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  1. Dark and dangerous places where people of an uneasy bent prey on the vulnerable.
  2. It's a mystery how they got there, apparently... https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/thousands-of-covid-tests-binned-in-douglas/
  3. It might work as a gift card. With lots of places you can spend it (eventually, apparently) as long as the merchants sign up and the (expensive) advertising works. Depends on the commercial uptake.
  4. Man in the pub told me the consumption meter at Noble's was set on the wrong (higher) rate for years.
  5. Could happen to 'Anyone.'
  6. It was probably the Palmolive...
  7. Or the little scamps are removing them after saying ta-ta to mumsy.
  8. I think there's many Wighties who aren't convinced it's a good idea. So it's a bit like the Isle of Man.
  9. quilp

    Legco 2021

    Vowel mangler 😆
  10. I wonder which appointments raise questions, and why RC thinks so.
  11. And you could be forgiven for thinking the two are one and the same. It wouldn't be the first time certain posters have created pock-suppets to support their views and harangue other, opposing views. You know, the weak, insubstantial no-marks with little else going on in their lives.
  12. Don't do that, it's not called for.
  13. Where are you getting this idea that the rest of Britain has concluded it isn't necessary? Is this really the case? It is if you're interested and bother to look. You're making things up. See above. You're the one banging on about it, and not only on here. No one I know is stuck in some stupid elimination mindset. Maybe about 5 of them... People are getting used to it because there's no other choice, we don't need to be told nor badgered for not doing things as quick as you'd like. You insist on comparing it to 'flu but this is an imprecise equivalency, means nothing. Many people care. Really? Where are the statistics or polls which might help with this claim? Why are you even asking the question? Restrictions are easing but the future is unpredictable and caution should continue to be exercised, come next spring we'll have a better idea. Get used to it. Up to now, and hopefully it shall remain this way. Take nothing for granted. Claptrap...
  14. No one? Why are lots of people still wearing them if that's the case? Still using hand gel too, presumably. But the covid infection rate is still moving in the wrong direction. So if it "fills up every winter anyway" Noble’s certainly doesn't want the extra influx of covid patients on top of it. The "simple measures" as you define them, are still relevant, at the very least for the time being. Good question. You seem very confident that covid, in whichever variation will "burn itself out" and that catching whichever variant leaves one immune to all covid viruses generally. Is this correct? Will it burn itself out? Not anytime soon I imagine. Seems like you're placing your faith in herd immunity also, but this isn't happening at any pace, and the science jury is out on whether it will happen at all, so best we deal with the now, the present and the "simple measures" you claim nobody wants, need to continue, including masks and distancing where deemed necessary. That recent Toploader gig, and the infection rise which followed confirms it. Enclosed area, shoulder to shoulder, people cheering, up close shouting in your ear; viral load and an'that. Another poster supplied the information about this so your supposition has been answered. Your impatience and petulant, repetitive responses are tiresome. You do what you wanna do, you're your own expert (on pretty much everything) and feel you know what's best for everyone. Good job you're not in charge.
  15. But where to point the finger doesn't need rubber-stamping, and as has been said, who'll be accountable and at what consequence?
  16. This thread is probably a suitable place to post some more sad news. A good friend and sometime bandmate of Colin passed away earlier. Another great contributor to the local music scene with the band G.A.S.P. Sad stuff... Stevie Parry RIP.
  17. Are they? How d'you know? Aren't they? How d'you know? Will they? How d'you know? Curveball. You're amazing...
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