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  1. Maybe that's what it's all about though? The quality and guaranteed professionalism in the delivery of service. That kind of 'society' wedding - the catering, the pizzazz and entertainment required for such a lavish event are enormous and varied, and given the numbers involved and their level of accommodation requirements, maybe it was just easier and less demanding to have it where all those services are on hand. Not trying to sound deliberately cynical here but could local businesses on the Island have hacked it? They'll have chosen a 5* venue with all the trimmings under one roof with a long-standing reputation to match. Imagine the miffedness bringing in services from the adjacent Isle. No one wants to pay more for less. Even rich jobs have their expenses limits. It's a pity they're not having it here but it's more likely down to convenience and assuredness. They probably (hopefully) still love this place and what's not to like, for them both, about the legal tax avoidance?
  2. and next xmas shoppers can all look forward to having 130 odd less spaces on the prom and the almost immediate end of free weekend parking in 3 of DBC's car parks. If they'd have allowed it to continue it would've meant an extra point-three percent on the rates. They'll probably extend the period of liability to 7pm from the inner harbour to the Palace, given time.
  3. Maybe they just love each other. Two successful people find they've a genuine attraction, beyond the physical and away from the upstarts, sophisticates and braggarts who permeate a certain level of society. Crabbery at its finest.
  4. quilp

    Rate reform

    Do the various tax-exempt cults pay rates on their churches?
  5. Oh buoy. After making waves and on a tide of controversy, land-lubber dilli throws his oar in and surfaces with a load of bilge. The swell of opinion gives a stern warning to those adrift, and not many hands agree with the cut of his jib but keeping an even keel and a steady hand on the tiller is difficult when one is all at sea. Lets hope he's becalmed, doesn't bow his head and sail off into the sunset, taking the idea on board rather than flounce away on a low ebb...
  6. Uh-oh, you've done it now woollster, it's 'Testing, Testing' for you laddie...
  7. Dilli's arguing about summat he really knows fuck all about - again.
  8. Is that a UFO in the Nagasaki image or a bit of your breakfast?
  9. Nothing to hide except true beneficial ownership.
  10. That's not the point though is it? It's about unprofessional and very sloppy reporting.
  11. Well done iomtoady for the swift edit!
  12. Nothing's changed. Which one is it, heroin or cocaine..?
  13. Vulnerable? Taking the piss, more like.
  14. Now THAT'S funny...
  15. Or the taxpayer for that matter.
  16. A Hungarian cat? Far out man Paws for thought.
  17. quilp


    Did you then wake up with your face in your Cornflakes..?
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