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  1. Haha, how apt. He can run but he can't hide 😁
  2. Was it just a rumour that the council had to keep replacing the street sign on Canal Street because some wags kept removing the 'C'? Didn't realise Anthony Cotton was in it either...
  3. @CowMan Especially so when 25 out of 27 cases are being linked to the index case.
  4. Gladys is probably right that speculation might lead to the inappropriate.
  5. Well done John Wright for digging that up. It looks like the 3.8L straight 6. Nice, great engine sound, when they worked.
  6. Don't know the answer to that Albert. I was just throwing it out there after hearing the headmaster's take on it. Surely, if the culprit/worker is employed by the Racket he is subject to their t&c's.
  7. Quayle, in interview, pointed the finger directly at a UK worker who flagrantly broke the rules by not wearing a mask. It would therefore appear that if anyone was to be punished it would be the worker whose recklessness caused the outbreak in the first instance.
  8. I don't know so much, people were saying that about Rock Hudson till the bubble burst.
  9. You can just about make out the e-type in the image, he was filmed arriving at television centre in it as the credits ran at the start of the show. He also had an MG midget and the Mini.
  10. Part two of Ashfords interview with PM...
  11. I remember when Simon was the next big thing. The e-type jag, the dolly-birds in feather boas and ring of confidence.
  12. This link might help informing you about how it works... https://theconversation.com/genomic-fingerprinting-helps-us-trace-coronavirus-outbreaks-what-is-it-and-how-does-it-work-142917
  13. It's a mystery. Old Tel will have the answer though. 😁
  14. @Banker It's not as binary as you're suggesting, there's a crossover between the alleged two camps.
  15. So with four more cases discovered, the headmaster, sounding slightly flustered makes an amazing discovery... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/four-new-cases-of-covid-19-since-previous-update/
  16. Lol, you do it all the time though! And I certainly don't get "upset very easily," mildly annoyed- yes, at lazy posters who don't bother to read recent posts and repeat stuff that has already been posted. You do that all the time too, but that's par for the course on this forum, mostly.
  17. Beth Espy putting pertinent questions to Ashford on MR this morning, one being about what @rachomics twittered about speed of testing for variants and their offer of doing it all for free. For those interested enough to listen... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-evidence-covid-cluster-isnt-under-control-health-minister/ Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  18. Yes we know. It's old news and was mentioned a few pages back. Another 'go to last post' poster whose only consideration is their own opinion and here-I-am haste...
  19. Again? Aren't you new here, er, Simon? 😄
  20. So what? It's not the swift re-opening of the business, it's the given impression and delight that after one (exceedingly quick) test of the staff that there's-nothing-to-see-move along conclusion without so much as a mention of what we know about the virus's unpredictable incubation period. It doesn't feel right to me, I felt it premature and needed remarking on. Although, as @wrighty suggests the business may well have a resource of staff to cover whilst others self-isolate. But they haven't really. It's little wonder that people are cautious, rather than having "lost all sense of lo
  21. Bizarre comments? I questioned the difference between Java staff and other people who have had to self-isolate for an extended period after being in close contact with a positive case. Shouldn't this be questioned? Why does it frustrate you so much that people are curious about differences in Covid policy? We've seen incongruity regarding IoMSPC workers, for instance...
  22. Please explain how you reach the conclusion that the Java situation is conspired. By whom and for what gain?
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