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  1. Is there any additional cost in staging the Zero? For 10 competitors is it worth it? Nothing wrong with putting the event to one side and engaging with manufacturers and power plant developers. Possibly prudent to see how much commitment there is with sponsorship from the big names, and their future competitive interests in the TT.
  2. Good link that Max. What d'you think of the idea of moving the Zero to August? Interesting comments on Rob's statement.
  3. Studies in the US showed that cutting their bollocks off and chemical intervention doesn't work for all. With some paedo's it's all about the power.
  4. Wrighty, what about former Nazi concentration camp guards?
  5. Bollocks. You would say that though, wouldn't you?
  6. Brunswick Nurseries have/had their own hives. Bottom of Somerset Road.
  7. Thigh-slappingly funny too...
  8. But you are using her murder to infer and smear for your own agenda. Says more about you.
  9. Moorehouse to ask how the airport investment plan is progressing. At least he's asking the question. (Subtitles not available) #3egurner.
  10. Boris's latest letter to MP's. From the edge of the ditch?
  11. I can tell and understand completely. Most commercial fryers are thermostatically limited. Sounds like it's old and dirty oil dissipating out of the fryer. Yeah, environmental health would be a good start.
  12. Probably no one if there wasn't a fire. Years ago I lived across, in a semi-detached house and the permanently angry neighbour next door, with 3 young kids, was so sick of his alarms going off phantom, either with steam from the shower or burning the toast, in a fit of pique one day he went around the house and smashed all the detector heads off with a shoe leaving him, his kids and us without protection. All because he was ignorant of their operation and how to access and change the battery. There was no-one to complain to about that. Eventually, we came to blows over it and the cops wanted to do me for assault! Didn't matter the danger he put everyone in. I moved out in the end.
  13. Yes, I do, but it never seems to change anything. And considering the level of voter apathy it's unsurprising.
  14. Indeed, there's always the danger of them Albanian drug-gangs taking over Pully, bug-eyed islamists slashing and stabbing in Strand Street and Michael Ryan wannabes losing it in Clifton Park. Not forgetting the evil county lines territory wars, moped muggers and skunk-addled joy-riding indolents nicking cars.
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