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  1. Top of Lord Street before traffic lights in the bus stop there are two anchored on the lamp post. They were put up over night.
  2. - Location: Douglas - Bulk buy = discount - First come first serve - everyone is queued if 1st doesn't collect - All items are in good working condition unless otherwise stated in the description below - Any questions please PM Thanks for your time! Price: £25 Case: Generic Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2 CPU: Intel either Core 2 Duo/Quad Core/Pentium D Case & motherboard are in working condition - requires PSU, RAM, Hard Drive & DVD/CD drive Price: £50 ONO Acer Aspire 5050 - FAULTY - can be used for spare parts - basically brand new but suffered a tumble which affected the IDE port on the motherboard (if you can fix that you got a new working laptop!). Price: £25 ASUS WL-600G wireless ADSL2+ modem/router Price: £10 3 bay hard-disk caddy without fan SATA DVD-RW/DL 16x - £10 SATA DVD Player - £5 IDE DVD Player - £3 Large white fan - £10 Medium (Foxconn) brand new fans - £6 each Small fans - £3 each Fan/power modular cables - 50p each Price: £3 Logitech USB external microphone Price: £2 Motherboard USB/Multicard readers Price: £5 Multimedia remote control for home theatre PCs
  3. Used gaming (or power-user) PC that I no longer use. Works and in mint condition (albeit some dust): Case: Antec Threehundred PSU: Corsair TX-850W Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6700 2.13Ghz (can be overclocked to 3Ghz) RAM: 1GB (to prove that is working) Hard Disk: N/A GFX: XFX ATI Radeon 5850 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-EXPRESS Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster 6ch FANS: 3 Low Noise fans of various sizes Optical Drive: DVD-RW/DL x16 Price: £250 ONO
  4. Thank you for the link. Had a blonde moment and I didn't think of the website! :-)
  5. Hi! Does anyone know if you need a special driving licence to drive a school/ nursery minibus, what are the procedures to obtain one and, what is the going rate for such a job? cheers!
  6. you sound like the kind of guy i would run a fucking mile from,i cannot stand smartarses, and yes i was a carpenter/builder for 40+ years! I sound like a guy but I might not look like one or even be one!... It is your problem if you can't stand smartarses! .. thanks, you proved my point made at paragraph 2.... times have changed, I am afraid, Sir, and you have to accept that! all the best to you...
  7. This is what I intend to do. I have already planned how I will re-arrange the garden and everything will get back to normal. Nothing lasts forever! Thank you for your kind words, Roxanne.
  8. The strip is much bigger then 6 feet. I don't know in imperial measurements but it's roughly about 3-4 meters wide and 8 meters long. This was our question as well, but they moved very fast on this, everyone concluded, so there are some things going on behind the scenes.
  9. all along I meant bramble! I did apologise at the beginning for misspellings Thank goodness. I thought there was something unsavoury going on at the bottom of your garden. Failing selling up and moving to Druidale, I reckon I'd grow a very dense hedge of an appropriate height at the "new" boundary and you can then ignore whatever they do on their side. That's the intention now. Thank, God, I found the hedge still intact and all now on my property. I am going to grab a beer now and chill!
  10. all along I meant bramble! I did apologise at the beginning for misspellings
  11. Hahaha! or even better sell and move in the middle of nowhere!
  12. I never assumed that it is an extension to my garden. I only kept this strip tidy and clean of weeds and bramble and planted some evergreen shrubs to reduce the grass growth and to look nice. In 3 years since I have been living in this property only once I saw signs that someone came and cut the overgrown weeds on other sides of the one I kept clean.
  13. I did the maths and I'm curious what the other 10 people think. Seriously though, other than speaking to an expert, I'd be getting in touch with the company and asking them to demonstrate ownership seeing as you all struggled to do so. JessTickle is quite right though, you should be covered by the insurance if they think they have a 50%+ chance to win. If they don't think they can win, its probably safe to assume you wont if you decide to go it by yourself and take a chance on winning costs back. The other 10 neighbours main concern was the maintenance of it and also some of them said that they looked at the option to buy it but couldn't find who the owner is, so they didn't purse the matter further.
