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  1. In an octopus's garden in the shade. Laughin my feckin arse off..!Very subliminal....
  2. Precisely why we need a fully independant and politically-impartial Ombudsman. At the same time, coronors have extensive powers. Consult the Citizens Advice...
  3. How can anyone congratulate this tea-leaf, ffs! "WELL DONE"(!!!!!!!!!!!!!)? FFS... And unless it was new money, which i very much doubt, there'll be no fingerprints.
  4. Spot on BB. Another fine example of political hypocracy.The cardinal needs a kick up the cassock.There aren't other examples of short-memory syndrome within the catholic church are there?
  5. A woman called Karen was on the show, moaning that people were rude and dismissive when doorstepped by candidates. Hardly surprising as most of the electorate, judging by the poor turnout(s), can't take Manx politics, or aspiring politicians, seriously. Are us Manxies setting a dangerous precedent by being apolitical(apathetic!) and just not bothering to make a considered vote? Little wonder we get the same recidivist's snorting at the trough. Maybe a little inducement, like er, 5 Woodbines and a bottle of stout would get the juices flowing....
  6. To add a bit of variation to the gene pool, perhaps. Ramsey and Foxdell next then!
  7. Today, at a government canteen, i didn't enjoy, dried-up processed turkey, iron-hard roasties, inedible veg and a tooth-cracking pig-in-blanket. Along with a can of pepsi the total cost for this rot was £4.35. The portions are abysmal and the service is less than adequate. One can only assume you moaning-fucks are jealous you aren't able to not enjoy this non-service like me.... What you don't know you'll make up! Burp....
  8. Oops, trying to work this i-phone and it's not working-out as planned. Knew i shouldnt've gambled on this model...
  9. Could you repeat the question? Or am l missing your point? Either way i'd say all gambling is either a turn of a card, spin of the wheel, luck of the draw, etc etc. Varying levels of chance and nothing more. BTW, my heroin addicted mate has successfully kicked his habit, for now at least, whereas the other remains hopelessly addicted to, er, chance. Still convinced he'll have that one big win and all will be sorted.
  10. what does that have to do with Pokerstars? Roulette and gambling on the horses is completley diffirent to poker That's like trying to say beer is safer than shorts- it's still the same drug. Rather a conflation i know, but you get my drift.I have a mate who's lost his house, family etc., through gambling and another whose vice was heroin, in the same boat. Neither could control their habit. Some of us need protecting from ourselves and this is more facillitation Dirty money as far as i'm concerned.
  11. Yeah, good article but not exactly shedding any new light on an old subject. Gambling's the new opium of the masses.More opportunity for misery made easy. Why just methodists, PL? Posters here rubbing their hands together over a new source of income should remember that all that glisters isn't gold.
  12. ...."It's not big and it's not clever”.Like a dwarf with learning difficulties?
  13. Yeah, 'Humanism' is a term i've always felt as rather vain and pompous. Rather like myself. 'Free-thinkers' is another loaded-term. Suggestive of one-eyed men in a kingdom of the blind. Still, definitely a date for the diary. It's free, i think....
  14. Do Davisons use full-fatwa milk?
  15. Initially, correct! Damn! How disarming.... Can't say blathered when i'm bladdered.
  16. We got fleeced all right, and we continue to be. Same man, same pub(gets around this guy) tells me the maintenance costs are set to soar because of poor work-standards and even poorer oversight of the initial construction. No clerk of works, apparently, someone who checks each phase of the development has acquired the desired standard. Probably considered un-necessary because good CoW's don't come cheap, just like most consultants. Seems like we're paying the price now though.... Why there isn't more howling going-on over the FoI act is beyond me. The longer this process is stalled, the longer the backroom boys have to tidy-up the house before opening-up the front door. Apathy rules on this rock. Us locals are anaesthetised by our relatively comfortable lifestyle and an aversion to instigate real and necessary change. Rant over, off to get bladdered(anaesthetised)...
  17. Haha. I remember nicking your stash from a certain pair of cowboy boots, put there so Poppy-bead wouldn't find it. Me and your bro called it 'stink-foot'.... Seriously though, the only way anyone can properly comment on drug-use is after experiencing the effects of imbibing them. It always winds me up when those who've no experience of dabbling quote like they wrote the book. There'll always be those that will and those that won't take drugs and that's why the so-called 'War on Drugs' will never be won. So some 'Blue Sky' thinking on current legislation is definitely necessary. Some of the financial-assistance given to the UK government and its anti-drug stance comes from the major brewers and distillers. Why would this be, one wonders? Pass me the boots, you cheekyboy....
  18. If this proposal goes ahead it can only be good news. Us lot over here have been subjected to price-fixing by our local retailers for far too long. Have any of the likes of Colebournes or Waltons really given local buyers opportunities to buy at discount, compared to Curry's, etc? No. If the MEA close their retail outlets because of decent competition then it's just too bad. They've all had a good run, made a few quid out of us and that will be that. Musical instrument retail needs a kick in the hoop too. Our local retailer there has had it too good also (sorry Kenneth) it's another monopolising shylock. Just sayin....
  19. quilp

    Budget 2012

    982 of you accoring to page 16 of the pink book http://www.gov.im/li...inkbook1213.pdf This is to simplify the tax system according to Singer - he said it is going to cause pain - and a windfall on those that get the maintenance (as they currently pay the tax). Will this cause problems in court and lead to a load of additional legal expenses to adjust contributions etc? Just to simplify the damn tax system? Yep! I had to represent myself. The mother on the other hand was able to enjoy unlimited legal aid. 'Tis a sad day for the 982. The government should expend more effort on chasing the fathers that don't pay. There are loads of them. I work with a couple of them who are proud they get away with denying their kids a better deal. These guys should be hounded for money and made to pay up for all the years they've dodged their parental obligations. Fuckers, boy oh boy am i ever crazy about this.
  20. quilp

    Budget 2012

    Tax relief on maintenance payments to be abolished. Along with the annual increases in line with the RPI, this will hit me hard. I pay £4500+ each year to my kids (who ignore me!) which also supports a mother (not married) who refuses to work and who is not pressurised by the DSS to find work. Grrrrrr, where's the fairness in that? Anyone else in this positon? Fuckers....
  21. quilp


    Eddie shows us the new, £2.8million 'Pancake defence shield', to stop people throwing money at him. As provided by the Uk agreement.
  22. Yes, where would we be without that? But i'd hazard a guess and say that the amount of locally-grown vegetables consumed on the island, for example, pales into insignificance when compared to the imported stuff. Shame really. I wonder whether we could produce the amount necessary if we were forced to provide for ourselves. In the old days,when i was a lad blah blah yawn.....
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