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  1. Nobody needs proof. Except you, obviously. This joke of a thread is no longer funny. For fuck's sake...
  2. Why is this image from the website upside down? Are they in Australia? And, what is the 'Thress peaks'? Amusing...
  3. "cunts in lycra" - makes for a great camel-toe...
  4. It failed. It lost money. Lots. Or do you know different?
  5. It is a bit of a trial eating it.
  6. I saw a loaf locked in a cage at the Wildlife Park and was told it was bread in captivity.
  7. On the face of it, it's a wind-up. Second hand humour.
  8. Aren't you over-egging it a tad here? Stuff like that is a one or two man enterprise working out of a converted garage or somesuch, a purpose-built extention at best. Can you give an example of, "all the negatives most other manufacturers experience here."
  9. It's a made to measure income stream for sponsorship, endorsements, etc. Not quite Premier league but a whole new, er, ball game. And women who spit. Who'd have thought
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