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  1. Its all fake been through this before on here and facebook!! Must of been a good year ago now!!
  2. Well what car is it?? Age, modle??
  3. Good or bad idea??? Also how long before the close it for the first accident?? About 15mins last year i think!?!?
  4. What cars would you say are amazing on the island you see often??
  5. Ace guys, all cars of any age and style welcome, bringing the islands car community together! Join the group http://www.facebook.com/groups/163302880465204/
  6. Yeah hoping too, started a new group on FB to try and rebuild the car culture on the island, with a potential all day event in august if we can get the numbers up. Also holding a photo shoot at the back of the grandstand on monday
  7. I think we may of kinda met then did you have a white x-trail
  8. What do you meen by that the only thing i know ice stands for in car terms is in car entertainment lol. So dont get your joke sorry. Also what car do you have?? A nissan leaf?
  9. Are you interested in classic cars/modified cars or just motorsport in general?? I want to know and hear from you all please
  10. They did that last year before the TT
  11. I love the taste of the tap water down the south of the island. My mrs lives just outside london atm and the water is horrid down there, it has acturally damaged her hair!! Never had that problem here, she had to have a filter fitted to the shower.
  12. Its a type of protein found in wheat it helps things to bind together. You can get special gluten free ones from sainsburys!!
  13. I do that now but after the joys of the usa and the uk its kinda shit back here. Man i miss sausage rolls!! Can get them in the uk not here
  14. Man up he says!! I have had a ft of intestine removed due to my crohn's disease. knob!!!
  15. Dont feel sorry for my self at all coped for 3years!! but after spending a lot of time in the uk and the usa recently i discovered how behind the times with things like this the island is.
  16. The lack of wheat anf gluten free foods in the iom is disgusting!! It makes going out anywhere for the day a pain in the ass if you get hungry out and about as you cant pop into the shop and get a sandwich!! There are no restaurants that i have found that do specialist gluten free options, dont get me started on the lack of food products available in shopshite and tesco!!
  17. Hahaha ding dong ditch wtf hahaha thought it was knock door run!!! Must be getting old
  18. Car sold thanks to this!! Cheers guys hahaha
  19. I didnt go out yesterday not that far!! I was working most of the morning down south then walked the dog down port erin beach at lunch time.......
  20. Where is the search bar on MF mobile???
  21. Dont think "i'm a bit smart" like you say i am new on here so whats wrong with me finding out what ppl think?? I came accross this problem today and its fresh in mind. Also if its done to death howcome i cant find it?? Maybe they need to put a search bar for mobile.
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