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  1. I don't have a problem with cyclist at tall i love to nip to the shops on mine on a sunny day!!! My only problem is when you get them groups of wollys in skin tight colourful clothing, riding side by side taking up the whole side of the road and not getting in single file when a vehicle approaches!! I have seen some dangerous manouvers of ppl trying to get past!!
  2. Should horse riders have to clean up the mess their horses leave on the roads beaches and paths just the same as dog owners???
  3. I'm sure we can work something out
  4. Hmmmn...........granted today when going accross the gansey today the pro shovel leaners had the warning signs up!!!! I thing they may of read the the above and that they were at fault. So there is another leason learned :)
  5. I always show respect to bikes as bing a rider my self if you ever come up behind me on your bike a i will get over to the left as far as i can slow down and let you pass. i also do the same at traffic lights!!
  6. I ride a bike has well......
  7. No i dont have his details only the number, only wanted to scare him off but after the advice of a few PM its in the hands of the police
  8. To be fair dude making the threats like the one i have it wont matter.....
  9. Who me or the guy!? I just thought i would give the guy a chance to realise what he is doing and stop before informing the police and also scare him a little as they are the last numbers of his mobile number.
  10. Sorry guys but who ever it is thats been ringing me on private number and shouting hope you crash your car and other things kindly stop. if it continues i will be calling the police as i recorded the last call you made mr number ending 994
  11. Anyway guys im going to get on with the rest of my life and enjoy myself doing so
  12. At no point was i here to big myself up just to justifie the OP comments with an answer...........I'm not in retreat as you have said, just seems pointless in continuing commenting on this thread................I am sure alot of people will agree with this decision.
  13. I have slowed down since the above!! Also taking on some advice from JW. One thing with the car overtaking people do not leave the space and sometimes when there is the space the guy in front see's you doing so then speeds up making any gap impossable to move into making everything more dangerous and forcing you to make these larger overtakes.
  14. Thats all he has in life man i'm just going to leave him to it, he is constantly making himself look like a pleb...........
  15. Also guys i went past the guys at about 50mph and had slowed down a fair amount but would of been impossable to slow to 20mph in the space of time, i have a loud car which makes it apear faster than it is by the sound it maked. Also at no point have i said i dive at my limits on the roads its not something i would do hence why i am a regular up at duke trackdays i save driving like a loon for the track not the road
  16. Yeah dude been a full member of the IAM for nearly 3 years
  17. And on an even better note got a guy coming to have a look today after seeing it on here!!! CHEERS GUYS looks like i will be getting my 340bhp after all!!!!
  18. Also what happens if you disconnect the battery for 10mins then try her again straight away??
  19. How did she run with the MAF sensor?? Im waiting for my mate to get back to me from a mazda dealer to get back to me with any faults like yours (hes a mazda master tech) i will c+p what he sends me
  20. Haha one job already :):)
  21. haha no problem dude!!!! Always HAPPY to help. Just one of them things if your happy your happy its a hard thing to keep to yourself!!
  22. agreed hence the no hard feelings offer and laugh
  23. But in all seriousness if anyone on here (who is not a Deano hater) who wants some advice on a problem car or needs some work doing on their cars hit me up on a pm, highly trained with all bits of paper as proof. I am Generally happy to help anyone with any problem (ask anyone who knows me) cheers guys and a big wet kiss for Tugger
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