  14. Hi guys! Thank you all for your replies. It is too late now to do anything further. They have already cut all the plants this morning, bar the hedge plants which if I am lucky to find them still there tonight when I am going home I will remove. We weren't disputing the boundary, just the fact that as it has been for over 30 years no man's land and that we tried to keep it tidy and looking nice hence the plants on the land, they gave us little notice to remove them. They letter states that the work will commence on 29/06/2015 which should give us plenty of time to remove what we can remove from there. They did it in purpose today as a retribution for speaking to the neighbours about their own concerns on this matter and because I dared to speak up. One lost battle but plenty more to fight! :-)
  15. Hello and apologies for this long post and misspellings! :-) I need opinions on a matter that has come my way on Tuesday of this week and I don't know where to go/ start from and what to do?!? First, look at the photos that are attached and then read on. In March 2012, the house was purchased with the slope of a garden. In July 2014 after hundreds of hours of hard work and TLC, I brought the garden to the way it is now. The concrete post painted cream and where my neighbours fence ends on the second tier is my/our properties' boundary. The strip of land above the boundary, nobody could tell us who belongs to, even the Land Registry did not have a record of it. I am going to check again today their records, though. People who have been living on this street since the estate was built, are saying that nobody ever claimed this strip of land and that they were told that as long as nothing is built on it, each property can make use of it. However, Tuesday 23/06/2015, in the morning we had a shocking surprise to see an army of men up and down this strip of land, measuring, marking and taking off part of the existing fence at the top of the strip, then unloading with a crane from Pets at Home a pallet of concrete mix and other tools on one of the neighbours beatifully maintained lawn on the nobody's land. I went straight to where the commotion was and to my dismay, I learnt that the company which owns the Springvalley Industrial Estate in Cooil Road, are changing the boundary fence to a lower level towards the back gardens of the properties along this strip of land. When asked, why all of a sudden they have decided to do this, they said: Reason 1: they have realised that they own this strip in its entirety and need to remark the boundary; Reason 2: that a couple of our neighbours threatened them with legal action if they don't cut the weeds and bramble overgrown on the land above their properties. - here, I should mention that these neighbours also do not maintain their own gardens either; Reason 3: they cannot allow us to keep the pieces of land above our gardens ourselves in case we sue them if we accidentally fall whilst trimming the grass. There are 17 properties with their back gardens along this strip of land and 90% of them have been taking care of this extra strip for years and some of them for decades. I asked when the work will start and the answer was Thursday, meaning today!!! Then, I asked why didn't they give us any notice for this work so that we have time to think about how this will impact our lives and what consequences will be with the fence at a lower level? The guy said that a letter will be in the post that afternoon! They re-assured me, that by having the fence lower they will keep the grass/weeds/bramble cut 2-3 times a year! I thought that he is joking and told him that in the summer the grass needs to be cut often as it grows faster during the warm season! I do not believe them one bit! in 3 years since I've been living in this property, only once I saw that someone cut the weeds at the top of the neighbour on left handside facing the garden. Our concerns are: - if they do not keep the grass/rumble cut to a minimum this will create a great environment for vermin infestation and all sorts of other unwanted pests - we encountered this problem last year from places not maintained; creates easy access for tresspassers to lurk around our back gardens and peep into our homes; There will be changes to the environment once the fully grown trees are cut as they keep the strong winds at bay around our properties. Spoke to 14 neighbours and only 1 said that is not bothered what they are doing, the other 3... you do the maths about their opinion was. I also told them that some of us are willing: To sign a disclaimer for insurance purposes, only to let me keep the plants there and take care of them- the answer: sorry, we can't! To sign a concession agreement with each property that we maintain this land - the answer: sorry, we can't do that! To buy this land from them - the answer: it would be too costly for us! I am cheesed off that I worked so hard to keep their land tidy alongside mine! I am angry for the way they handled the whole situation and that they feel they are above us, being a big corporation and they think we can't do anything about it! I don't know where to go and who to speak to, at least to delay this work, if not bring it to a halt so that we can find solutions as to how to deal with the removal of all the plants growing up there and make changes to our surroundings. If you read this to the end, I thank you! Your opinions are of great value to me right now. many thanks Garden.pdf
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