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  1. quilp

    MT 4G Broadband

    H-mm, at 12 and 13? Maybe some kids of that age might be into that but the thing is, I know these particular kids and their parents very well, the kids since they were infants. Lived next door to them for over 10 years so I intuitively trust them. Couldn't wish for better neighbours...
  2. quilp

    MT 4G Broadband

    I earn so little and know in my head how much is in there to a fiver that I've no need for Internet banking.
  3. quilp

    MT 4G Broadband

    Yeah, 12 and 13. Theirs went off just before exam time at Balla and Mrs Q gave them our password so they could continue revision. Good kids, should I be suspicious?
  4. quilp

    MT 4G Broadband

    Sure's Wifi was patchy, on and off for a few hours up here in Saddlestone today. Which is unusual. Normally our niece and nephew playing fortnight, me watching YouTube, Mrs Q addicted to 'Married to Medicine' (Dear god forbid !!) on Netflix and next doors kids doing their homework or gaming all at the same time. No problems usually.
  5. Fucks-sakes, yet another seething, jealous diatribe. Was Nobles hospital able to provide the treatment she required? You don't know, I don't know, only she knows... Stop making things up and delighting on her suffering for your own ends.
  6. Isn't this slowly happening anyway..?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for her, I just can't abide gossipy Manx-crab nosiness and jealous tittle-tattle as displayed in 2112's post. Rife on this Island.
  8. Have got net curtains..?
  9. How is it "deceitful"? As for "keeping quiet," I'd say she has every right to keep her own personal business quiet, what business is it of yours? If she has private health insurance, really, again, what business is it of yours? That her constituents could "ill afford it" (is that a pun?) is unfortunate, but at the same time, she'll have paid her premiums every month (probably only slightly more than a monthly full Sky subscription) or been covered through her personal or work insurance, so it's not like she got her health cover for free. Envy or jealously..?
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/return-lane-to-be-added-to-douglas-prom-this-week/ They've been listening to the general public, according to themselves. Baker makes a statement.
  11. https://guernseypress.com/news/2020/07/10/incoming-travellers-will-continue-self-isolating-for-14-days-until-at-least-september/ I dare say we'll be following Guernsey's lead. Too bad for some...
  12. Either they're too young or we're too old.
  13. quilp

    Manx Radio

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/islands-broadcasting-legend-terry-cringle-retires/ Aw, Terry Crinkle retires. Good for him, great fella.
  14. https://www.spiked-online.com/2020/07/13/good-job-big-jack-came-before-cancel-culture/ A short read on Jack the Lad. As the title says, "Good Job Jack Came Before Cancel Culture."
  15. Haha, as I was composing my reply, as predictable as a dodgy prostate with twice the dribble...
  16. It'll be swings and roundabouts Donald. Any minute now a doom-laden, spittle-flecked post by PK will appear, grumbling about Bozo and his bungling brexiteers...
  17. Nice little plug for the Island there. Probably worth £3million in free advertising by his reckoning when Skally gets ahold of it...
  18. quilp

    Fancy a pint?

    Where else would he get it? Either that or it's his Mum and Dad... See Wetherspoons are offering cut-price ales and food...
  19. Barbary corsairs were largely captured vessels, originally the pirates commandeered these ships from smaller, rowed and sailed boats in overwhelming numbers. Much like Somali pirates do now except they're powered by motor. With the development of iron cannon, capturing these ships became a more dangerous game for the pirates but by that time they had small fleets of captured vessels of their own. All sailed vessels of the time had to have the facility to be rowed, usually by an established crew but in all probability some slaves were used.
  20. Slavery existed millenia before the rise of the mohammedans. It predates all of the established cults. Enslavement flourished alongside agricultural development when labour was required to sustain growth.
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