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  1. What ! you mean you don't know ? I thought you would be the first person to give him a ring Better still, keep it face to face, you never know who's listening Can't say any more, hush hush & all that Walls have ears I found one in my meat pie think your barking up the wrong tree dont no the man cheeky boy, if i knew what went on in the appeal i would not be wasting my time asking again on here
  2. well did you go a head with your appeal and if so what was the out come did you get done up like a kipper again ?
  3. it will be intresting to see what the goverment can come up with if the appeal does go a head ....what rabbits they can pull out of that or in there case red herrings
  4. So, elections in Greece tomorrow which may bring down the euro and plunge the EU into ten years of poverty Civil war and genocide in Syria Prince Philp's bladder recovers The Olympics.........etc. etc......................... Sure, the UK press are interested in this saga well did they are did they not take a interest it to the langness debate or was that because jeremy was involved ...i no this is no front page topic like stated above but still they might take interest to a bent goverment making up rules as they go a long as i think it will be a good read..as is this topic of 15 pages long and still growing ...like i stated i was only asking if this was true and i think i have your answer on it. it would be great to here what homarus has to say !!!
  5. well homarus, are the rumours true that the english press/media have taking an interest in to this on going saga ???
  6. whats the latest on this topic just gone quite or is everyone waiting for the court case
  7. homarus after the court case !!!!
  8. http://dai.ly/INaPjL http://dai.ly/INaPjL
  9. who you going to call the manx game fishers aka the secret river watches/ baliffs well you wont find any down the nunnery unless they have very good hiding places ...bit like yourself hey humarus !!!!
  10. first flood of the fishing season,and as this is what the salmon and sea trout like and being up to date on this topic, i thought i would take a stroll down the public footpaths of the nunnery just to see if i could see any of the manx game club gents stood there rod in hand in these perfect conditions...well to my amazment there was not a single soul mmm very strange to me ...so of i go over the boundry of pulrose bridge to the 93% land where we can only be trusted to find 5 fishing ....so why do they lease these places and not use them stupid if you ask me. and i can bet my last penny that those 5 would of been down there in a shot if allowed to enjoy a good days fishing .just dont see the point in this so called club all its doing is stoping a man from a good days enjoyment and fishing .
  11. Good th see the w*****s have got the fishing rights to the nunnery yet again and for many years to come ...what another good stunt pulled by the manx game club . glad to see the season is finally here for the 93% of us that are stil getting shafted well atleast some of the money can go towards the cost of this case!!!! well to the 93% of please feel free to head down to pulrose flat and get some use out of the licence as there is loads of places to fish and there is plenty of room if your casting is not great...all u have to do is just turn up and thank the manx goverment for providing such a vast amount of water ....good luck
  12. what is the latest information on this topic ? who now is currently in owner ship of the land and befor i buy a licence can a valid govement licence be used to fish on goverment land as from next year likes of the nunnery
  13. why should people who have a goverment licence not be allowed to fish on goverment land what rite have they got to rent out land which the tax payer pays to mentain there are many places to fish on the island but not in douglas because of this so called fishing club striking up deals .
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