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  1. And so do I... What riles me is that this trans ideology is forced upon the population and if you don't comply you're labelled as a hater. Oh fuck off..
  2. So denying a biological truth is transphobic hate? Your wokeful idiocy has stretched itself again.
  3. You need to do your homework Private. Your figures are up the left (lol). Take your nose out of that bible of liberal delight once in a while.
  4. I often wonder does his boss know that Soup Jockey Britten spends all day on here pointlessly trolling everyone...
  5. Is it still coming in or drying out? Sometimes removing the old plaster and leaving it open to the air is the solution. As you've a new roof and sealed everything the residual evaporation has nowhere else to go. What about your guttering and down pipes, are they clear? Good luck with it...
  6. Great. So was Lol Skelly telling the truth about the 6 Chinese banks? It's a simple question which only requires a simple answer/explanation/retraction ...
  7. quilp

    Manx Radio

    Maybe a million would cut it..?
  8. He suffering from Libdementia. Probably thinks we'll be invading Poland next.
  9. You are Chris Thomas and I claim a free waffle...
  10. Did I bleedin well offer you any specifics?
  11. Ee-eeek! Can you see into my living-room? How is it "significantly better quality"? If one is in a high strength area does it really matter that much?
  12. It's a radio station, on the internet. It's also a real radio station. Your blatant ageism is so dreadfully boring. The world doesn't belong to cheeky young pups like you pongo.
  13. We changed over from MT to Sure. The only difference was the cost. And Sure gave us a new router.
  14. Eh? What about the explosion of online radio station availability? I have Downtown Radio Craigavon on most days. Couldn't get it before tinterweb. Do you get out much?
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