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  1. The cuts to the LFB were mooted in 2009, as savings of £150m needed to be made to their funding. The closures were decided ultimately between London Fire Commissioner, Ron- "we welcomed the review into our services"- Dobson, and Boris. Make of that what you will...
  2. So there isn't a "democracy deficit" on this Island then? Andrew Rosindell appears to think so. As do I. If it meant a less one-sided oversight of Manx political management, what would be wrong with that?
  3. quilp

    Manx Radio

    Lol, it was a hard choice.
  4. quilp

    Manx Radio

    Nice one Chris...
  5. Yes, the average voter being either "leave and (or) remain" obviously poles apart but equally pissed off with the exhaustive process.
  6. Many things on a cold and early winter's morning when it wouldn't start.
  7. What were the outstanding differences? I believe that the average voter, leave and remain probably wouldn't be able to tell, nor care by now; so bored are they of the whole affair they only long to see it dealt with, once (twice, three times) and for all. Now we have this mantra of "Get Brexit Done!" that really doesn't define which version of brexit will be done as long as it looks like we're in the end game. So you keep reiterating and again I wonder how you're so confident that it will be the case. And if it is the outcome I also wonder which sections of society might feel affected the most. No doubt, brexit is also a class issue.
  8. Unrelated image but for nostalgia's sake...
  9. The cynicism and scepticism are understandable but gauging the effects of brexit on a scale of how 'hurtful' it will be is an exaggeration. We Brits are a resourceful lot. Where there's a will there's a way. It'll be swings and roundabouts, as has been said many times on here. Time is the key. The refreshing thing about it all is that it's changing the face of stagnated politics in this country forever.
  10. The "suck don't blow!" cartoon had genuine artistic merit.
  11. You should do it in a Santa outfit fella...
  12. Political hot-potato...
  13. One person, not people. He called me a clown, did you miss that? 'nuff said...
  14. Tell me what insights there are to be gleaned? Someone posts something that isn't true, I take them to task for it, simple. You do it. We all do it. Why single me out?
  15. Oh I see, I'm the instigator hey?
  16. Maybe it'll get leeked...
  17. quilp

    Stop the pigeon

    In government?
  18. For drama, you said KC sacrificed his long-standing career when in fact he was leaving anyway. This was a deliberate untruth to gain effect.
  19. What was wrong with that post dilli? Why sad?
  20. What you picked him for wasn't true, you know, the sacrificial inference. Had JW not cleared it up you might've gotten away with another hysterical claim. This doesn't make sense. Who's the "we"? And why shouldn't Labour leavers vote with their conscience? It's a free vote isn't it? More democracy: that's what everyone seems to want. Now you've got it you don't seem to want it. It'll be the Guardian giving you the reflux...
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