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  1. He should shave that bumfluff off if he really wants to set an example. No seal there if he's wearing masks...
  2. Dr. Martin 'Top' Rankin isn't so sure.
  3. Netflix or Amazon Prime on in one room, Mrs Q working from home, me on this bloody forum... Not once has there been a pause, latency or buffering.
  4. It didn't help the uk that 100,000 people attended the Cheltenham festival, or the Liverpool match with 5000 imported Spanish supporters. The well-attended funerals of various denominations in Birmingham, London and Bristol. Some band (the name escapes me) concert. Or, well, do a search of where the spikes and clusters have occurred. It's hardly coincidence. Imagine where we might've been after TT, or our usual annual festivals.
  5. What a nice post there Bob. Nowt weird about it whatsoever. I'm exactly the same with my son, and daughter, including the familiar smell bit. Daughter works for the Co-op, although that company seems to have all possible precautions in place I'm still losing some sleep over her. The boy is pretty stoical about the present situation, he too is observing the rules but it's our job to ponder over their safety and the 'clear and present danger' the current situation presents. It's called love and belonging. Stay safe yessir.
  6. Scots is a nationality not a race.
  7. It's a difficult one, to be sure. There has to be an element of trust that workers would have the will to do the right thing but I think that if a co-worker suspected they were working with a colleague who was symptomatic, such is the paranoia about the danger surrounding CV19 they'd be wise enough to approach management and voice their fears. One would hope so. Would paracetamol be sufficiently efficacious to lower body temp given the severity of CV infection?
  8. https://www.endocrineweb.com/conditions/obesity/covid-19-obesity This is a pertinent and well-researched article methinks, considering over half our local population are as such.
  9. Give it a rest Dilli. Alcohol and emotionality. It's obvious and tiresome...
  10. We can only hope that whoever is in charge of their returning workers keep a close eye on those they suspect may be covering up any symptoms and ensures distancing. Daily temp readings and such. Management have a duty of care under law.
  11. Some people are desperate and need those ££££'s. It's their choice and not for you to lecture them. You have a choice to isolate for as long as you think it's safe. If a second wave happens we'll/they'll have learned the hard way and the Island will be locked-down once more. Let's hope it not a rinse and repeat situation. Thanks for that post wrighty...
  12. I don't think anyone is being inconsiderate of the emotional cost to the bereaved. Unfortunately, taken in the round, those who have died are statistics, this is unavoidable but it does not detract from the loss of a loved-one and I'm sure most people feel for those who have. Very few of us are that hard-hearted, I would hope.
  13. You're over-dramatising. Those who don't feel safe about returning to work will have a choice, nobody is being forced into some sort of firing-line at the front. Personally, with my co-morbidities I'm looking to the end of June before I'll give it consideration.
  14. This "many more to come." You're referring to more possible deaths at Abbotswood, I presume, and not in the public domain. Unfortunately, it's quite probable though the sickest residents have wisely been transferred to Nobles and hopefully some will pull through. But for now, the recent spike of deaths have all been residents of the home and an exceptional case. The point in question is the risk to workers returning to their workplace. IoM government seem to think it's worth the perceived risk, and the danger has possibly lessened, as long as precautions are followed. It is a gamble, a tentative move to restoring some normalcy. At what point it would be safe for all is anyone's guess.
  15. @Kopek I don't believe for one minute you listened to that broadcast all the way through. If I remember correctly, the question was posed by the guy from Energy, in the very last few minutes. Edited to add: The podcast will be up for review tomorrow.
  16. Because of the cluster. It seems you're failing to understand the circumstances of that isolated blip.
  17. "They" are hardly saying it's safe to "ease off." That wasn't the message I got anyway. Something was obviously amiss at Abbotswood and maybe the distancing and isolation rules weren't acted upon soon enough. Who knows, maybe there'll be an inquiry in time. Clusters occur, as with most of the yearly viruses. The workforce isn't returning in "droves" either, it is partial returns to some trades and services. The figures would suggest the death toll isn't "rising fast" if anything, it has stabilised, with Abbotswood being up to now an exception. Did you actually listen to the broadcast? Not one of them suggested it was "safe" the emphasis actually was on maintaining caution and there'll be a monitored progression of workers returning to their jobs where the risk is considered lower within certain environments. As I said earlier, there's another epidemic at large, that is people only hearing what they want to hear and what they don't know they'll make up.
  18. The broadcast is still available, have another listen to Quayle's response.
  19. Proves that people are only hearing what they wanna hear.
  20. So who's in the wrong here? If people have misinterpreted what was said, deliberately or otherwise then who's fault is it?
  21. Kopek must've missed the email address given for just that occurrence.
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/22/french-study-suggests-smokers-at-lower-risk-of-getting-coronavirus Gizza fag...
  23. Cant remember who asked the question about it but the return to work for those lads apparently depends on the company's insurers. Howard said talks were in progress and yet to be clarified.
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