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  1. pwj27

    Boil All Water....

    I've seen this on twitter
  2. Thank you Barrie.. I know for a fact that I will be falling asleep very quickly tonight from reading this post :-)
  3. Did you miss that bit about refusing to help put the shoes and coat back on???.. Security is supposedly a public servant - there to protect and serve the public, not terrorise the Air Travelling Public like an airport directors SA just because 10 years ago some airliners got flown into the worlds tallest building... (We don't have this palaver when we travel on the tubes, buses or when we go down the pub or to a rememberance day service - yet in this country terrorist attacks have taken place more recently and with more frequency in such locations than on airliners).... There is indeed a common theme - whilst most of the complainants on this thread are prepared to comply with the requests of a security officer they expect to be treated with respect, and those of them who are disabled should be entitled to assistance whilst complying with the checks. Furthermore they have a right to be treated in a respectful manner... And they should have the right to complain and protest if they feel that they have not been treated with respect - not 'blackmailed' into keeping quiet with the threat that they'll just be subjected to more of the same treatment, unnecessarily detained or prevented from flying. If airport security is really such an essential job it should be carried out by professionals like the police, not some private security force. Furthermore codes of conduct and the procedures for complaint should be clearly displayed in the airport terminal at security points. Passengers should be as entitled to know their rights as to what they must do to comply with the security procedures... I've traveled through ronaldsway quite a few time with my gran. She's 89 and most of the time she needs assistance and will be in a wheelchair when we travel through the airports. When we go through ronaldsway the security staff are always really nice to my gran. They take her through security in her chair ask that she's comfortable and that there is nowhere that she hurts before they search her. Most of the time the woman who searches her will chat to her until I get our stuff together. Liverpool on the other hand I just find rude. They talk to me and not my gran. They act as if she's not there. I'd pick ronaldsway staff over Liverpool any day.
  4. pwj27

    Manx Tv?

    This could go on and on...
  5. pwj27

    Manx Tv?

    Fawlty Castlemona Towers A once very nice functioning hotel falling to pieces.
  6. pwj27

    Manx Tv?

    Two pints of larger and a packet of crisps. MHK Home affairs minister's alcohol consumption before vomiting on a bus.
  7. pwj27

    Manx Tv?

    Who wants to be a millionaire. Get a job doing nothing as a baggage handler at Ronaldsway Airport.
  8. pwj27

    Manx Tv?

    Police Stop.. NO camera NO action. An in depth look at the Isle of Man Constabulary queuing for chips at the Terrace chippy.
  9. Someone on facebook actually has his number. I don't want to put it on here as I'm not sure if it's against forum rules to post someone's name and number. But if anyone is interested PM me. OK just seen post #18 http://www.isleofman.com/News/article.aspx?article=44408
  10. I heard about that guy.. From what I heard it was some everton yobs :-p
  11. pwj27


    It's a George Washington moment...."Father. I cannot tell a lie!"... However, I am not in fact the Barrie Stevens who wrote long-winded letters to the local papers!...Nay! Nay! And thrice times nay! I am that Barrie Stevens who regularly submitted letters to the Editor of the local papers. This same Editor then decided to publish the same.....I had no hand in the process... Unlike your goodself, I had the benefit of a sub-Editor who expunged the grammatical errors so glaringly obvious in your own and most current submission on these Forums... Fun isn’t it?   Please don't act like a grammar troll as you are better than that. As it was your very long winded letters in the papers I'll know in future to look for your posts when I need to sleep ;-)
  12. pwj27


    Are you the same Mr Barrie Stevens that once upon a time wrote the long winded letter's in the local paper's?
  13. pwj27


    The shop next to artisan on Victoria street looks like it will either be a bakery or starbucks. Had a quick peek in the door when I went passed today
  14. Go to ronaldsway and ask for a job application form for a baggage handler.
  15. Mines working.. Switched off my sky HD box at the mains. on top there is a back up button. Hold it down and switch on your sky box. Hold it until three lights come on. There will be a message on the screen saying updating sky box may take upto 15 mins. While its doing this go onto your sky account and you need to switch on sky anytime + without sky broadband. I'm using sure broadband on a 3 year old billion router. I used a standard Ethernet cable and pluged it straight from my sky box to my router. It worked straight away and I've had no issues since. There is a full guide on sky's website.
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