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  1. not really, the stuff greggs buys is all basic commodities and as such the price is more or less set by global supply and demand
  2. I'm about to go to sleep, but I don't know what I'm going to do for the next 24 hours. So what should I do today once I wake up? Serious question. Open to absolutely any suggestion.
  3. I'm still at the oxytocin induced loving my adopted country stage, but found this a bit odd today. Is this a year around thing? Sheep in the cemetry attached to the church? I suppose it keeps the grass clean I don't have a problem with it, just fuond it amusing and was wondering what the situation is...
  4. you don't get out much then? no sir although in my defence I only moved here on saturday, and I spent thursday and most of friday in london... where, incidentally, my suitcase remains. along with quite a few other manx-ians (what is the actual word? can't be manx-ian). 23 folk on flight from city - ronaldsway, probably half with baggage and 5 had to fill out missing luggage form.
  5. please direct me to shit, mr squelch a report will then be forthcoming
  6. ...unless you read this thread. I apologise in advance for the way that like all the other posts I've made so far I have nothing really to contribute, but in my defence I don't know anything useful (maybe I could give advice on how to give a self employment permit, that's about it) Anyway obviously most of the posters here do have something to contribute and I was wondering what handy things there are to know about here that you wouldn't pick up easily any other way. This is very broad in scope, I was thinking about very interesting things off the beaten track, but also stuff like don'
  7. No the derestricted areas should have speed limits, though not neccessarily 50mph. Are you serious? Derestricted roads are about 1/3rd of the reason I moved here, the main other reason being a three letter word beginning in t and ending in x Not that I want to start an argument you understand...
  8. I've been on the Island for five days now, and have been exploring by car a decent bit. I have noticed that the island has a lot more stop signs than the UK where the majority of them would be give way signs. Do you still have to actually stop at them, and if so why are they so prevelant? Also, is it me or should a lot of the 50mph zones be deristricted?
  9. Howdy ladies & gents, I am moving to the IOM (specifically, Ballabeg) in the new year from the UK and have had my mobile number for a decade now, and so would rather like to keep it - does anyone know if it is possible to transfer said number, currently on Vodafone, to one of the Manx providers? I have tried googling this but haven't come up with anything definitive one way or the other. Thanks in advance!
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