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  1. I agree. I don't think being a prick should be illegal. Name and shame is a better punishment anyway.
  2. if what you could say is "I have two spoons of the right type" then please do...
  3. I would be lying if I said I thought it was entirely reasonable but on the other hand she was a very fair landlady who I would like to be keeping on good terms with...
  4. I've recently moved and am just sorting out the final bits of keeping my landord at the last place happy. Apparently the cutlery set I was provided with has one missing desert spoon and one missing tea spoon. It's a marks and spencers set: I THINK this one: http://www.marksandspencer.com/16-Piece-Standford-Cutlery-Set/dp/B0045164YG I don't want to buy a whole cutlery set if I can avoid it just to get two spoons (ffs) so can anyone who is less... spoon fussy... offer me a chance to buy two of your spoons?
  5. If it's literally a tube I don't see why an emergency alternative can't be made at very short notice OR old tubes sterilized and re-used. I understand that these solutions probably can't be certified or whatever to the normal standards but ferchrissake, surely it's better to just make the thing and POSSIBLY kill people due to unforseen circumstances than it is to let them die.
  6. As I understand things, for pretty much the reason I gave - "why not" given that he was trying that website (went by the name of milk float or something) out for the first time. I also think you had to pay by some curious kind of currency (bitcoins maybe?) which meant it worked out the same price. Might be wrong though.
  7. I take it by that that a custodial sentence is pretty much inevitable then? Or can the lower court not send anyone to gaol?
  8. is this on weekdays/weekends or both?
  9. I have his permission to. Whether it's a good idea or not remains to be seen. First appearance should be adjourned, depending on the severity of the offence and whether or not he's deemed a 'flight risk'. Also depends on how he 'll plead. More details needed. The following may not be 100% accurate in all details but it is accurate to the best of my recollection: Essentally they've been addicted to dihydrocodine (a prescription opiate) for a few years, which has lately been being bought off the internet. As my friend is not a burglar/theif/whatever, they have a proper job a
  10. A friend of mine has been ordering drugs off the internet, purely for personal use, and got caught by customs. He's unlikely to either qualify for legal aid or to be able to afford decent representation, so will be reliant on the duty solicitor. Should he bring a toothbrush to court do you think?
  11. Nah it was half eleven at night. Not that I MIND a fireworks display at that time, especially not on a Saturday night - you'd have to be a bit of a curtain twitching twat to object. What I was confused about - and still am - is that the weather at the time was absolutley pissing it down, to the extent I'm surprised they could ignite... and also that it didn't sound controlled to me. Maybe if I could have seen it the bangs would have made sense but it sounded more like a firework factory exploding. Maybe that was reflections of sound off hills and stuff, I dunno.
  12. Does that include being caught speeding by a camera unit in the UK as well John? I was snapped doing 40 in a 30 in Liverpool a few years ago and got a letter from the courts, I paid the fine which was more than normal because of the IOM connection I believe and they said I was going to have 3 points on my license which I had to send a copy of to them. So I paid the I think about 175 quid but never got the points. Could I of just said it was not me driving? Or Ignored it? You could have completely ignored it and I doubt the police here would bother trying to serve the UK S172. But if you
  13. What the fuck is going on? Anyone else hearing what sounds like a shitload of fireworks goign off?
  14. Mine still problematic. I actually went to the sorting office today to ask if I had stuff lying around for some reason and they said no, and also they hadn't heard anything to suggest post was problematic. Today I received soemthing that had been sent on the fifth that I'd compeltely forogtten about. Still have at least three parcels missing. My theory is the Royal Mail have lost a container load of post somewhere. I don't think it's IOM Post's fault.
  15. What does Wikipedia say about Manx law? Anyway you missed his point. He was saying that if you were standing on the steps you were on private property.
  16. But really, does one need decent roadcraft if one is going to be driving here? Now of course you can take driving seriously and try to adhere to the "The System" in Road-Craft all the time and pretend you're a policeman in your head... but for 99% of people who don't care about driving, so long as they're not driving actively dangerously who cares? I can't see why it possibly matters. The only thing that irritates me is when people who can't/won't overtake tailgate the car in front. Once you've got a few of them then it's impossible for me, who would overtake, to get past. If the non-o
  17. I'm not sure what you mean by "retro" - basically I am just after something to play a flight simulator with. I'm not fussy! (It would have to be USB though)
  18. Well I got something which according to the post mark was posted today(?) from the Island, but most of the Island stuff I am getting late - like I said a first class signed for sent on Wednesday arrived on Saturday (obv Friday was senior race day so that's not quite as bad as it sounds) - but the stuff from off island I'm not getting at all. So yeah maybe both are at fault..
  19. Actually now I think about it, I think I have encountered much more "mexican standoffs" when no one is driving onto the roundabout here than I have encountered selfish nutters. I think that says a positive thing about the typical driver here
  20. I think you miss my point. It doesn't matter if I can see them coming all the way from Peel, for until the point their wheel cross the white line to show they have entered the roundabout (the second one, not the qb junction in general), I am perfectly entitled to pull onto the roundabout ahead of them. Problem is I can't, because 90% of them upon seeing nothing coming from their right will just plough through the junction expecting me to wait for them, just because they are coming from my right. If everyone just slowed down and used some common sense everything would work much better.
  21. You know I can pull onto the roundabout and have right of watch, even when you are approaching the roundabout from my right at 30mph right? As long as I get there first. Point is, roundabouts here don't work because people approach and see nothing coming from THEIR right, and so barge through at inappropriate speeds. Therefore, I end up dithering because I can't trust the approaching vehicle, who maybe 10m away from the actual junction, to slow to a reasonable speed and allow me to perform my perfectly legal manoeuvre. Hence pulling onto qb from qb road people sit there giving way to car
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