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  1. Debate? It's not a debate though is it? It's all you moaning twats saying basically the same thing using slightly different words, and of course the different sock-puppets, to reinforce your vindictive ramblings. Everyone knows how you feel, stop repeating yourselves. Moaning about people not working when you're on here 16 fucking hours a day. Boring cunts...
  2. Have you seen the price of bananas lately? Mountain Gorillas on lockdown, according to the BBC.
  3. We did, from apes, apparently...
  4. What's asking about the fishing season got to do with a corona virus thread?
  5. Agreed. Portable barbie up the reservoir, catch and clean the trout up, pop it a freezer bag with a mash of dill, garlic, sea salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Give it a big shake, leave for 10 mins and enjoy. Once it's cooked the backbone can be pulled out fairly cleanly. ETA:- substitute the lemon juice with half a glass of dry white wine or cider...
  6. YouTube. Easier you watch rather than I explain.
  7. Same sheight, different day...
  8. The big diffence is the speeds involved. Being hit by a 5 stone kid travelling at 20mph is gonna smart somewhat. Stopping distance, pedestrian awareness an'that. Some scooters can hit 50+ mph. Make of that what you will...
  9. How are you so certain that there are "data, assumptions (?) and modelling" being kept from the population at large? What necessitates such secrecy and who benefits from this alleged non-disclosure? Indeed, and science works through years of experimentation, critical peer-reviews, reason and logic, something denied to our medical experts with the emergence of COVID-19. It was upon the world in an instant, giving scientists little time in which to evaluate or assess its fatal nature and how best to combat it. Who knew? How much do we know, even now? Probably very little when compared to its evolution in comparison to other, established pathogens. Once again you're focused on this secrecy angle, suggesting we're all being preyed upon in some elitist conspiracy. So once again I ask you, why would some cabal be keeping an endangered population in the dark and who benefits? And as you alluded to in an earlier post, the modelling turned out to be wrong- but in a good way! Would erring on the side of caution, regardless of how naive it transpired to be, have been a bad thing? We don't, but we have to start somewhere. The antibody testing might be one avenue of moving in the right direction. Some form of normalcy has to be pursued, even if it looks like experimentation. Something I imagine we're all aware of? You're good on the rhetorical but offer little in the way of alternative, science-based theory on how we could otherwise deal with the ongoing threat. So how about it..?
  10. Did you get out of the wrong side of your bed of nails this morning?
  11. I would suggest that most Manxies are less interested in minutiae and scientific detail than they are in an easily-understandable logic and outcome. You're over-dramatising government's role, however clumsy it appeared at the outset, for political reasons, methinks. How would Lib-Van's have handled the situation? Mostly, us Manxies are easily blinded by science and graphs (and big words), information overload scares us so we're more interested in what happens next, so to speak. In less than a paragraph, preferably...
  12. Fuck. Didn't know that...
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