of our Island and various others are praising Cavendish for his efforts it has to be said he is an ignorant young man when dealing with the press. While everyone can sympathise with his team losing, and the resultant disappointment, Cavendish has a lot to learn about sportsmanship and public relations. He comes over as spoilt, immature, and ignorant. He is no ambassador
  5. They have bought all these new buses which are too wide for our roads and too long. Not a seatbelt on any yet they want to trial a 50mph speed on some routes. To make it worse it is shocking to read how much the drivers earn. And they get paid for lunch breaks???? Our bus service is a shambles but that is about right for the way things are run on this Island. Does anyone know how much Longworth earns?
  6. Nicely said Gladys. I think Mr Corkish is out of touch with reality. Rather sad really.
  7. http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_206678.html The statement of Hall and Houghton.
  8. I think any remaining relatives should be consulted now the plans this man had have been shafted by the authorities.
  9. Put the bastard in a room and let all the mums of those kids murdered, go into the room armed with stanley knives. Who gives a shit if the man is mental or not. I certainly do not.
  10. Harry Hewitt would be offended at that.
  11. Let us hope that Juan does not meet the royal couple. And that there is no drink involved. Can you imagine the conversation? "Dont worry your Royal Highnesses, I will fix you a bus to get home and the CCTV will be switched off."
  12. Butterflies, you are not full of shit. I am just pointing out the reality. Most of our people in this world eat meat. Just like some animals eat plants. Just like some plants eat otherlife forms. ie. venus fly plant eats insects. Nature is dog eat dog that is a fact of life. I eat meat but I am like you a higher intellect so we farm animals and humanely kill them and eat them. Back to the subject matter is this. Uncontrolled dogs have been responsible for killing not just animals but humans and it has been widely reported in the media. Do a google search. When I was three years old I was
  13. Will he bring his own toilet seat and have a proper lead for Camilla. I hope he has been advised dogs have to be on a leash in our Island of suckholing royalists.
  14. Most of us eat meat, and lamb included. But in this day and age these animals are reared in an environment of peace and tranquility and have a decent quality of life before being humanely killed for the table. The farmer on Manx Radio, inferred this aspect when he stated it was distressing for the person who found the sheep and lambs either killed or injured and suffering. Although the result is a financial loss to the farmer he has to be admired for his concern about the suffering of these animals. One can have a care for the welfare of animals even if we do eventually eat them. T
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