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  1. Did you not read the "leaches" post directly after? Who was he calling a leach?
  2. Yes. I suppose there's really no difference between already being on a ventilator and, may be put on a ventilator, which is how they read, is there?
  3. I've been all over Russian state media and cannot find anything relating to your claim. Link?
  4. It should be straight to jail for them. The world also faces a growing threat from various ideological morons also. The ultra-orthodox Haredim in Israel still turning up to synagogues, prayer-meetings and religious schools around the country, with Israeli security services having to disguise themselves as Haredim to gain entry to break them up and bust them. Mosques in the UK and around the world still patronised daily, with congregations for Friday prayers actually on the increase! 100+ muslim mourners attending a funeral in Birmingham ("we fear Allah more than coronavirus"), attended also by the local Muslim MP, who was later forced to apologise (I noticed very little reportage and disclosure about this in the MSM when compared to the furore over that Scottish minister's "second home" faux pas, who's actions put more people in danger?) but not required to resign or face the force of the law. This Insha'allah-fatalism and blatant defiance of the EPA. needs to be recognised and stopped. Christians of all strains in America and Africa, globally, still crowding into churches to pray together and handing their fate to their imagination, even against papal instruction- I mean, what the actual fuck!?!? And the idiot Trump says fuck-all to the nation about it. This is wilful ideological ignorance and considering the current global emergency should be clamped-down upon everywhere. Dear God help us all. Err...
  5. *Age- Plenty of octagenarian's surviving the virus. *10-day term- again, many have survived beyond this 'time-limit' even after three weeks or more of suffering it. *Friends wife, who's a doctor- lol, another expert ffs, has she been treating Boris remotely or summat? "You don't go to hospital if you're healthy." Wow! Boris has been admitted on the advice of his doctor, for "further testing" and, "as a precautionary measure." Boris contracted pneumonia as a child, which may have left him, like other childhood sufferers, slightly more susceptible to the symptoms and subject to a longer recouperation period. The scarring of lung tissue from pneumonia can be extensive. I qualify this from personal experience as a consequence of the bilateral pneumonia I acquired following an operation at Noble's, it very nearly saw me off and my lung-function has never been the same since. I might be hair-splitting but I recognise unfounded drama-queenery when I read it...
  6. Yeah, glued to it. Tim Roth plays the off-the-wall cop convincingly. Some dark humour in it too. Another recommendation would be the period drama, 'Babylon Berlin,' with the anti-nazi, smack-addicted detective during and after WW2. Some great music in it too (much like 'Rosaline' in the 'Songs' thread). Worth a watch.
  7. Where do you get this from? Wishful thinking? After searching for your descriptive of "not looking very good for him," all I could find was, “admitted for tests..." "as a precaution..."
  8. Just starting to watch the 1st episode, series 2 of 'Tin Star.' The 1st series was a slow start but it picked up OK. Strangely engrossing.
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