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  1. My partner had her second dose at the airport yesterday and was not told not to drive. It was as it was the first time down there; very little in the way of a constantly moving queue, in on time, out in less than 5 minutes. Fast and efficient.
  2. How the fuck do you reach the conclusion that the pongo is pitchforkist? Wild.
  3. Is it racism? Those words on the posters don't proclaim that the black race is superior to the white race, do they? According to the dictionary definition of racist/racialism they probably wouldn't qualify as racist, in pure terms. But divisive they most certainly are, and no doubt, offence will be taken, obviously by a lot of white people. There's a thing right there; to disagree with and deny those words and you'd immediately be labelled as a blind racist/white supremacist in the opinion of some. Thus any debate on this occasion could never be a balanced affair. In the bigger picture, i
  4. quilp

    Good News

    It fills the day πŸ˜„ Recycling innit. I never need much, a full bucket mixed with 50 litres of compo, for seedlings and shrubs. I can see it seems a little pointless but it has its merits. Whilst on the subject of being bored, I sometimes used to moan to my Ma when I was a kid... "Ma, I'm bored!" "D'you know why you're bored Son?" "No Ma?" "Because you're boring Son." Hurt me that did, and ever since then, well: maybe that's got something to do with it. 😁
  5. quilp

    Good News

    As I do at this time of year, I've been rinsing out the cat litter for the last fortnight, in a sieve with the garden hose, a good soaking a couple of times for each bag removed, no chemicals, and leaving outside in a large, ventilated pot for when needed. For any cuttings and re-potting, planters etc., a good handful makes an excellent ingredient to the soil mix. 1:10 ratio trowels of soil. Helps with the drainage and can also aid keeping a moisture balance as it retains a small amount of water. Houseplants especially. It doesn't smell but I wouldn't recommend it for food-growing as a matter
  6. quilp

    Good News

    Yep, mine's getting the full treatment this weekend; pruning, re-potting, drains, weeds, you name it. Oh joy, deep, deep... joy. πŸ™ƒ
  7. Haha, how apt. He can run but he can't hide 😁
  8. Was it just a rumour that the council had to keep replacing the street sign on Canal Street because some wags kept removing the 'C'? Didn't realise Anthony Cotton was in it either...
  9. @CowMan Especially so when 25 out of 27 cases are being linked to the index case.
  10. Gladys is probably right that speculation might lead to the inappropriate.
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