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  1. As a copper he couldn't find his back pocket.
  2. You really are the maddest poster on this forum by a long shot.
  3. quilp

    TT 2018

    Yes I know that. Sad stuff. I know this also. So every second was crucial, yes? The speed of that car was absolutely necessary because getting there 5 minutes or so later would've meant what, exactly? Presumably, the really important attendees to any accident, like fire and ambulance crews were already en route. If the race was red-flagged wouldn't the position of the debris be important to accident investigators and so preserved? The Marshall's were able to cope with rubber-necking, surely? Anyway, TT fans are respectful...
  4. quilp

    TT 2018

    The question may have already been asked but what was the specific urgency that warranted that particular car and its occupants to reach its destination so quickly? Did those occupants have any major, specific role in the immediate aftermath of the incident they were attending? Would a slower speed have been suffice and if so, might the collision have been avoided? Was that cars speed really necessary?
  5. quilp

    TT 2018

    More ice...
  6. quilp

    TT 2018

    Better delete your reproduction of gizo's post then, if you think it's dodgy.
  7. quilp

    TT 2018

    What is libellous or otherwise about that post, dilli? It's just an opinion, isn't it..?
  8. The first official report linking smoking, lung cancer and other harmful tobacco-related ailments was produced in 1912, confirming what many sensible people of the time had believed for decades. Murmurings about the health risks were heard from the mid 19th century. German research prior to world war 2 confirmed the health risks and from 1939-45, the Nazi party issued public health warnings against the perils of smoking. Hitler banned it from meetings and his 'table talks.' The science has been clear for centuries.
  9. It would be interesting to know how many locals are tempted to sign up to the Watchtower Society. Not many, I would imagine. It has a problem with retention of worshippers, with a growing number of its younger members becoming quickly disillusioned by the regime with many hundreds of cases of sexual and physical abuse and impropriety currently being pursued through the courts of many US states. It's worth remembering that globally, every day babies are born into 'dangerous' sects, and start their early lives in worship to some God or other as soon as they can form ideas. Jehova's Witnesses are a but another festering boil on the arsehole of religion.
  10. An appropriate deterrent is all that's required...
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