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  1. You might, I certainly don't. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
  2. R.I.P Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, at 79...
  3. quilp

    Firm closing

    As I said, I really don't care anymore...
  4. I see that @Asthehills is still able to add his various emoticons in support of his various identities...
  5. quilp

    Firm closing

    You're as big a bloody fibber as @offshoremanxman!
  6. Rumour control... The dispensing pharmacy are NOT prepared for dispensing. They intend to charge £30 per item on top of the actual prescription charges. Going on this, if your prescription indicates 30ml in 10ml bottles then the cost is £90 on top of the product, and this also depends on the ratio of THC/CBD. It is quite obvious, given the usual tokenism of our 'caring' government, that between them and the dispensary the whole thing is up the left. I stated when the idea of medicinal cannabis for Manx patients was first mooted that it would be a shambles and so far I'm correct. Those who need most will most likely find the product cost-prohibitive. Government have very recently said that the company, Medicann, are not CQC registered- at this stage in the game! Medicann's response to government is that they are UK registered but have been told that CQC regs don't apply here! It's all very vague but what is certain is that no cannabis products will be dispensed tomorrow. Unless Hooper gets his act together before then. Anyone reading this, after meeting the criteria and being accepted for a script, should think about applying all necessary pressure on government to get its act together...
  7. Let's not forget that the new system was introduced because Crookall nonchalantly told the population that it was "impossible" to find a suitable machine which would accept Manx notes and coinage not expecting to be challenged on it.
  8. Read recently that one cannot call it that anymore, because it apparently carries "racist overtones" it must now be known as 'Mpox.' What racist overtones are being interpreted here? I feel sorry for Monkeys.
  9. quilp

    Firm closing

    Tacky sort of place anyway...
  10. quilp

    Firm closing

    They tried everything to make the Glue Pot viable but they couldn't make it stick.
  11. It's all part of Walter's rehabilitation. Mittygation...
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