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  1. I look forward to the apology, cos your post contains a lot of horseshit. I'm not doubting there may be some 'non-local' peeps up at the College on training courses, in fact I would be surprised if there wasn't quite a number. However, there is a world of difference between attending training either at your own or your employers expense and being one of those selected for an 'apprentice' training position. (i.e. fully supported by Government). It may well be that there are some migrant workers who need certain top up training / qualifications etc. I look forward to your evidence that these people are 'apprentices.' Genuinely, if you can prove to me that an apprentice place was awarded to a Pole over a 'local', I will eat my preverbial hat. In referecne to the mature / school leaver point. To be an apprentice you need an employer (you won't get the qualification otherwise). If employers have a preferecne then that will influence the demographics at College. Not much they can do about that. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a slight leaning to those with more experience. Certainly a tricky one. Can you get a WP for a trainee position? That would be a way round it. Or more than likely they are applied for as some form of general worker / labourer and the employer will take a chance. I guess there will always be a need for short term migrant labour when there is certain peaks of demand. The College provision for the apprentice type training needs to provide a sustainable model, to try and ensure that the investment made is worthwhile and that once qualified there is realistic chance of gainful employment. Regarding the equine excrement; I agree. People always assume the worst when non-locals are involved. Post AFTER you have the facts, not when you have a rumour. The Governments stated position (which is technically at odds with the EU/British legislation, but don't get me started on the EU...) regarding education is to ALWAYS favour Manx applicants (given equal qualifications), the same as with employment. I don't expect this 'story' will be hitting the front page of the Examiner any time soon...
  2. That was one of the funniest posts I've ever read, although I'm sure it wasn't meant to be. Thank you for making me literally LOL. I especially liked the line: 'been 5 years since i payed cash 4 a jewspaper i will never pay for false info. bbc is a goverment tv station that tryed to back up the usa goverments take on 911 and failed in my opinion.' My question is was the Jewspaper a spelling mistake, or an intentional attack on jews 'controlling the media!!!', or a jungian slip? I hope it's the latter, as that makes it even more funny... Oh, and I hate to break it to you but the BBC is NOT a 'government TV station' in any shape or form, have you ever actually watched ANY BBC reportage/news/documentaries? The BBC is independent of government control; remember the Falklands, when Thatcher went mad after the BBC news used to say things like '...the British Government claims...'. Anyway, thanks for the diversion into your land of mis-spelled insanity. (please ignore any spelling mistakes in this post, they are clearly intentional so shut it)
  3. 'and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.' Hence the popularity of conspiracy theories. Thank you for proving my point. And if you're going to quote a mass-murdering fuckhead, at least quote one with some folksy psychological insight. Like Charles Manson, perhaps... 'Look down on me, you will see a fool. Look up at me, you will see your Lord. Look straight at me, you will see yourself.' Anyone who sees the likes of Alex Jones as their Lord has got some serious issues.
  4. A frightingly detailed analysis (slaps forehead, shouting 'of course'). And it's 'organised' - you damn yankee. _ Yes, my analysis was frighteningly detailed, however I kept it internal as I can't be arsed typing to you poor blind fools. Basic rule: conspiracies don't work. The bigger the supposed conspiracy, the less likely it is to remain secret. People always talk, and guess what? Not a single person has come forward from the US govt saying they were involved. Not one. Out of the hundreds or thousands who would know about such a conspiracy. Not a SINGLE deathbed confession from someone worrying that they were going to burn in hell for killing 3000 people. No anonymous letters containing genuine evidence from guilt-ridden neocons or special-ops cyber-ninjas. In fact, no evidence of any kind that would stand up in court, or in fact stand up to a few minutes of logical scrutiny. What a shock. Instead we have half a dozen websites devoted to discussing the 'scientific theory' that the planes entering the WTC were holographic projections around cruise missiles. hologram theory People want to believe that it was their own government because it's more comforting than believing a bunch of brainwashed nutjobs could outwit that same govt. It's down to simple psychology, not complex conspiracy. Now stop worrying about it all and read a good book. Not THE Good Book, obviously. Something sensible. Oh, and NASA did actually go to the moon, and NO they didn't see any aliens there.
  5. Anyone who believes the US govt organized 9/11 really is a Tool. Just use your common sense. And a razor. Occam's is a good brand. nutters + poor security = 9/11
  6. Brand new Nintendo Wii, unopened, delivered from Amazon today. Check the amazon site for more details on the package. They are selling for £350 - £400 on eBay at the moment. £300 cash and it's yours, pickup in Douglas. THIS OFFER ENDS IN 5 DAYS (17th December) NO OFFERS, IT'S £300. Product Features Includes Wii Sports (bowling, boxing, baseball, tennis and golf) Also includes: one wireless Wii Remote and one Nunchuk Plays two disc formats in a single, self-loading media bay Features a processing chip from IBM and a graphics chip from ATI Completely backward compatible, all the way to the NES of the 1980s Built-in Wi-Fi access for easy connection to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gaming service Wii Channel for news, weather, photo viewing, message boards and more THIS HAS NOW BEEN SOLD
  7. but how do you really feel? get in the hole you fucking cunt? are you pronouncing that 'fookin' or 'fahkin' ? I bet you wouldn't speak that way to Tony Newley. This bloke etc etc...
  8. LurkerBoy

    I Need A Wii!

    Feh, that sucks arse. Why buy one if you didn't want it other than to make a quick bit of cash at some poor guys expense. That was exactly the reason. 15 mins of work clicking Add to Basket / refresh on Amazon. I didn't want to do it, the capitalist system forced me to exploit it. Lets face it the people who are buying these for £300-£400 on eBay are not poor kids forced into drug dealing or prostitution to get a games console. Most kids would have got their pre-orders in months or weeks in advance. Punters paying over the odds are going to be people with too much money and not enough sense. Middle-class bankers spring to mind. At least I only bought one of them and not a dozen. That would have been taking the Wii.
  9. I necromanced it, if necromanced is a real word. My apologises.
  10. So how many of you filthy beasts saw yourselves through to ‘completion’ while reading that? Not that I did. Clearly. 'manipulating my mammaries' indeed....
  11. LurkerBoy

    I Need A Wii!

    Bauer I got one, I should be getting it from Amazon on Tue/Wed. Let me know your best offer - cash, clearly. I am scoutin around for a buyer at the mo.
  12. I got one too, at 3.15. The question is just how many did they have up for sale? I mean what are the chances of two of us from these forums getting this 'very limited' stock? I think they must have had thousands available rather than hundreds. Anyway, mine is purely for reselling purposes, so I'm open to offers....it'll be going up on eBay next Tuesday otherwise! wot a mercenary bastard I am
  13. Seriously, why on earth would anyone in their right mind run any sort of business over a free email service? Utter madness. Mainly because I'm tight. And it used to work fine, in the olden days. Actually, what non-free email is there that you could recommend (apart from Manxnet e-Biz or whatever, assuming they have a seperate server for that)?
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