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  1. That review didn't come across as "ripping" the kid apart. Rather, it gave an informative backstory regarding the influences on, and of, her parentage, her ADHD, Aspergers and life-long complications due to other mysterious neuro-psychological 'afflictions.' Can her view of the world really be considered as simplistic or child-like? That little head of hers is a busy one. She has become revered by many (including the pope, no less!), and that reverence is being (not unexpectedly) exploited by 'interested' parties. For that reason what lies beneath her world-wide exposure shouldn't be beyond scrutiny and contradiction. As you say, she is a child but is she being allowed to have a "simplistic child's view of the world"?
  2. quilp

    Breakfast Clubs

    "working families" it says. It's another, 'could be' announcement about "potential new plans" for a new strategy. A nice idea and possibly an action where it's needed. If, or when it ever gets off the ground, what's not to like? Something positive being implemented for those they work for.
  3. Sigh, all good things must come to an end...
  4. The comments section is a revealing read. "The Pippi Longstocking of climate change..." Her exploitation by the likes of Al Gore and other interested parties comes as no surprise. Likened to a Che Guevara figure, exoticized as a climate change "revolutionary," by some, a mentally unstable child (and parents) by others. The outline of her family history and the culture she has grown up in gives an interesting perspective.
  5. Probably your turning if you're rubber-necking
  6. The video included in that report, of Rachael MacKay's feelings of loss on hearing of Jamie Hodson's death is a bit harrowing.
  7. That's it. Like the 'Pink Pound' we could exploit the 'brown pound'
  8. No, it hasn't been renovated, currently, nor are there plans to.
  9. Professional offence takers.
  10. "... Unshackled by prejudice..." How quaint...
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