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  1. Il spit it out. The Isle of Man Fire service havnt got a fucking clue about who is conforming or who isnt. If someone dies they will blame the landlords. Not acceptable they already know who is not complyin with th current falt regulatiosns. If a fatality happes they have no where to run both tyhe Home Affaris and IOM Fire Service are aware of the umbers involved. Typicall Isleof Man they dont care untill a life is lost.
  2. The facts are as true. Anyone die then Juan watterson can explain himself. I will oblige with any coroners report.
  3. well come o broadcaster your reading this tell the public what im lying about
  4. come on broadcaster you say im talking crap? Im willing to state my case in a court of law . Are YoU?
  5. Broadcaster is was on Manx Radio Today. Am i telling lies. Oh dear what a shame corruption continuues to be denied.
  6. lool manx radio reported it today you moron. Is it a lie ? It would be funny im just trying to find th angle
  7. if the rest of the manx people show such immaturity i dont think there is much of a future.
  8. epic fail that appeared on manx radio your an example of a manx moron
  9. Yes a fantasy world where the Minister of Home Affiars has to go on Manx Radio on a Saturday. LOL fuck off i dont care anythig that happens now will be brought against the Dept of Home Afairs. juan Watterson can explaiin himself in court. Do you think i have to state my case to internet solicitors like you? If he doesnt tell people thay are living in a flat that doesnt comply with flat regulations. Whos fault ie it it? I hope the IOM has good advocates,
  10. Yawn what i have exposed is true. I will now report to the UK Government that yet agan the Isle of Man is unfit to govern itself. I had warnings from Joh Wright. IOM Solicitor. I couldt gve a fuck. Not only have the Department of Home Affairs placed lives at risk. We Have moderators that wish to frighten manx citizens with exposing the truth. Come on John i couldnt give a crap about your threats im exposing death trap flats.
  11. come on broadcaster. Did i lie about the dagers of death trap falts in the Isle of Man I have lots mor to come wankers like you will make the cuurent government have a heart attack
  12. No sorry your just a fuck wit. I was there you can say all you want about this corrupt Island. Come on big man i will back it up i court. What can you do spout more shit here?
  13. I know this is complex barrie. But do you thik Manx Radio trying to hide fuck ups by the Departmet Of Home Affairs is approprite? Although i understand the Isle of Man operates under a cloak of incompetace ad corruption. Anyone in the UK must see exactly what a grubby place this is.
  14. Freemasons are like ay association they emply their own. I dont care the freemasons in the IOM are mostly legal or business people. The likes of stu peters shows why this organisation should be ignored.
  15. Come on IOM Government an i tellig lies???? Not for a miute this place is rotten to the core. Tell us Mr Bell why senior financial supervision commission managers can send lies to the IOM High Court? Full of shit i will carry on with my awareness campagnn to the uk. Oh hang on i was telling lies thats wht jaun watterson went on Manx Radio. Come on Alan or il spill more than death trap falts.
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