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  1. Pardon my ignorance but which ATR version is to be used?
  2. Google 'Small Claims procedure Isle of Man courts.' It'll tell you all you need to know...
  3. I bet he wasn't fancied a lot as a kid...
  4. They are of course miles apart in their reportage so are incomparable. I read RT primarily because they're anti-yank and more so, anti-Trump. Its (RT) science and tech articles are also informative. Guido is a respected source around Westminster, regardless of what you may think. Well, that's equality for you; why shouldn't women work as long as men? Population growth? People die too, don't forget. As there are in the UK. Campaigning for fairer conditions and equality of opportunity isn't exclusive to your beloved bloc. Have you considered that for a great number of people, zero-hours contracts are perfectly acceptable and suit their lifestyle choices? A recent survey reported that approx 66% of workers were unhappy with ZHC's, that leaves a sizeable minority for whom having a certain amount of employment freedom via ZHC's is actually preferable.
  5. Isn't Jewell due for release soon?
  6. Does the missus know what you're up to here?
  7. Unwarranted and unfunny.
  8. I really couldn't give a flying fuck about any "skeet" and your 'nudge-nudge wink-wink' drama is hilarious.
  9. Is 'anal retentive' hyphenated..?
  10. Geoff Cannell was ace. Incomparable.
  11. May the whole world be thankful...
  12. Have you got net curtains in your gaff dilli..?
  13. Well aren't you the lucky one...
  14. Oh-er! Sounds like a proper den of iniquity...
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