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  1. Same question can be asked for the the united kingdom? Is the US President Menatally capable for the task in hand? His train of though seems to desert him with alarming frequency.
  2. What's been lost could have been a real asset for Manx Tourism. What was lost could have featured on Channel 5s Scenic Railway Journeys, showcasing the Isle Of Man to an international audience. Port Erin - Ramsey via Douglas & St John's. Ramsey to Snaefell Summit via Laxey would be up there with the best Railway Journeys in the World. Douglas to Peel would be an attraction now, of course, and would allow a Commuter Service to operate to all the Major towns and City if Government ever want to do so.
  3. Thought some of the members might be interested in a new campaign to re-open the Douglas to Peel Railway. IoM Newspapers have already covered it the campaign. If your interested in signing, you can find the petition here and keep up to date at Twitter and Facebook. Kippers by Rail anyone?
  4. Seen it, pretty funny. Though since when was the Great Nation of Mann run by a mayor?
  5. AFAIK, we make quite a few quid from these issues, so maybe I am missing your point here. Well they're releasing 20,000 £5 coins into circulation that we probably don't need, and it's just a faff keeping the current round pound coins vs the UK new design. My opinion of course! Your opinion is of course complete rubbish. The uk can make its pound coins whichever shape it wants. The Isle Of Man doesn't have to blindly follow the uk. If we want round pound coins, we will have them. If you want british coins, there will be a boat in the morning.
  6. The obvious solution is to stop accepting foreign currency. If we simply don't accept british coins, how the hell can we be inundated with fakes?
  7. So you would rather be lorded over by the idiots across? Are you seriously telling me they have a higher calibre of politician? Boris Johnson is their foreign affairs minister! Let's get our independence, and have Tynwald as our sovereign parliament. I didn't say that I'd 'rather be lorded over by the idiots across', you clearly didn't read my post properly. True, but you did say you thought total independence for Mann was a "really bad idea". So what is the alternative? Being lorded over by the british. Let's push for our independence. Tynwald will have little choice if the Manx people are on the streets of Douglas, demanding our voices be heard and our sovereignty returned.
  8. So you would rather be lorded over by the idiots across? Are you seriously telling me they have a higher calibre of politician? Boris Johnson is their foreign affairs minister! Let's get our independence, and have Tynwald as our sovereign parliament.
  9. Time to take back OUR sovereignty. Fuck the Lord Of Mann. Time for a sovereign Tynwald able to negotiate our own trade deals and international relations.
  10. If the uk want to change their £1 coins, fine, but I think they should not be accepted tender on Mann. I think Mann should change to only acceding Manx coins and notes.
  11. No, no we wouldn't. The capital needed to do decent production would be more than most people across here could afford. What I object to is the fact that my license fee now goes to pay for Manx Radio. Rather than slyly transferring the annually rebated funds to them they should have negotiated a drop in our license fee. Yes we could. 35,599 households, with a £135 license fee would get the Manx Broadcaster £4,805,865. That plus private funding from the companies involved, plus advertising revenue would get plenty to produce programming and buy licenses to show other tv programmes. The bbc is hardly world class programming, and to be honest I rarely watch it. Get a Manx network and get jobs in our economy.
  12. Tell them to leave then and stop charging Manx people to fund foreign tv. Charge a Manx Charge and start our own TV Service. Get Manx Radio, MTTV, 3FM, Energy FM involved and we could have some quality content.
  13. No. Is this really a serious suggestion? Any such deal would likely be reciprocal, and as such the pensioners over on holiday would contribute no revenue to Isle Of Man Transport. Everyone complains about Isle Of Man Transport making a loss, but they provide many social services for the Manx people. Not for foreign tourists.
  14. The problem is that for some, the Railways are not a novelty day out. Some areas are better connected by Rail than by Bus. Groudle, for example, is better connected by the Rail network.
  15. Why celebrate it anyway? Its a british holiday, nothing to do with us. It's hilarious to see the comeovers importing their customs, whilst getting all worked up about immigration and the destruction of their culture back home.
  16. I'm pretty sure Skelly has board level experience. Wasn't he also a consultant before entering the Keys? I believe he has also ran businesses in the USA, and has represented the Isle Of Man abroad as DED Minister. This all clearly makes him the best qualified for the job of leading the country to full Sovereignty.
