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  1. Barrie thank you for this. Sometime you get grief but at the end of the day it comes down to your born and you die. What happens after that no one will know but personally i have seen some aspects of it. Hope you are okay.
  2. Have you been able go get legal aid homarus with it being a Civil case? Good luck at the trial. As im being censored without explaination this is my last post on the forums.
  3. lol whats the problem its only a pastie shop
  4. Watcher you dont understand how it works here old bean. Google our Chief Minister with Mount Murray inquiry. Oh were fucked alright with this bunch although it would make good comedy programme.
  5. Very interesting point. Im sure he would move in the same circles as property owners. Time to do some digging.
  6. Blade Runner the Uk Govening us would not make me feel any better. All i want is honestly from this Government. We are not seeing this at the moment so who cares who runs us. This all in the same boat crap, again gets on my tits . Some of them dont even want to pay in 3% to a pension. Meanwhile they are saying public housing rents are to go up 16% for the next 5 years. Im not saying everyone thinks the same, but i see major unrest here if they carry on in this manner.
  7. Have to laugh, Censorship starts a topic crying about the current Government. Then when a solution is given he gives a smart comment. Its wankers like Censorship that make the Island what it is.
  8. My banner will read corrupt and unnacountable
  9. Come on then back up your moans with action. Im up for the next Tynwald sitting , lets have some ideas for the demonstration and if anyone has facebook get a group started. These MHKS dont want to take responsibility let them know we have had enough.
  10. If you could get enough people to demonstrate outside Tynwald every time they sit once a month. Then get a petition going. If enough people complain to the Uk Government that we are unfit to rule ourselves, then they will take notice and listen. But a few groans on here wont do it, it needs to be big and continuous. If any Manx people still have a spine the time is now. The other alternative is to sit back and watch this shower of wankers destroy what is left here.
  11. Manxnet is very, very poorly regulated. I know of two old ladies that got ripped of from people that said they were certified tradesman. Problem is you can write what you like and there are scams on there all the time.
  12. Only ate in the trawlerman once, reminded me of a mixed grill i ate in botswana. nasty stuff.
  13. Tenants will swallow the 10% this time Albert not too much fuss. But if it goes up another 10% next year i think the protests outside tynwald will be immense. Its never a good idea to piss too many natives off.
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