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  1. 1 minute ago, RIchard Britten said:

    Exactly the kind of idiot internet hard man nonsense I expect from the knuckle dragger vigilante crowd...

    Nothing whatsoever to do with "internet hard man nonsense." Have you considered how you might handle it if someone was intent on abusing one of your kids? If you had any, that is. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

    See, that's what silly people would expect to happen. Take away the criminal risks of being a drug user and rather than the junkies immediately smacking themselves up to death the actual evidence suggests that they actually mange to manage their habit and cope much better.


    As in the Netherlands with cannabis, consumption of weed fell once the soft approach was introduced and the mystique was removed.

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  3. 27 minutes ago, RIchard Britten said:

    Are you saying the arresting and securing successful convictions on complicate paedo rings is a simple "knock on doors and feel some collars" investigation?

    When the authorities have forensic evidence, witness statements and information from right-minded whistle-blowers then yes, bring them down.


    My lord the level of naivety on display is staggering.

    And that works wonders (Tommah Five Names Robbinson).

    There is a reason we don't use "mob rule" in trials...thank goodness.

    This has nothing to do with naivety, mob rule or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. The evidence in these cases was apparent for decades and nothing was actioned. The proof was there. Ask yourself why this was. Consequently, the abuse and exploitation continued with impunity because of it. Why you refuse to acknowledge this is weird. Parents and victims alike were wilfully ignored and threatened with charges, some became the subject of investigation merely for asking something be done. Hence, a growing number of citizens have taken matters into their own hands. I find this understandable and in most cases, acceptable. As a father I would do the same thing if the law wasn't being enforced... 

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  4. 8 minutes ago, RIchard Britten said:

    The police and the judicial system?

    Completely ignoring the fact that the police, the judicial system and social services took an inordinate amount of time in their pursuit of investigations "that required careful planning and a level of delicacy" (what utter bullshit) thus allowing the structured and organised abuse of white, working-class girls (and boys, another side of the disgusting behaviour yet to be investigated properly) to continue. The authorities in question were made aware on thousands of occasions for decades what was taking place yet failed to act. This fact has been made plain by victims, parents and open-eyed politicians, also for decades who were ignored, even had charges of harassment brought before them in an effort to silence them. It is obvious to anyone with a conscience and moral compass that the reason for the reluctance to bring to justice the perpetrators by the various authorities was down to not upsetting the boat of cultural sensitivity. They'd rather not have brought these paedophiles to book than do the right thing- THEIR JOB. Kids suffered because of this cock-eyed approach so little wonder the common people have decided to take matters into their own hands.

    I suspect you're childless. Probably a good job. 

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  5. You have to wonder whether the inaction of British authorities over the organised child sexual exploitation in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Telford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Milton Keynes, and many other towns and cities isn't a factor. When the various authorities don't do their job who'll do it for them?

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  6. 8 hours ago, P.K. said:

    Read Thatchers Torpedo by Tam Dalyell.

    Dalyell, political opportunist, irrational pacifist, Thatcher hater.

    Retrospectively, the Argentines didn't think the sinking was a war crime, the UN didn't think it was, even the Captain of the ship didn't think so. In his (Bonzo) own words he described his ship as a legitimate target and admitted the Belgrano was not sailing back to port, only manoeuvring and had the opportunity arisen he said he'd have used all in his power ("my fifteen guns") to sink any British ship regardless of its position. The gung-ho actions of the two escorts immediately after the attack increased the casualty numbers because they concentrated their efforts on seeking out and engaging the 'Conqueror' rather than assisting in the rescue of their many comrades who died in the freezing waters of the South Atlantic who could otherwise have been saved.

    What Dalyell (and you) claimed does a disgusting disservice to the lives lost on the Sheffield, Ardent, Coventry, Antelope, Atlantic Conveyor and Sir Galahad. Not to mention the servicemen killed in the ensuing conflict.

    On land, Argentine troops, holed-up in the schoolhouse at Goose Green raised the white flag of surrender. When an officer and a couple of planks moved forward to accept their 'surrender' the Argentines emptied their mags on them and killed them all. What about that? War crime?

    If the Geneva definition of 'war crime' is taken literally, then the belligerent action of the Junta invading sovereign territory in the first instance should be considered as a 'war crime' also.

    I suggest you read those definitions to enhance your very narrow, ideologically-motivated view.

    My last post on this subject, start a new thread if you wish.

    Anyway, thread derail. Back to the airport and yet another new team brought in to improve things, lol...

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  7. Well, I'll maybe give you that one. Combined bombing by British, Canadian and US aircraft (2000+) began a somewhat inaccurate campaign from midnight on the 6th.

    Difference is I admit when I'm wrong. What were the lies about the Belgrano that you allege? Come on now, fess up corporal... 

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  8. 2 hours ago, WTF said:

    at least sinking it stopped it turning round and coming back.

    Exactly. Sandy Woodward suspected a pincer attack including the Belgrano, its two escort destroyers and another Argentine task group. Though the Belgrano's 6 inch (?) main guns had a range of only 7km's or so, it's escorts carried ship-to-ship exocets, which had a range of over 70km's (weather dependent). Even the skipper of the Belgrano admitted the ship was only manoeuvring and not heading back to be closer to the mainland and relative safety. The Argentine ships could've changed direction in an instant, something the admiralty and Woodward suspected would happen. They had to pre-empt an attack on the task force and its aircraft carriers using all force necessary. Had the Argentines succeeded in a pincer attack, the course of that little war might've changed considerably with the loss of life on both sides even greater.


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  9. 41 minutes ago, MrPB said:

    It’s not incoherent. It’s written in English. Do you have difficulty understanding the queens English? You also seem to be quite aggressive and horrible to be honest. There really is no need to be such an odious prick. I thought most of us came on here just to discuss current affairs and the news. Not be total arseholes to each other. 

    If that's not worthy of inclusion to the 'Testing Testing' thread I don’t know what is! Welcome to the exclusive club.

    Completely correct on all counts.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, MrPB said:

    I really don’t need to hang around to be trolled by pathetic people who are clearly using more than one account to bully posters they don’t like. Good night. 

    Exactly the same thing happened when Neil Down frequented the comment sections of IoM today. The incessant, pointless and provocative verbiage of that poster had the same effect on that platform. Didn't it Neil? Weren't you eventually banned from there? 

    Just like his mate, dilligaf, the compulsion to comment on thread's he really knows nothing about, nor has any real interest in, verges on the neurotic, resulting in any thread descending into farce. Just like as this thread and many, many others. It's a distractive-nuisance and should be properly dealt with by the mods, if they can be bothered.

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