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  1. quilp


    I had the same problem. Already had one. Although it lets you buy the £40 package. Needs sorting, I'll subscribe if it does.
  2. quilp

    Mallett's Mallet

  3. quilp

    Mallett's Mallet

  4. quilp

    Flat Earth?

    Go search. It even says he was only joking on that screenshot...
  5. quilp

    Flat Earth?

    Either that or he was only joking, eh?
  6. quilp

    Airport Security...

    I thought that's what they did anyway...
  7. quilp

    Flat Earth?

    Anything to oblige. It's all over stateside MSM anyway, if you'd cared to look...
  8. quilp

    Flat Earth?

    He said it as a joke and blamed the media for pushing fakenews.
  9. quilp


    Have you ever considered doing a bit of Stand-up, Albert..?
  10. Just like this one? As situations go it's pretty unique in its scope. Can you provide an example from the "lessons of history" for comparison? It would help to see where you're coming from. Thanks...
  11. And no racists in the Remain camp. No.
  12. quilp

    Mallett's Mallet

  13. quilp

    Sexual Offences Bill 2019

    "He did their cause no favours.." He's a braver man than you or I... You obviously hardly know him. Did you ever spend longer than 5 minutes chatting with the bloke? Probably not. What the fuck is it with you and your invariably, way-off-the-mark and blasé character judgments dilli? I reckon you're a proper gossip. Did you have him in the back of the cab once?