  17. Skelly as CM, and if Mannin needs a Foreign Affairs Minister they would have to be selected from a Member of Tynwald. I'd suggest Geoff Corkish MLC Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  18. Answers 1. Fast Craft are essential if you want frequency of daytime sailings. Two daytime sailings to Liverpool from Douglas are only possible due to Manannan. They are also essential for the continued success and growth of the TT and FoM. Manannan can operate three daily departures from the uk/Ireland during the events. 2. Douglas would be sufficient I imagine. Peel is no longer necessary during adverse weather, and modern vessels have outgrown Castletown and Ramsey. 3. What more can they do? The UA has ensured the Isle Of Man has one of the best non-subsidised ferry services in the world. Guaranteed service levels, standard fare caps, special offer fares and investment requirements. The IoMSPC is profitable, with manageable debt levels. 4. No. Overnight sailings are only really viable when carrying freight. Most freight is carried to Douglas, so the overnight sailing must operate from the uk. 5. No, not regularly. Unless there are massive changes to circumstances, Holyhead is only being evaluated as a backup port.
  19. I smell a hell of a lot of bullshit coming from the expats, in a last ditch attempt to make the Manx believe they need the british to survive. It's quite pathetic really. I'm struggling to name a country which has cut its links with the uk desperate to get back in because they can't survive without british wisdom! Malta is smaller than Mann, though does have a larger population. But they are an good example of what a Sovereign Mann would look like, ideally a republic.
  20. No, the english masquerading as Manx are proud to be british. The true Manx want full sovereignty and Manx Citizenship by the next Elections.
  21. Full sovereignty is the only solution. We don't need those idiots across the water, and smaller countries than Mannin have full independence.
  22. And costing the tax payer substantial funds to support it. Maybe so, but they could teach our lot a thing or two when they can turn these things around in less than ten minutes. Both your last posts were, to be frank, nonsense. CalMac have only one vessel larger than Manannan, and none larger than the Ben. Vessels turned around in 10 Mins are the small Loch Class Vessels (10/15 Cars). Major units have 30/45 Minute turnarounds. Comparable with the IoMSP. Manannan can be turned around in 60 Minutes, carrying more vehicles and pax than most of CalMacs Major Units. Obviously the Ben takes longer to turn around as she carries more freight than any CalMac vessel is capable of. I wish people would look up the facts before posting rubbish on here, attempting to criticise the IOMSP for providing a year round, unsibsidised service to the Isle Of Man.
  23. The UK has no obligation to take you in. I note that so very few on the Island even appreciate just how diversified and internally self-governing the various members of the UK have become in recent years. The move is towards making more regions like the Isle of Man. The UK is fragmenting. No one seems to have noticed that not only has London become almost like a city state in itself but that the area of Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk/Cambridge are moving towards self-governing regions with a particular emphasis on taxation policies and economic management designed to encourage investment and employment. I heard that an area centered on Southmapton and the Isle of Wight is to become a more self-governing "Solent region"...Then there is the special area known as the "Thames Gateway"... Down on my manor the County Council is demanding the revenues from Stansted Airport amongst other things by way of more self-governmenmt... And remember you did ask for and were granted for the Island an International Identity Document setting you and the UK apart just about as far as you could go without actually declaring UDI...and like mugs you went along with it! You gave them exactly what they wanted and conned yourselves into thinking that you were making progress... Oh buger off Barrie. The Isle Of Man is a country, not a region. Setting ourselves apart from the UK is exactly what we should be doing. The Island needs an international identity, the uk is not interested in protecting or enhancing our image. Despite, laughably, being responsible for our foreign affairs. Mannin should now take the next step of becoming a Sovereign State, preferably a republic.
  24. It's unlikely that Gawne actually wants to be Chief Minister. Only Quayle has said he would stand, Skelly has said his priority is retaining his seat in the National Elections. Of the current MHKs/CoMin I'd most like to see CM Gawne. However, as that is unlikely, my favourite for the job is Skelly. He has Ministerial experience in one of the biggest Departments, and in that role, has experience of international relations. He also knows that times are changing, and that Mann must too. Mannin must find their place in the new Europe, or perish. Skelly will leads us to Sovereign Rebublicanism, able to negotiate our own future.
  25. Bell was elected to be a REPRESENTSTIVE, not a "leader". We're not sheep. We're a parliamentary democracy. Our head of state is HM Queen Elizabeth II and her Prime Minister Theresa May has the powers of Royal Prerogative including our foreign policy. Although I personally think it's a bit of nitpicking and wouldn't start a thread like this myself (the mass murder by Muslim terrorism is far more important), it's very true that Bell is not a leader, and lesser still is he a world leader. You're not a sheep, but you seem happy to follow an unelected inbred as your Head Of State and her unelected prime minister. Good one!
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