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  1. It has come to my attention that there was a bit of bother at A&E on Saturday night. It would appear that some drunken 20ish year old scumbag has seen fit to assault two of the nurses that are there to give him the help he needed, having got himself into some alcohol induced trouble. Firstly, what sort of useless waste of space thinks it’s a good idea to lash out and punch a nurse? If you are one of those useless bastards, what is it that makes you think its acceptable????? Secondly, does anyone else think that far from being helped out with his injuries, he should have actually have b
  2. True, but it's the total non-observational way in which they swerve out unexpectedly that really pisses you off if you are driving. Unless you feel that we should drive via ESP and be totally aware of when the daft, suicidal cyclist is gonna make his deviation from the straight ahead????
  3. Pictures would have been no good as those LED cycle lights are brighter than the midday sun and so badly adjusted that looking at them for any more than seconds would cause blindness
  4. Oh dear The sun is shining again!!!! I wonder how many tons of lycra clad blubber will be wobbling around the Manx roads today? And if you were one of the mountain bikers out in Braddan early this morning, I think you'll find you all need lights not just the first and last of you
  5. While out last weekend, I noticed that they have started hunting in packs now too. They also seem to be bringing their youth and aged out as well
  6. Firstly, I’m new to this form of communication so if I offend anyone out there, I apologise. Some things are important enough though to get out into the real world Over recent years, frequent and repeated encounters with the recreational cyclists here on the Isle of Man have led me to raise the following question. Does anybody out there reading this consider that these cyclists might be a disease in need of curing? I am a motorist, as many of you out there will be, and as such, I am far too often finding it necessary to make adjustments to my driving to accommodate the very poor road c
  7. I remember well those 80's turbo cars and the, what can best be described as, brutal way they made and delivered horsepower. I'm really looking forward to the more surgical way the 2014 engines are promising to perform.
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