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  1. Raab's exit was crucial for Boris. Rubbery Stewart, "coherent and lyrical" he may be, is probably Boris's only realistic contender. Gove wriggling like he's just sat on something wet. Hasn't a chance. Why does Hunt always look somewhat surprised? Sajid sounds like his heart's in it, I like him, he would give Rubbery a run for his money. Maitless needs to stop talking over the candidates so much and let them answer. Shame there's no women in it...
  2. Like three bald men fighting over a comb...
  3. quilp

    Onchan or not

    Two cheeks on the same arse...
  4. Taken from a drone, allegedly, equipped with night-vision. Possibly from 10,000 feet or more. What benefit a false flag operation? Do those nations really want to go to war? The Ayatollah's might want the escalation but I doubt very much the majority ot the Iranian people have the stomach for it, they've suffered enough via the sanctions imposed on them as a result of their supremacist leaders and the power struggles with the arabs, especially the Sauds. Nothing new there. Of course, it could've been that evil Mossad trying to stir things up. If anyone is going to bite it'll be the Israelis, they have the most to fear from a nuclear-capable Iran.
  5. quilp

    Manx Radio

    There isn't one, apparently. Do you not read previous posts? The organisers have spelt it that way for 45 years. My error.
  6. quilp

    Manx Radio

    Speaking correct spelling, is there anything wrong with this? Easy mistake maybe...
  7. quilp


    Predictable rote...
  8. No they haven't, as confirmed by both the bbc and guardian. Go look for yourself. On the subject of production/productivity what about this?
  9. Despite brexit, or those dastardly crowing brexiteers, those productivity levels have been falling for a decade...
  10. quilp


    Axed, actually...
  11. quilp


    Maybe wonder what the outrage/reaction might have been had Farage, Boris, or Tommy Robinson uttered it? A "daft joke?" Some poor sod was jailed for teaching his girlfriends dog to perform the fascist salute as a result of another, equally "daft joke." Humour is subjective, as is the concept of offence. It depends who's doing the joking and who's doing the listening. Having done a search, I can't find anything indicating Brand withdrawing what she said, only stories that she refuses to apologise and can't understand what all the fuss is about, and good old auntie standing by her, claiming the edgy stuff is all part of the programme. Anyhow, something can never be un-said, so her "daft joke" isn't really withdrawable. Is it not reasonable then to also consider the feelings of those actual victims of acid attacks? Did they get the, "clearly daft joke?" She should be sacked.
  12. I think someone needs to expand their view. There are a number of factors at play, the brexit debacle being just one. You claimed the actions of the brexiteers actually increased non-eu migration. That article states that the uptake of non-eu applications was less than expected, no increase at all. Another factor you're failing to highlight, from fullfact.org...
  13. It hasn't really though, has it? Potential applicants couldn't have been the least put off by the hand-wringing portrayal by the fear-factory that the UK is a land populated by xenophobic, thick as pigshit, Johnny-foreigner-hating, daily-wail-reading miscreants in the mould of one Tommy Robinson, and all that manufactured paranoia, could they? That article doesn't quite confirm your bias...
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