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  1. Overheard a conversation yesterday regarding the substantial reward money that was donated to Energy FM to entice people to come forward with information about the absolutely disgraceful death of the dog that was found at the bottom of Sulby reservoir a few years ago. Apparently there was approx 5 - 6 thousand donated by people from all over the Island. The question is where is that money now ?? given that no one was ever caught and prosecuted for the crime. Can Energy FM account for the money and exactly how much was ever handed over ? I take it they will have it stored safely in
  2. Nobby they do go out with a crashed car !!! (A blue subaru that was involved in a very tragic fatal crash on the BallaHutchin and which the family who have more balls than most of the A**holes on here have kindly given them permission to use for road safety purposes) And not wanting to knock your constructive post but the phrases "fly around for free" and "weekend blasts out" dont really help the cause do they !! From what I have been told that "shouldnt" be happening.
  3. Big H isnt one of the riders.It tells you in the press release who the ONLY 3 riders are and that they had to take the IAM bike course. Furthermore it is NOT a response bike. It has no blue lights or siren. It has to be booked in and out of the DHA HQ on Woodbourne road for specific events only. It is not stored at a fire station and is not being used for running around doing inspections etc or any other Fire service day to day work. It took me no more than 10 minutes to find that information out from the DHA when I enquired.
  4. You really need to get a life. Someone has been good enough to dip their hand in and help the community and a**holes like you have to go digging for dirt. If you all read the press release and also enquire with the Service you will find that the riders are doing it in their own time voluntarily at no cost at all such as weekends and when off duty.
  5. Nobby Arent you the one who started the last discussion about the fire service where you were slagging them off for their recruitment process and now your blowing your trumpet of support !!!! Is that because it has dawned on you that your chances of getting in are even more reduced now that they are talking about potential job cuts ?? My oh my how two faced !!!! PS Get your facts right before posting and stop trying to pretend your well informed about what is going on in an organisation you dont work for. Yet another couch expert on Manx Forums.
  6. So why is that local taxi drivers (So called Professional drivers - as described by themselves) seem to think they are above the law and can pretty much do what they want on the roads ?? Here are some examples of extremely poor standards that I witnessed on Saturday night alone : Double parking on the rank outside Artisan, Victoria Street Parking in the filter lane from Market street into Victoria street due to the rank already being full Parking on zig-zags (a serious offence) at the following locations : Outside the old G&D's, The Candy store, Outside Flaming Great Blocking athol
  7. Theres absolutely no need whatsoever for people to use this forum to start attacking the integrity and professionalism of emergency service workers. The forum was started by someone who very obviously has been knocked back from getting a job and has now decided to moan about it in the public domain, probably hoping he is going to attract some sympathy from the odd one or two individuals out there who for whatever reason have their own gripe and agenda against public service workers. I work in an office but I also own a small part time business that I run outside of my daytime job - So why s
  8. As I said in my previous post, what gives you the right to think that you should automatically be employed and bypass the whole application process just because you "may" have experience and a wealth of knowledge from a different juristiction / country than ours. I say "may have" as you could just be saying this to us all and also the people on the interview panel (If you made it that far) that you are highly experienced and have attended every type of incident and emergency situation. Do you have the official qualifications and also the evidence to back up your claims ?? There are plent
  9. Your obviously not Manx then ? "dealing in every case and incident possible". So what makes you think your so special that you should have been instantly employed. I am led to believe that all applicants still have to go away on a recruit course regardless of past experience and therefore I feel it is more beneficial to send a young Manx person who can learn from the bottom up and have the chance at a half decent career instead of bowing down to the likes of you who feel that your "Amazing qualifications" entitle you to preferential treatment and keeping yet another Manx worker off the career
  10. Nobby - Are you one of the failed applicants ? Yes or No - Be honest, its nearly Christmas and santa doesnt bring presents to naughty little boys who lie !!!
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