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  1. Been listening to Brand X since they appeared on the scene. Phil Collins was part of the original line-up, keeping his hand in while Genesis weren't recording or touring. Some complicated time signatures used. All accomplished muso's... Percy Jones, one of the best bassists of his time.
  2. Has the Enigma got previous for picking on people and calling them names?
  3. Almost as controversial as conflating the concept of 'muslim' with race...
  4. And they still get paid for it.
  5. Nah, my opinion remains the same. There'll be turmoil for a while, granted, but trade won't stop, deals will be done in a 'swings-and-roundabout' fashion. Change is inevitable. 2 years from now we'll look back and wonder what all the hysteria, fuss and bluster was about. And I still contend that the bloc won't exist, in its present form, in 5 years time. We'll see...
  6. Dear god and little fishes...
  7. Can't see how you can say this as a certainty. Is it a farcebook conclusion? What is it that makes the many so unhappy?
  8. Only if you bring your own belfry...
  9. It's on the ITV hub, you have to sign in but it takes no time at all. Deffo worth a watch, a proper theatre of the absurd. Surprisingly, the 30 minutes flew by. Can't wait for the next instalment...
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