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  1. I wouldn't take anything for granted these days...
  2. Nice one China. There were a few ahead of the rest during that era. Exceptional talents who went on to shape the genre, taking improvisation to a different level. Django Reinhardt being another...
  3. Mick West, the debunker's debunker... How are normally sensible people taken in by it all..? The cheering when that person with a cervix managed to stick that item on her arm was astounding. WTAF?
  4. quilp

    Manx Care

    Coincidentally, I had a phone consultation with her yesterday and am quite satisfied at the outcome.
  5. quilp

    Manx Care

    I could have written the above. Had the same problem for years with respiratory. Different personnel, having to repeat the same story, etc. Terrible continuity, though the new guy, al-Aidi, does his best.
  6. How Ashford will smarm and spin this will be interesting.
  7. Strange the beeb never mentioned the Israelis have neen developing the very same for months.
  8. Leaving enough space for 6 banks of course.
  9. I wonder if it's too much to hope that they've put considerable thought into what's been planted and some of those varieties which are self-seeding and tolerant to salinity have been chosen, the varieties which grow on dunes, estuary shorelines and the like. The amount of rainfall we have can leach out and reduce salinity levels. A good layer of mulch helps in those locations also. As you say, whatever happens remains to be seen but it's worth noting that some of the lads on that team know their stuff and produce good results.
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