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  1. Does a parachute count as hand luggage, does anyone know..?
  2. JW, there's info on the building in Manx Notebook. I just googled 'masonic lodge in laxey' and there are a few links to peruse. Interesting stuff re the Oddfellows, Rechabites and Temperance societies activities during the Island's Victorian era on that site. (Teapots delight! )
  3. The WJS most likely stands for William J Stevenson for whom it was built in 1868. A quick scan of worshipful brothers, on 'Manx Notebook,' doesn't reveal whether WJS was a knuckle-rubber or not but it's highly likely. Has quite a history that building.
  4. The only reference to a Laxey lodge I can find refers to the North Star lodge, which was originally an Oddfellows lodge. No address given. Surprising the amount of lodges existing on the Island back then. Irish and Scottish rites.
  5. You can assume all you like. What would you expect them to do? In the extremely unlikely event of that happening I would expect a good deal of civil unrest. In fact, I would hope for it.
  6. quilp

    BBC IoM

    Is there not a certain smug and vain conceit in requoting ones own posts?
  7. quilp

    BBC IoM

    Yes. Don't you think so..? It does. Not just Saville, but Rolf Harris too. Stuart Hall., and others. The allegations of the BBC protecting their own date back to the early fifties. Their activities were well known for decades. Yet BBC management did nothing. You're famous for it...
  8. quilp

    BBC IoM

    Great contribution, well done!
  9. There's hope for the nation's young yet. From last night's QT...
  10. quilp


    Burning the catholic night probably going ahead Sunday (how apt) but as of now, it's still scheduled for this evening.
  11. Lol, I don't profess to have any answers.
  12. Odd question. So if one is fighting for one's cause, should consideration be given to one's opponent's idealistic reasons and 'freedoms' before or after you've blown his brains out?
  13. You seem to feel you have all the answers, why bother asking the question?
  14. quilp


    It's an age thing...
  15. I've had a picture of her on the mantlepiece for some time now. Keeps the kids away from the fire.
  16. Jack Dorsey, he of twitter, makes a bold move...
  17. If brains were a disease Turton would be in the best of health...
  18. Sir John Curtice has his finger on the pulse. Sure is an exciting time in politics...
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