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  1. This is just your usual, pompous and doom-laden stance. Always assuming the worst without any notion that the UK will flourish, or that the bloc you're so in awe of will crumble in the years to come Give it up Corporal...
  2. They did indeed... Just to annoy Paranoid Pete...
  3. You can't be electrocuted if the power has failed. Just open the door between the carriages and say, "aa-ahhhh."
  4. He was a rare talent...
  5. My mate Colin Hinds succumbed to cancer and died earlier today. A local fella originally, who left the Island years ago to pursue a successful music career as a guitarist. He succeeded in playing for China Crisis, Eurythmics, Mike and the Mechanics, Toyah Wilcox, Paul Carrick and quite a few other top line bands. A man of endless talent and an inspiration for other muso's he played with. And a good man all round. Sorely missed... This is a track which he put together...
  6. A thin and watery gravy for most of us...
  7. That's news to me and my colleagues as it says on my pension forecast it's 66.8 years. How did you arrive at 60?
  8. quilp


    No loop the loop then..?
  9. quilp


    Anyone know if the gauge of HS2 is the same as European standard?
  10. Best not encourage them then, eh, woollster?
  11. I read them all- left, right and centre, to achieve a modicum of 'balance.'
  12. Oh well whatever, pedant. Sourced from the guardian- "leaving her 'stateless' her lawyers allege." Ok now?
  13. That's not what her lawyers allege.
  14. What a horrid, hateful and spite-filled git you REALLY REALLY are.
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