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  1. Bit of a longshot this, but can anyone think of a barber that will be open tomorrow? In principle I'm prepared to travel anywhere...
  2. I don't think anyone found it convincing given the vote at the end; I think the main problem was that he had essentially created one argument pro euthansia, and a very specific form of it at that, and then argued against that - with the best will in the world that is not particularly useful. A mild version of the strawman fallacy I'd say.
  3. Every side with more than ten or twenty people on it, sure. It's not actually that complicated an issue, you just have to decide what you believe and then weigh things up. As a general rule, anyone advocating that a foetus made up of four cells has a right to life is a moron and is probably religious. On the other hand, someone advocating aborting a baby half way through birth if the mother doesn't want it there anymore, is probably taking consistency of ethical thought well past moral sense. But I understand both arguments fully, and if you accept the underlying reasoning behind either
  4. Well, your posting clearly shows that you have not understood a thing about this debate. Beyond your capacity for other than simplistic thought? What debate? If you mean this thread, I haven't read a single page of it as there's no need, the chances of a new and innovative point being made in it are virtually nill. If you mean the general debate then I understand every side very well, thank you
  5. What I find most telling is the way that half of anti-abortionists think there should be an exception in cases of rape or incest. That clearly shows that either half of anti-abortionists are inconsistent idiots, or half of anti-aboritionsts' real motives are to punish women.
  6. I go to bradda head pretty regularly and I hardly notice dog shit tbh. By the way although due to not being a cunt I pick up anything that comes out of my dogs, I have broken the rule about not having them up on the Point of Ayre without a lead, for the simple reason I didn't see the signs saying you couldn't have them there until I got back in the car. If the dog shit signs are the same (I haven't noticed any) then maybe they need to be made bigger.
  7. Ha, trial by prowess sounds even better than trial by battle. Sounds like you could win by doing your best elvis impression or something...
  8. Two questions: 1) Was trial by battle ever legal on the Isle of Man? and if so... 2) Is trial by battle STILL legal on the Isle of Man? So far as I can see it was only made illegal in England because of the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashford_v_Thornton and then a reaction to it and another case leading to laws being passed that presumably wouldn't affect us.
  9. Sorry, I just rememberd this. Do you still have your joystick?
  10. So apparently these 43 stolen sheep were worth £2500. If that's the case surely they are still on the island? I don't know much about sheep rustling but I really doubt it to have been the work of a gang of master criminals who cunningly either smuggled them by steam packet or arranged their own transport, the pay off makes no sense. For the money it's probably only a couple of people involved. Therefore... why can't they be found just by waiting for them to turn up at the abbatoir? In the future maybe sheep should be given microchips or something to ensure traceability.
  11. For the benefit of anyone else who's morbidly obese, please now be aware that the hi viz thing will fit you, cause it un-velcros at the front. Even jabba the hut could manage this Oh and tonight was, erm, easy, cause everything was cancelled apart from a newcomers speed controlled lap.... about an hour of standing around, saw bikes go pat for five minutes.... We need more marshalls on the mountain please! If the guys I was with were representative, it's a nice bunch up there
  12. PM'd ya - thanks so much! I will be reporting to 33rd milestone on Saturday. Not sure what happens after that I did say when I signed on that I wanted to do the mountain. It seems that my subsequent research shows that it's a fairly unpopular choice that, which seems totally insane to me if it isn't about the weather. In which case I thought... bettter get something vaguely waterproof for once!
  13. I have already signed on but they forgot to give me a high-viz thing; I was told I'd get given it on Saturday (uh oh identified who I am on the internet to at least someone lol) but cheers for the info anyway (On that note I frigging love one thing they did give me when signing on was an ashtray. A brilliant fuck you to politically correct types, that )
  14. How fat? Cut a hole in the middle of a 4 man tent flysheet and stick your head through for a poncho, kind of fat? I'm 25 stone (well nearly), 5ft 11 (the real dimension, I'm taller than quite a few so-called six-feet tall people)
  15. Oh, didn't realise they were waterproof. I know that I'm being issued with one to pickup on Saturday (it's first time I've done it) but I thought it was basically a hi-viz?
  16. heh, I need it for saturday, am marshalling on the mountain, so it gotta be on-island really I've never been a coat person. I'm sure that I have done, but I honestly don't remember wearing any coats in the last ten years except for a geology field trip to arran at university, and even that would have been seven years ago.
  17. Depending on exactly what you mean by slapped, what is morally wrong with that? Something as described in the OP is utterly disgusting but it *probably* wouldn't be in the child (who is who I think should be considered)'s interests to report someone who is obvious a parent and very likely doing something as a one off actually, I just changed my mind in the middle of writing this, as a parent hitting a kid in public is almost certainly not doing it as a one off, or anything like it. so, er, carry on
  18. Where is the best place to buy a coat, by which I mean a nice sturdy waterproof thing, for a fat person?
  19. Do they actually exist? I did do a flashmob type cuddle thing in London but I didn't know there were actual clubs dedicated to them...
  20. Are you ignoring post #44? Says (to my reading) that half the people there on drugs started them in Jurby. And about half (at least) of the prisoners in Jurby are on drugs there. Even so I thought #46 was hilarious It seems to come from inspection here: http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/publications/inspectorate-reports/hmipris/other-jurisdiction-inspections/isle-of-man/isle-of-man-oct-2011.pdf Also, my reading of that is if he is sent there he won't be able to stay on the subutex that he's given by the rehab service now, he'd have to move to methadone which is a gazillion times
  21. Thanks, that's an excellent idea - I'll pop over tomorrow. Maybe I'll even find the original spoons!
  22. ?????????? Even if I were the chap referred to in the other thread, there has never been any heroin involved there AFAIK. And if you're suggesting that *I* have been taking heroin, or letting it be used in my (2 bedroom semi that cost four figures a month ffs) house... then let me suggest that if you think such a thing, you're on crack! (seriously, I don't want to get an online reputation as some kind of druggie. I hope you were joking but having seen what can happen to other people can't be too cautious. Also I am currently quite intoxicated from the hard drug legal high alcohol, hav
  23. The other thing is, they actually asked me what I had done with the spoons. And I suppose in a sense they have a point. How do you lose spoons? They're not like socks that mysteriously disappear the moment you stop looking at them. I can kind of see the teaspoon being accidentally thrown away after being in some yoghurt. But the bigger spoon... no idea. I did suggest looking under the bed and apparently she had!
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