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  1. You've been pushing the same old rote since the outset and quite how a natural fear of this virus amongst the population somehow manifests itself as "doom and mass hysteria" is monumentally over-egging it. Laughable and nothing short of drama-queen hyperbole. You're the one displaying an hysterical agenda, day in day out, same old same old...
  2. Sultan, master of the swift edit
  3. What? Government wouldn't dream of banning it. At least smokers pay for an early demise. Proper poor analogy...
  4. Who's fucking angry? I mean, this is your go-to retort whenever anyone questions your incessant repetitive bullshit. You come out with the same waffle all day long using different words. How you manage to be here and there all day long is beyond me, have you actually got a job?
  5. Surely the tech available these days can ping a mobile to within a few metres of its location? Would they go that far?
  6. You've just plagarised that from twitter, either that or it's you all over that forum too. Is it angst or too much lager..?
  7. They might have made everyone a little cross though...
  8. I think you're amazing. With all that travel and business growth, and obviously a great sense of loyalty to all your grateful clients you must be knackered! Marvellous. All this and yet you still manage to pontificate on Manx Forums morning noon and night. And Banker too, an important title, where does he work, at a sperm bank?
  9. Part of my job, in the days of film services was to convert slides to copy negative and thus print. For the process in those days I used a Canon AE camera on a tripod with a fixed 100mm lens and a 1:1 converter fitted, set on aperture priority and obviously manual focus, using 100ASA, 35mm standard Fujifilm and cord shutter-release to eliminate shake. The slides were placed on masked-off (daylight) light box and the mask cut to the size of the slide. With the 1:1 converter it was possible to fill the viewfinder full-frame and set on aperture-priority it gave an appropriate exposure time, usually 1 or 2 seconds depending on the exposure and quality of the original image. The results were excellent, sharp, with good contrast, even when blown up to poster size and the service provided a very substantial mark-up. Just wanted to reminisce, really, retirement can be a bore occasionally. Must invest in new camera
  10. Great news. Good for him...
  11. quilp

    Black Lives Matter

    He cannot. He will not. He talks about educating oneself. Oh the irony.
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