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  1. Shame he can't be. The inimitable Hill Shepherd passed in an unusually silent and un-profane manner Monday last. Anyone who knew Bobby Christian would know that underneath all that rancouring bluster was an honest, family-oriented bloke with a heart of gold. RIP Bobbo...
  2. Part 2, section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986..?
  3. As long as Blair doesn't have a hand in it...
  4. Can't say I'm picking up on what it is you're trying to convey in your first paragraph. As a question it just seems a bit vague, and perhaps pointless. Maybe it was something May felt needed to be said. And she was correct in saying it. I'm sure you'd agree that such politically-powerful influences exist and perhaps she's attempting to spread the blame for the disgraceful performance of her government over Brexit to other, shadowy groups (left, right and centre and obviously from within her own government/party) intent on bringing it all down. It probably accounts for the procrastination and delay we've seen and the fact we've just passed the 3rd anniversary of the vote and the UK is still no further forward on deal or no deal. I agree almost entirely with your last paragraph. 'Elites' exist in all colours and persuasion whether they be Liberals, Tories, Socialists or Internationalists/Globalists, et al, dependent as you say, on their own world view and vested ideological interest. And they certainly can be a powerful and influential concern, as May is claiming, so they can't be ignored nor their existence denied. I can't help finding it funny that there have appeared in recent articles of various publications and online media, stories from people who claim they're proud to be (at least they perceive themselves as) one of the 'elite' and see nothing wrong with it. They usually consider their elitism and self-worth in terms of materialism, money; the product of their "drive" and "hard work." A bit like the fulsome yuppies of the 80's and almost diluting the definition.
  5. That author coined the term, "virtue-signalling" did he not?
  6. I read that very same article immediately following the inane suggestion by another poster that you and I refer to a 'liberal elite' "all the time." Don't know about you but the last time I expressed an opinion using that term was back in the American election thread. It's not about who or what is the 'Liberal Elite', the term describes a mindset. One that is impervious to contradictory opinion. That armour (borrowed-plumage) of self-regard and righteousness is Chobham-esque, emboldened by a barbed-wire of one-eyed, grandiose confirmation-bias. That's why it won't be read by those whom it accurately describes.
  7. Raab's exit was crucial for Boris. Rubbery Stewart, "coherent and lyrical" he may be, is probably Boris's only realistic contender. Gove wriggling like he's just sat on something wet. Hasn't a chance. Why does Hunt always look somewhat surprised? Sajid sounds like his heart's in it, I like him, he would give Rubbery a run for his money. Maitless needs to stop talking over the candidates so much and let them answer. Shame there's no women in it...
  8. Like three bald men fighting over a comb...
  9. quilp

    Onchan or not

    Two cheeks on the same arse...
  10. Taken from a drone, allegedly, equipped with night-vision. Possibly from 10,000 feet or more. What benefit a false flag operation? Do those nations really want to go to war? The Ayatollah's might want the escalation but I doubt very much the majority ot the Iranian people have the stomach for it, they've suffered enough via the sanctions imposed on them as a result of their supremacist leaders and the power struggles with the arabs, especially the Sauds. Nothing new there. Of course, it could've been that evil Mossad trying to stir things up. If anyone is going to bite it'll be the Israelis, they have the most to fear from a nuclear-capable Iran.
  11. quilp

    Manx Radio

    There isn't one, apparently. Do you not read previous posts? The organisers have spelt it that way for 45 years. My error.
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