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  1. John Wright would be head Prefect.
  2. Wrong. Old style meters still being made and available. Twit...
  3. Poor kid. As well as being slapped about the head and puddling the floor, us kids would be giggling at the spectacle. And then him, standing alone in the playground in piss-wet shorts. Can still picture it now. Like some dreary Ken Loach film.
  4. There was a lad at the old St. Mary's who would certainly fit the bill. Thing is, in those days the nuns who taught class there decided the best way to deal with the funny noises and outbursts was to knock fuck out of him. The slaps around his head and legs would sometimes make him piss his pants. He'd be quiet for a while but inevitably, the process would start all over again. Only lasted a couple of terms, never saw him again.
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