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  1. scared you mean dude unlike you i do not care if people know who i am, also after the comments you have posted you yourself have shown ppl your not the brightest bulb in the box..........bye bye tugger you will be forever in my heart hahaha
  2. This. When I am in the Chelsea Tractor without the kids, I drive to the centre line when cornering even when it is outside the "racing line", just to keep the pricks coming the other way honest! also dude i still cant believe you posted this
  3. hahahahahahaha still waiting for you to put your pic up dude
  4. At no point am i not trying to big myself up was only saying i don't need to wank myself off if you read original comment.................also getting very bored of this as you guys just keep repeating the same comments over and over........ Deano out until someone posts a comment needing advice on a car problem
  5. Cheers and noted dude just shows you the amount of people with no life sadly, ah well............ Suppose the main thing is unlike these people i am very happy with every factor of my life and don't have to go round trying to upset and destroyer other peoples. I do honestly feel really sorry for these people!!!
  6. One thing guys it is getting very out of order with the slating my mrs, say what you what you want about me be get fucked if you think you can say things about her, like i said before you lot are a bunch of faceless coward........also as i imagine most of you here have only got yourselfs and porn to satisfied you sexual needs
  7. Sorry guys not gone silent just been hard at work, yeah that sounds like my car. I imagine your talking about the guys who forgot to set out their pre- warning signs immediately after a blind corner on a de- restricted road?? Only showing a keep right and a speed restriction sign at the back of the van, i beleive by law they should of had a sign at the approach to the bend then another one 20meters away or so, it would of been more dangerous to slam by brakes on!?Also i dont remember them having the warning lights on the roof of the vehicle light up.
  8. Erm ok......I must of missed summit then, the phrase crumpet kinda made me smile :s but each to their own
  9. Yeah Man used that site a few times, i used to use letstorquebhp.com till it was removed!! I do agree that the interior finish on German cars is far better!! But the evo has great handling and for someone my age who wants something fasts cheaper to buy and maintain, even as a mechanic and getting parts at trade the evo is far cheaper. Was looking and a BMW M3 E46 but the running costs where higher, Insurance, tax and parts sadly. But maybe once i make it to 30
  10. Yeah i bet dude, is it the AMG model?? I have my eye on an evo 8 FQ340 for my next toy one the now Manx Forum famous civic has sold so if anyone reading this wants her PM me on here!!!
  11. Haha cheers amigo!! I feel very welcome these ppl dont bother me, they are just showing me how they dont have half a brain between them and yum a c32!!! Now thats a proper car!!! Fast too i bet!?!?
  12. Also guys it does make me laugh how all you cocks with your insulting and shady comments dont have profile pics up of your selfs...... cowards!!! Bet your all the sorta ppl who wouldnt say boo to a goose unless it was online and not face to face!! Get your real pics up noobs!!
  13. Hahaha thats florida holiday look when its over 100 degrees F all about keeping cool and protecting head from the sun, but glad to be helping you out with your gay fantasies
  14. Dont get that last comment about tge beard dude
  15. I do agree thought try removing or disconecting and pulling to one side the back box!!! Its safe to do so it will just be loud!!
  16. I'm a mechanic, i have worked on them a few times and have replaced a throttle position sensor and also another one with a similar problem that ended up being the MAF sensor (mass air flow) both of which didnt have fault codes, i used the live data and functions test and reviewed measurements on a snap on scanner. I did read in a a trade mag a year ago that mazda exstended there internal engine componts warranty to 8 years or 100000miles., may of been 10 years :s due to engins blowing up. Did they carry out a vac test as wel as a compression test?? I have heard of cats failing due yo not getting upto working temp on a regular basis.
  17. Haha wha what you running man an old roller or summit. maybe a late 60's charger??? A guy at work is running a chevy pick up with a 5,3 hemmi sounds mint but to save on fuel its ran on lpg!! Also hi Greg!!!
  18. Ummmm v8!!! Cant beat the sound of that on full throttle dont think i would be able to hold back!!! Hahahaha coller and cuffs is just a figure of speech she has been keeping up to date with what i have said shes ok with it. She cant believe some of the things she is reading on here as i would imagen many more of you cant!!! Hoping people have accedents and die.,to putting other ppls lives in danger and proud of it!!!
  19. Oh man i love it curves are awesome bet there are alot of guys and girls who woukd agree with me. Oh and her hair is natural coller and cuffs. I hate ppl like you who see blond and just assume its bleached!! Have fun with your anorexic skelton, either thator your just one fat mofo
  20. hahaha whatever dude they are the words of a jealous man go join tosser, bugger did it again, i mean tugger in his Sunday morning wank even better you could do each other!! Have fun Boys.........
  21. Just for Tosser, oh sorry i mean Tugger i have changed my profile picture to me with my fantasy "fit missus" and once hes sen this one and still thinks shes all in my head i have about another million pics. Sorry to disappoint you there Wanker, shit sorry again Tosser I mean Tugger. Have fun making your knuckle children watching porn on the internet
  22. Haha whatever dude and thats coming from a guy called tugger hahaha
  23. in my case man its not about getting any where faster its the fun of the throttle getting fully opened. Thats why its made for
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