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  1. It is what it is...
  2. Lineker compared the UK's treatment of immigrants to the treatment meted out by the Nazi regime. The ladies in the 1st image are modern-day immigrants into the UK being given help and support by the taxpayer (no matter that they're muslimas, it wasn't even a consideration). The 2nd image speaks for itself in context with Lineker's 'comparison' to how the UK deals with immigrants. Was it that difficult to interpret? There was nothing else inferred, have you got that?
  3. Nothing is comparable to the scale and ferocity of the Nazi's and the Holocaust. Lineker is a wanker of the first order.
  4. Spot the difference...
  5. I'm convinced he sleeps with his mouth open so he can start as soon as he wakes-up...
  6. Time to abolish the role once and for all..? https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/politics/bishop-to-quit-his-role-and-the-island-600175
  7. quilp


    Had to steady myself because of the profundity of this. Phew!
  8. Methane and CO2, probably.
  9. Full-time validation addict
  10. Man on his own like him doesn’t really need a FF so large.
  11. They need to get the guy out of there, post-haste. With his Co-operation, he, and his bare essentials to begin with then deal with the hoard. Even if it's to a vacant flat in the same block sans the damp. It would seem an humane thing to do. Duty of care, an'that...
  12. Spontaneous belly-haha 😁
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