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  1. Not forgetting the crimes which are not actually reported by the press, which outnumber the ones that are. Thefts, beatings, burglaries, drink driving incidents to name a few We have been so busy telling the world our Island is so safe we actually leave our doors unlocked but now we cant (not that i ever did)
  2. TKMAXX sell this brand too at a fraction of the original cost
  3. I have not changed my opinion at all, needs a function room as it is like dining in a hotel (holiday inn) foyer
  4. Have used the search but i am no wiser Thanks in advance
  5. Why would anyone de face their car with a bumper sticker?
  6. Couldnt agree more, poor little baby lamb and mummy sat a bit too close to fast moving traffic for my liking
  7. My point was that he puts his name to the photos but surely the credit and recognition should go to the photographer
  8. I keep logging out but when i come back on mf i'm still logged on, why is that please?
  9. Mama June seems to think its good enough for Honey Boo Boo
  10. Just seems a bit unfair that someone else has done all the work and he can take credit for it, thats life i suppose
  11. I have noticed recently that a mini wanna be local celeb is downloading photos on facebook and putting his name on them like he has taken the photographs Surely copyright would mean he cannot do this?
  12. 99% of statistics are made up. My child is in reception year as is approx 60 other children and not a single child in her year is overweight Next statistic....
  13. Very sad news indeed. The poor girl's page is public so i had a quick look, the bullying has obviously been removed. It is terrible that someone could take their own life over things that can be typed on a screen, i do hope the bullies are made accountable for their behaviour but i do believe our justice system is not really what it should be. I also feel quite sadened by the amount of people who have made statements on their own walls in connection with the girl, "i am so sorry" "You were a lovely girl" "i will miss you so much" etc but no where on her page are these so called sorry people
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