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  1. So, are they now working together officially?
  2. They should bother to canvass because they propose that they can represent the whole community, not just the ones they like. If that were the reason then they are poor politicians for sure. Some just don't have time to canvass, even some don't seem to have time to deliver manifestos and leave it to the Post Office to do it for them. Might explain why a Ramsey North candidate has had leaflets delivered in Andreas.
  3. Two missed votes, he walked out on the 3rd also during the debate on Rodan's motion and didn't vote. Haughton voted for the motion so at least he stood by his convictions.
  4. You use a hammer drill for that!!!!! Jesus H Christ, you're hard.
  5. The president will, no doubt, have her own sanction in mind. Suspension from Parliament perhaps? It has happened often across in the UK, the labour party and conservatives have suspended MPs before for lesser actions. George Galloway being the most recent IMMSMW. Yes the party has vouchers in their manifesto, the one that Zac agreed to when he was canvassing and that he signed up to. When it came to putting it in place he had a memory lapse. It also has protecting student grants which he also disagreed with when it came to the crunch. I feel sorry for him, he has been led astray by Houghton and his buddies, he should have listened to PK and Kate as I am sure they would have pointed out to him the error of his ways.
  6. i bet they couldn't believe their their luck as they pulled into the police statiion car park. Cocky drug dealers or drug addled brains. they were taking the mick and got their comeuppence. Well done forces of law and order.
  7. Logically you can'thave a chicken egg without first having a chicken lay it! Simples.
  8. Lord Street car park, Lord Street police station, stupid. They deserved to be caught, surely one for the Darwin awards.
  9. What if the position were that a standing MHK decided to join LV? It would be foolish to reject just because they hadn't been a member for a certain time. Or a supporter who had helped the party and held off joining for another reason like having a position in government that precluded them from political activity? I would take the advice of offshoreman and stop digging dear, you're wrong, live with it.
  10. In light of the total ban on using the word 'olympic' as a trademark in Uk during the forthcoming olympics in London. It is a law in UK that you can't and cafes and businesses have had to change their, sometimes long established, signage to comply with this law. Is it enforceable in IOM? Could we use it freely and see a rash of Olympic horse tram, or Olympic bus and be free to do so? I fancy renaming everything on the isalnd to flout this law just for a laugh. It will give us massive publicity and media coverage if we did. How about O'Lympics Irish Pub, Oly Mpics car wash, Olym pics photographers etc; Any other suggestions we could use? Rename the island I. Oly. Mpics.
  11. In fact why not write down your objections to the process on your ballot paper, it is a private process and you would not be traceable normally. It will count as a spoilt vote and would be read out by the returning officer to all the candidates at the count. What better way to register your disapproval than to address all the candidates and they would have to listen to it. Not used often enough in my opinion,
  12. Liberalvannin.org - library - constitution 2011 Section 20.2 You obviously didn't read the whole constitution. Get your facts right before telling me I talk out of my arse. and if you think you can do better, then go ahead! You obviously 'don't know' NOMINEES FOR PARTY POSTS MUST BE MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING FOR AT LEAST 12 MONTHS. Since when is election as an MHK been a party post? Surely that means Leader, chair and all other posts. MHK is not a party position but a position decided by the electorate of the constituency in which they stand? PK is leader and has been a member since the party started. KB has no party position as far as I know. Zac Hall ditto. All are MHKs. I'm just reading it as it is written, maybe you don't understand it yourself? I wrote you were talking out of your arse before I read it, who was it that said, "people may think you a fool, why open your mouth and confirm it." or something along those lines.
  13. I know a guy in Douglas South that repairs washing machines, malarkey by name, don't think he's very busy right now.
  14. In fact, after having just read their constitutiion (what moron wrote it by the way?) there is no mention of any qualifying period for candidacy. Unusual for a political party.
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