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  1. I like anything by Joe Walsh. Solo, Eagles, jamming with Darryl Hall and John Oates, The James Gang and plenty more. This video features Hall and Oates and there's a whole lot of videos emanating from that featured studio with many other artists jamming for the joy of it. All live, no overdubs or pre-mix studio refinements. It is as it is here... A little bit of volume always helps. Enjoy, hopefully...
  2. That's a good idea actually PT, I may just do that. The Heron too, will no doubt have it on. Fancy it?
  3. Some of them can probably afford to fly.
  4. I too. A newly opened retail food outlet near the old Park Road school/laundrette is very suspect in my mind. Proper dodgy fucker ripe for scrutiny. Bit of a softlad too so should only be a matter of time before he's rumbled. I hope.
  5. Er, different circumstances there LL. Savile operated with impunity, untouchable, according to sources the accusations against him existed for decades before his collar was felt. Johnny Rotten being banned by the BBC just for hinting it. His crimes had/has many victims, living and dead...
  6. Underwater soundings would soon expose those companies carrying out side-drilling extraction. That's how they were able to bring pressure on Saddam.
  7. Imagime a couple of licensed outlets (for cannabis, leaf or solid) in every town, oh and erm, maybe half a dozen in our big new shiny city. The revenue might startle some people. I often wonder how much lobbying goes on behind the scenes from the likes of the breweries, wholesale alcohol suppliers and retailers fearing the legalisation or just decriminalisation of cannabis. Influential and connected individuals with vested retail interests wrongly concerned about an alternative, legal mood-altering substance coming in the market with a knock-on effect on their off-sales.
  8. @The Voice of Reason This being the same government which wilfully conducted a vindictive campaign against Dr. Ranson. Virtually the same players exhibiting the same spiteful, organised mistreatment of both Dr's. Truthfully, have you read the tribunal's publication? 200 pages shouldn't take too long, you're an educated man, aren't you?
  9. Nonsense? Whose "job in hand" are we talking about, Dr.G or government? Anyway, that little farrago isn't over yet and we'll see who has been dishing out the nonsense. Brownoser, so y'are...
  10. And government can't say how many refugees have arrived, apparently. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/welcome-packs-given-to-refugees-were-in-english-not-ukrainian-548088
  11. Shocking... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/man-22-raped-dealer-over-27036806?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar Has this made local headlines yet..? When this kind of criminality occurs it adds weight to legalisation. 22-year old raped by his supplier over. £500 debt.
  12. That's very much irrelevant, really. Deaths were just delayed in the process. All that happened because of public compliance. 'We', the GMP made a relative success out of it. You're insinuating that Walter and significant others saved the day whereas in actuality, all they did was instigate what PHE were recommending, and even then the administration dragged their heels over locking-down. Well, it's all coming out in the wash, but obviously yours is the shorter memory, seems like you've conveniently forgotten the verdict of the tribunal already. Defending the indefensible...
  13. @cmdrjonty's account no linger exists. Unsurprisingly...
  14. A room with the door locked and the windows barred.
  15. Ah, but will Walter be able to see himself? Seriously. It takes humility to admit to one's mistakes, does he have the EI to do it..?
  16. quilp

    TT 2022 ??

    Exactly. A comment from iomtoady. Is this the same 'Pozitive' group?
  17. How very true Roger. It is obvious now who that person is. Prophetic. This charade has to be considered in the round also. Toe-curling to say the least. I don't believe for one minute that the letter was genuinely sent by a member of the staff, more likely the source is, er, much closer to home. It's worth observing Quayle's body language during Moulton's questioning, the 'how-very-dare-you' eye-rolling and brown shoe shuffling says it all. Indeed. That particular thread, and the comments it raised at the time are relevant even now.
  18. Can't see Walter being contrite. His overbearing self-regard wouldn't allow it. I'm amazed that he still has so much support on social media and can only surmise that those continuing to sing Walter's praise haven't bothered reading the tribunal's decision.
  19. But why should we have to fanny about with all that app bollocks when a simpler solution was/is available..?
  20. He does it when no-one's looking.
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