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  1. 24 minutes ago, manxy said:

    I've never seen it but good advice all the same

    Lol. How would you know if you haven't seen it?

    Not like you to accept something on someone else's word alone... :lol:

  2. The extent to which the UK has freedom to act independently can only be revealed as time passes. 

    9 minutes ago, The Lurker said:

    I have no objection to the EU directing my life as I quite like having human rights, cleaner air and limitations on the hours I can be made to work; all three of which I have severe concerns for if the current shower in government maintain control post brexit.

    So, we'll have less human rights whilst breathing dirtier air and forced to work all the hours god sends without the guiding hands of grey men in greyer suits issuing directives for their greater good.

    Aren't you jumping the gun a tad here?


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  3. 8 minutes ago, manxman1980 said:

    It is propaganda pure and simple designed to influence the readership and promote sales of the newspapers.  What some on here do not seem to appreciate is that the same events are being portrayed in very different ways depending on where the newspaper wants to sell its stories. 

    Sheltered life? It has always been so. Since the advent of the printing-press. 

  4. 26 minutes ago, woody2 said:

    is anybody bothered about the supreme court outcome?...........seems a bit pointless........

    although the gall of john major who prorogued parliament for political reasons........

    he also removed the whip from those that voted against him.....

    John Major prorogued parliament to stifle questions about the 'cash for questions' scandal. People have short memories woody... 

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  5. It's not just Brexit which presents a threat to German car-workers. Donald Trump emphatically stated as far back as 2016, regarding the amount of German cars sold in the US as, "bad, very bad... ... we're gonna stop that!"

    The threat of a 25% tariff on European car imports into the US (multi-billion dollar yearly) has to be in perspective considered equally, if not more effectual to the threatened job losses.

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  6. 52 minutes ago, Kopek said:

    Is it as gripping as the Archers?

    All it lacks are the background sound effects. 

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