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  1. Anyway the basic most important point of my thing is how it refers to the criminal justice system, and in a way many won't like. It means we should be nice to criminals who cannot be deterred by nastiness, which probably means the worst criminals, beacus ehter is no reason to be nasty as they cannot help what they are doing if their more rational subconcious non=free wills can't be changed (I don't claim there is no such thing as feedback, I only arguing about free will like) but er yeah innit
  2. Just remembered about posting this, for the first time since I did. Unfortunately, I am roughly as sober as when I did post it as I am now. Currently posting in the corner of the cherry orchard's bar in port erin, to prove one of my bona fides, I prove the second by going burp. But I'm totally right. Contine
  3. 1. We don't have free will 2. We do, however, have the capacity to feel things (such as enjoyment/suffering) in some sense that is either not completely material or material in a way that is so far beyond our current understand it may as well be thought of as not material 3. "We" is not fully defined but can probably include almost all humans, quite possibly certain apes, and also my dogs but not yours. 4. The human brain is predictable in many ways 5. It seems sensible to try to minimize suffering; thereafter maximize enjoyment. From this all sorts of radical things follow. Discu
  4. Some of the drivers over here are (objectively speaking) worse than in America or Belgium. I have no problem with it really, those people are easy to overtake. The only ones that cause me problems are once a queue build up people who don't leave a decent gap. I have no problem with not leaving a gap either if you're going to frigging overtake. But there are so many drivers here who don't understand how to overtake and that leaves me to overtake 4 or more in one go*. Which is fortunately do able in many places but often shocks the people in front who don't know what mirrors are for. *I'
  5. To be honest I haven't actually looked for the things before so for all I know they are in every confectionery retailer in the land, but I've no idea. I need to know by 1pm. Thanks in advance.
  6. I also agree with national tyres BUT you should buy the tyres online from tyre-shopper.co.uk first. They use national tyres on the IOM and they are a lot cheaper.
  7. Numbers are out by at least two. Me and a friend took a horse tram one way and it was only the next day that we found out that you were supposed to pay for it. I wonder if during the winter they could attach horns to the horses' heads, wire a few of them up in series, and have them pulling a special santa sleigh tram.
  8. p.s. I have heard that atheists could corrupt this fantastic proof in some way by altering point 2, but if they do so you should ignore them as speaking the words the devil puts into their minds p.p.s. anyone who analyses said proof and makes any reference whatsoever to Bertrand Russell or if feeling retro the behaviour of certain untrustowrthy cretans should especially be disregarded
  9. I can prove it using logic, which given that mathematics is a recognised branch of some science deparmtments must totally mean this thing is true. viz.: 1. One, and only one, of the following statements is false: 2. God totally exists 3. Statements 1 and 2 are false.
  10. Haigh essentually boasted about his murderous activities under that body of evidence delusion to almost every investigative person, did he not? I vaguely recall seeing something about this on the discovery channel - and back then it WAS the discovery channel, no other spin offs (not even +1). I've no idea what the average criminal's most common delusion is but I know in America there is a crazy idea that if you ask an undercover police officer if they were a police man then they have to tell you. Equally I would have been around 11 years old the first time I disovered warez sites (things t
  11. That wasn't me, that was some other sirstabby
  12. But, MDO, if you understood prayer properly you would know that it can be extremely productive. in what way that, say, meditation cannot be?
  13. But all the reports are bigging it up as the first skydiver to do so. Did the ones to which you refer just hit the ground without a parachute? Looks like I'm wrong actually, I thought that Kittinger had exceeded Mach 1.
  14. Anyone who seeks to obey the ten commandmants (which ten commandmants by the way? there are different ones you know...) or to use them as a basis of how to live their life probably hasn't read them. The two main stories involving religion this week are the attempted murder of a fourteen year old girl in Pakistan, and the attempt to destory all gay rights in Ukraine. That's about par for the course.
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