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  1. Get off my patch junior..
  2. Coming Soon An online parliament for Manx folk where you really get to have your say Free to all MF members We'll decide where the future lies!
  3. Who is the best person to lead us out of this sorry mess?
  4. When I think of that prat who brought down NatWest I am much less generous than you Manshimajin
  5. I can't get over the educationalist Minister of the DED who seems to going over to the dark side on this issue - is he power crazed?
  6. Food parcels & the near death of higher education What else can the Dear Leader do to lead us further into the depths of despair & ignominy?
  7. Try Ballarocks' 'Celtic Mist' Manx cream liqueur Or their ace 'Basking Shark' cask aged rum
  8. You'd think that somewhere - in all the land govt controls - there must be a building that they could store some roadsalt in
  9. I've got enough weeds of my own, so you can stick your walking ....actually, what is a walking pole?
  10. An immense amount of flair can be put into a cheese sandwich, particularly if it is toasted on some of the ace new equipment now available
  11. Question - assuming they've completely lost the land, having given it away to someone who is just sitting on it and doing nothing - Did they give any undertakings to the "developers" that the bus stops down one side of the site would be removed? Surely there will still need to be stops there for services heading out up Lord Street, for passengers coming from that side of town/the Sea Terminal? If they are having to move them, where is the next nearest convenient place for a bus stop beyond the Sea Terminal? Ramsey
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