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  1. More drippy dhimmitude. So according to you, Islamophobia is the causes behind the attacks and the injuries and deaths of innocents is only the natural reaction of an oppressed ideology. So we only have ourselves to blame, right?
  2. Christian suicide bombers targeting innocents? Killing in the name of Jesus? In this day and age? Is this really the time for moral equivalency?
  3. Sense of proportion? Jihad stabbings have a completely different motivation. More ridiculous, last resort equivalency.
  4. I did meet a lonely goatherd who showed me a few of my favourite things...
  5. quilp


    How so? In what way will they be worse hit? Specifically...
  6. Well obviously many thousands of ordinary citizens decided it worth celebrating, out of relief that something at last was actually underway as much as nationalist pride. I suspect there are remainers who felt something along these lines also but too anal to show it. The "taking back control" meme is overplayed and premature, but it was never going to be instantly effective. The concept is also part of the transition. How much control is taken back will become apparent as time passes. Who knows? Whether more celebrations take place on December 31st remains to be seen. It'll surely be performance related. The UK can only hope that as that deadline nears, favourable trading arrangements for all have been delivered, and especially, the societal divisions created by Brexit may've healed somewhat. A grudging acceptance by wounded, ardent remainers might be a good place to start.
  7. How many of our great and good, past and present, been landowners?
  8. quilp


    What is it that you know then? Something others don't? It's a transition period ahead and all cards are on the table. What makes it surely a "disaster?"
  9. I was going on sixteenth now going on the seventeenth...
  10. I see the efforts to denigrate the integrity of leave voters and make them feel guilty about their optimism continues unabated.
  11. quilp


    Baron Boot hobnails it. Unfaltering in the face of the almost Paxmanesque grilling from renowned local journalist, John Moss. Twice a week his department are in contact with DEFRA, ensuring this nation's interests are best served. What more could we ask for?
  12. quilp


    All is not lost, we have the guiding hands of the Quayle administration which, with its professionalism and long-sighted preparedness will be our rock. Its unstinting efforts in ensuring this Island's, and its people, a future of continuing prosperity should make us all sleep soundly in our beds...
  13. 'Hairynads' a Durham lad commented... "Would love to visit the Isle of Man but ferry prices are daft."
  14. Did you even bother to read my post? There are two work colleagues of mine, both earning £20k+ and living in subsidised council houses who think it marvellous that they've gotten away with NOT supporting their offspring, financially or otherwise. Even though a court order exists against one of them. How they're allowed to get away with this is beyond me. They should be forced to cough up and take responsibility. A manx equivalent of the CSA wouldn't go amiss.
  15. Maybe you should reserve some ire for a system that allows feckless fathers to absolve themselves of responsibility...
  16. Let's hope it wasn't "Mohammed from Ramsey..."
  17. And so do I... What riles me is that this trans ideology is forced upon the population and if you don't comply you're labelled as a hater. Oh fuck off..
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