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  1. Yes it has stinky, the world might've changed considerably but has islam? Even way back then, some muslim intellectuals and moderates realised the danger in not modernising their faith and fearful of the threat they themselves faced from fundamentalists intent on following the books to the letter. Apostates still face violence and the ultimate punishment of death for leaving or even questioning the faith. In the Middle East and Asia, this fundamentalism has barely moved on. Many millions of people still follow the hadiths to the letter, those few who fail to do so face barbaric treatment of scripturally-inspired violence. Women in islam are still subjugated, having half the value of a man and some punished for being raped or killed horribly in the name of 'honour.' Innocent muslim girls are still being mutilated by FGM, forced into child marriage to old men. Christians and Jews (apes and monkeys no less) all second-class citizens and face danger every day. This is the reality that has been continually glossed-over. Great. As long as they can pay their way and bring with them a work ethic and essential skills and respect our culture, what's not to like? But I'd say this little rock wouldn't be their first choice. I might change my view on having refugees here if Daphne could present a clear plan, costings projection, etc, but she hasn't. She's put this motion forward on idealism without thinking it through and expecting everyone to comply through guilt or virtue.
  2. In her recent MR interview, Daphne says we should accommodate, "a small number of refugees" without actually indicating how many is a small number. Would it be 10 families? 20? How many Daphne? How large might these families be? Are we looking at 50 people? 100? 200? She never says! Maybe if she was a little clearer and definitive on the detail of what she's proposing people might consider looking at the feasibility of her outpourings more seriously...
  3. Isn't this exactly the same as the 'islamophobia' tactic in the current political climate? The term actually originates from c1910, used in a thesis by islamic philosopher, Alain Quellien. His thesis suggests it was a term first used by liberal Muslims and muslim feminists who saw islamic fundamentalism as a threat to modernisation. Was he a facist? Read his stuff, make your own mind up.
  4. One man's rude and offensive arse is another man's shit storm...
  5. Dangerous? To whom, exactly?
  6. So you can use insults and feel it's ok? Boomer, racist, islamophobe, right whinger, erm, what else lurks in the repertoire? Oh yeah, 'gammon', that's another. And there's also the unguarded yet subtle antisemitism. Yes they all annoy me greatly, hopefully as much as 'dickhead' upsets you.
  7. quilp

    Just William

    The best one of all was 'Biggles Flies Undone'
  8. Pull your pants up and get used to it...
  9. Adult discussion? It's impossible when the professional offence-takers and virtue-signalling lefties on here read stuff that makes them wet their pants. I respond in kind to provocative and contemptuous posts. It's as if you lot are frightened by opinion that doesn't toe your line and must be silenced immediately, usually via accusations of racism, islamophobia and virtual thuggery. I'm not having it. You, the corporal and the stormtrooper just can't believe people don't think like you do and deserve "punishment" (oh Britten!) for their individualism. So utterly predictable.
  10. Haha, Britten, just knew you'd be along, offended and trite. If you want me "punished" report me.
  11. It's worth revisiting Ashfords statement, back in October last year, in which he indicates that partnering with experienced private health care providers already established in the UK NHS is a consideration for Nobles...
  12. The conversation is over because you say so, is it? Ha! You keep accusing me of stuff I'll keep responding. Why have you brought food banks in to this all of a sudden? Another ploy to paint me as you like eh? I don't know anyone, personally, who uses a food bank, why would I? It's probably embarrassing enough for people who have to use them in the first place. Why would I want to know someone elses business? I feel for them, recognise their desperation because I've been impoverished and starving myself years ago, relying on charity to survive so I understand the utter sadness and embarrassment of being in that situation. Typical small-mindedness, what you don't know you'll invent, or try to, and you know fuck all about me and naively assume a great deal.
  13. I've no guilt, none whatsoever. "islamophobia" A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons. Like you...
  14. Ah, inevitably, playing the race card. Used to quell discussion. Conversation over I guess.
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