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    Tt Roadwatch

    the ability to get accurate and up-to-the date information about roads, traffic including accidents is shocking. but also an opportunity for anyone with the right set of skills and a solution
  2. HeliX - i use the name of my old home town football team with a series of memorable numbers at the end, a favorite number plus a date. for example i.e bromwichalbion1210 which i have always used for my linkedin since day dot - this apparently WAS NOT hacked i changed it to: for example i.e bromwichalbion2420 i use a simply doubling or dividing of numbers so i have a few combinations to try, i changed it to this a couple of days ago - apparently THIS WAS hacked coincidence? maybe. actually possible for some to have exactly the same password? - ABSOLUTELY NOT
  3. HeliX - i totally agree with ans (for once) and i am not here to enlighten merely to keep everyone open minded and vigilant. i think you're assuming that since I have worked in the IS arena for years that I am a network architect or a CISO, you must never assume because you will make an (ass) out of (u) and (me). do you not think it is strange how my newly changed password (post hacking) is leaked but my other one hasnt?
  4. it seems suspicious that since the story came about, my old password says it wasnt leaked but the new one has! i think you have to be more open minded about the ingenious ways hackers work, this site you have posted it most probably a data capture site which will link up the password when it is entered again on my browser and used with an email. you cant rule out that it isnt dodgy, its just another tool used by the cybercriminals. having worked in the IT security industry for many years i have enough awareness of the techniques either used or can be employed by these people. check theregister.co.uk
  5. i changed my p/word shortly after this news broke as a standard recourse, i have entered my old p/word into this link to for it to say it HAS NOT been leaked, curiously my new p/word has been leaked! this link definitely is dodgy and im going to change my p/word once again thanks helix!
  6. CD with license key £60 ono please text 20 12 20
  7. So is punching a white guys lights out a 'nice' crime? lol mr tatlock, serious questions please!
  8. If you go into Douglas and do an average shop - you'll find you're already on about 20 cameras. that is slightly different as when entering CCTV zones there are always public notices indemnifying operators of any infraction against having their image taken. i suppose this alone in conjunction with Google's policy of blanking out faces, should suggest that IT IS against the law to take someones image without their consent. however being it a Civil law rather than Criminal you will have to have some cash and quite a bit of arrogance and/or obnoxiousness to get what you feel is justice. although in CJW's case with this pic, it can be used as secondary evidence to build a case towards an actual Criminal crime such as stalking or conspiracy to rape
  9. I have a Iiyama 27" PC monitor which I no longer need. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/monitors/354565/iiyama-prolite-b2712hds £180 ono If you're interested please text 20 12 20 Thanks!
  10. Lol - I knew what I was doing
  11. F12 cars? is that a keyboard shortcut thing?
  12. Chinahand - you haven't understood what i have written and have failed to answer my points correctly. either you do not care what I have to say or you're just here to suck CJW's cock, or maybe Chinahand is a special technique you have coined? regardless protect you're bf all you will but try to have a constructive argument i of all people aren't so stubborn that i cannot read and understand what points people are making before replying, at least grant me the same courtesy!
  13. put it this way, you couldnt get an F1 car on the manx roads, this is why the TT is so unique. personally i believe that the Superbike champions are too aware of the mortality rate on the TT course and pussy away from it!!
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