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  1. wrighty First: I only answer this because of your status as a NHS professional. Im certain you have wilfully misunderstood what Ive posted but hey ho whats new on this Forum? I have to ask first .. do you understand what context is ? I made the thread in the context of a specific press release. i.e: GPs will be urged not to refer people to hospital. If though, you dont understand context and thats why you have posted what you have posted I think we should all know. Thats a real problem. Mostly though, having regard to your status, Your opinion is entirely
  2. Treatment at Nobles is second to none. Thats what this thread has been about. Making sure it stays that way. Good Luck
  3. News from the front or from my favourite stalker. Unfortunately its nonsense as I might expect from the majority of your posts. QED
  4. The subject matter of the thread I understood to be "Gay Bashing" This would be a hate crime and should be prosecuted. Nothing at all to do with the pseudo academic analysis which LDV seems determined to embark on. LDV, please dont take offence because none is intended.I believe you would probably benefit from broadening your experience a little. You honestly wouldnt have lasted more than 5 minutes in the saloon of a Union Castle ship or one of the old Fyffes boats. You bite every time. Believe me Ive met and sailed with some very peculiar people. One of the old carg
  5. Well well. Some of us seem to be remarkably sensitive about this little problem. I had thought that maybe some of you would have noticed the Minister has recently been making lots of noise about waiting lists There has also been much talk, on the local radio station about the range and complexity of treatments people are waiting for. To all you professionals out there no matter which way you spin it, the press release does make it crystal clear that GPs will be considering how hospital waiting lists can be addressed. The only way I can imagine GPs can reduce hospital wait
  6. Can we assume GPs are to be mentored on the best way of not referring people to the hospital? http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=62705 Its one way, maybe, of attacking those waiting lists; lets not send anymore patients there. Possibly the problem lies at the hospital though. Ive heard numerous anecdotes about shambolic organisation, outdated working practices, inflated salaries and publically funded facilities being given over for private work. Ifonly half of this is true its little wonder the lists are so long. Im fortunate. Im one of the growing minority who does
  7. Take a look at an example of hate crime judged sufficient to warrant arrest and prosecution. http://www.report-it...itting_racist_p Now ask yourself if you have seen worst on Manx Forums. I would be very surprised if you havent. Nevertheless, PK has a point, a very good point, well made. Strident campaigning for minority rights can and does needlessly offend other people. It doesnt usually work and, in my experience, is based, anyhow, on false assumptions that those who make up the mainstream of society actively discriminate against those others. They dont. Sorr
  8. It seems you are wrong, but feel free to point out any posts you may think fall into said category. This private forum ........................................... ...........................................................................I can not think of any specific posts or topics which could be seen as example of your claim. If you do not like what is posted do not visit Manxforums.com. That is your sole remedy. Sorry but thats not really the case Amadeus. The Forum is far from "Private" and is there for all and sundry to read. You are heading for a fall if you think the
  9. Im always a bit wary about making comparisons based on this type of data. I never had any occasion, during my business life, to monitor staff illness absence and to the best of my knowledge no one ever pulled the wool over my eyes. Once or twice I had to read the riot act to younger staff who wanted Monday off after a hard weekend partying. Nothing too serious though. Had anyone taken long periods of time off I would certainly have been aware of it but, unlike the public sector figures given here, I wouldnt have been able to say we had x number of employees off longer than 5 days or 1
  10. A sensible and non aggressive suggestion. This, madam, is something which has potential.
  11. Hmmmm..... Interesting. You know a close and trusted friend informs me that letters have been written regarding issues and concerns arising in relation to this for years. By staff themselves. And these issues are systematically swept under Snaefell and ignored. People have also been "encouraged " to leave for sticking their head above the parapet. The rot would appear to run deep and tower high. Are sure you have followed and read through the link properly? Im sure NHS staff on the IOM have not been whistle blowing about events in Scotland's hospitals.
  12. Abusers, carrying out their nasty activities , whilst also serving inside the Catholic Church, have been given global publicity on numerous occasions. Most recently, in 2009, an Irish Commission reported on widespread abuse in the Industrial Schools in that country. As an aside I have personal experience of those industrial schools (childrens homes) having been incarcerated in Glencrutchery Road for a goodly portion of my childhood. I can well understand how the system in those places facilitated the abuse. There have also been national and globally publicised investigations into s
  13. To answer your question it does seem you have missed something, yes. Possibly you havent read the thread properly. you said .... clearly you hadnt noticed that I cited wrighty as my source because he did acknowledge the concerns of patients wrighty said:.... Then I said ...... So yes, I had read the posts by patients and so had wrighty! I cant really see any justification for you to discount what wrighty has to say just because he happens to work at the hospital. Ive never set eyes on the man, and hope I never have to (professionally a
  14. I think it probably is a coincidence - many of the overseas doctors go away for a month or so at a time either around Christmas or in the summer. I'm pretty sure that no-one has been suspended, or put on 'gardening leave' in connection with this announcement. All of your posts relating to this issue have been high quality and well put. (Wrighty that is !!) The Hospital Authorities deserve top marks for acting on this matter so openly. Something, incidentally, which many on this Forum call for regularly (openness) Now the problem is in the public domain it becomes important that
  15. Its beginning to look as if some of the information coming from Social Care Department demands careful scrutiny. http://www.iomtoday....gures-1-5158919 If a single body is to be charged with responsibility for housing then we need to have confidence that policy initiatives are guided by analysis of facts not by presenting figures in such a manner as to make misunderstandings likely. The Department is busily eroding its credibility. I wonder why?
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