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  1. HR stopped producing bottles and cans many months ago. The beer and cider in the pub carried the same odd taste so stopped drinking in there a few months ago. The only place I could get a decent Mosaic was at HQ bar.
  2. I ate all the pies... but not the pasties. The pies are beauts, I particularly like the pork & black pud one. Good prices too, all £2.20/£2.30 for a big individual pie packed with filling. However the best thing is the water pastry, so crisp that they stay so even after a little warm in the microwave.
  3. Moss speech was absolutely bonkers. Comparing a newspaper article on HIS voluntary signature declaring that he was incompetent as a company director that lost people millions with unwarranted personal abuse to a captive audience of school children. Fucking mad.
  4. I'd have liked the Q&A recorded too but unfortunately our amateur video recorder had no further SD cards.
  5. This probably won't help you select a candidate but should remove a few from consideration. http://positiveactiongroup.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=546
  6. Yeah we should employ local again rather than someone who has a good track record elsewhere. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/damning-report-into-isle-of-man-s-health-services-1-6552746
  7. I had an excellent sandwich from there at lunchtime. Had best chips ever there on Monday. Shame the rest of the meal was all dried out. Prob go again but just for a bowl of chips..
  8. Come home yesterday evening shocked to find three storeys of scaffolding filling my back yard. No contact info on it, put there to work on next door's roof. As our yard door was bolted, they must have climbed over our 7 foot rear wall to install it. Technically broken in. Got hold of roofer when he arrived this morning and found it was Kinrade had put it up and have now taken down again. No contact from firm, no apology. Any idea what action - if any - that I can take that would be worthwhile other than to tell you to never use Kinrade Scaffolding?
  9. These bleeding "I'm alright Jackies". Didn't see them objecting about people like us who pay tax and have had no help with nursery provision at all because we have the temerity to live in central Douglas. A voucher scheme would be much fairer in sharing the available money around everybody that needs it.
  10. Probably just Grace... 'for what we are about to receive...' I worked for a council and never had members coming along with me to trade shows. We were the professionally qualified staff they employed for our judgement and on our return we made a representation to the appropriate members committee for approval if necessary. Members going along to trade shows - especially when they are technically no longer representing us prior to the election - can only be called a junket and I hope the members that voted for this do not get elected come April.
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