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  1. Agreed, the puns have been through the wringer.
  2. That creased me up ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. After we've been rinsed...
  4. Pigeons, by the size of them.
  5. Brian Horrocks, occasional history teacher. Ex-Desert Rat, North Africa and Normandy. Wasn't 'Arnie' Shimmin wounded in action? Steel plate in his head is the story I heard.
  6. He did, saw him working out of the brewery depot in drumgold street one year. Had a reputation as a hard man on the rugger pitch. Too handy in the classroom, over the top.
  7. Is there a page missing? The featured page indicated "consequences" for misbehaviour but there doesn't seem to be any. Maybe that's it.
  8. No more moaning over a stolen beat for Coolio...
  9. quilp

    The Sea

    Got the location completely wrong - the location being Belfast ๐Ÿ™„ What d'you think the fish in its mouth is..? Poor quality image. Tope?
  10. quilp

    The Sea

    Thanks for the correction. I'll try and find the image and post it, see what you think.
  11. quilp

    The Sea

    There was a video on fb featuring a seal (more likely a Sea Lion) with a large fish in its mouth, people saying it was a Tope. My first thought was Tuna, judging by the pectoral fin and only found the Tope suggestion after reading the text. Pretty sure it was Tuna and not Tope.
  12. That may as be, I was simply correcting another cuntish falsehood.
  13. They certainly appear to be in the UK... https://www.tes.com/magazine/news/general/teachers-using-food-banks-cost-living-crisis-hits Don't know about locally.
  14. Any mention of who will be accompanying Alf? I've looked and can't find any reference to any team going along with him.
  15. Interpreter's are expensive.
  16. Interesting image and text taken from fb's nostalgia page...
  17. Some of the groynes had disappeared under the sand, or were at least the same level as.
  18. They didn't need Wordsworth when they had controversial poet and writer Forough Farrokhzad... https://amp.theguardian.com/books/2017/feb/12/forough-farrokhzad-iranian-poet-ebrahim-golestan-slyvia-plath
  19. Rebellion and revolution had been the goal of the shia islamists in Persia, as it was then, since the 1950's. Timeline and summary of events here... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iranian_Revolution Whatever pressure and influence the West (the US, mainly) was attempting to exert proved fruitless. Given the mood of the islamists and, dare I say, the backing of leftist groups, the Shah was successfully removed to exile and the rest is history.
  20. Doesn't require any great effort. Men. From mohammed to the Ayatollah's.
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